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10 Incredible Reasons To Sell On Walmart Marketplace

.Reasons To Sell On Walmart

When Walmart started off, it never positioned itself as an eCommerce platform. Instead, it always focused on retail. But from what it is today, you can hardly say that Walmart is just a brick-and-mortar retailer. All thanks to certain strategic decisions that Walmart decided to implement in the past few years, it has successfully ventured into the world of eCommerce. And with the increase in in-store sales and online traffic, Walmart is now at par with other major eCommerce giants in the country. 

One might wonder whether Walmart is a good place to sell your products? 

Well, the answer is a big YES. In fact, from here on out we will share some insights that will tell you exactly why Walmart is a good place to sell your products!

Lesser competition compared to competitors like Amazon

The first reason to sell on Walmart marketplace and make it an ideal place to list your products is the minimal competition. When you compare the number of sellers on Walmart with that of Amazon, you will be surprised to notice that there is hardly any difference.

Minimal competition from other major brands poses an advantage from your side. This helps in your product being successful in quick time as there would not be viable competitors in the market. 

However, in order to be successful in the market, you have to ensure that your product is better than the competition. 

No recurring monthly fees

One major reason why people prefer selling on Walmart is that it doesn’t charge any monthly fee for selling your products. The fee that Walmart charges instead is known as the referral fee that is around 6 to 15 percent. The actual percentage depends upon the product that you have listed on the site.

This is a huge relief for new sellers. It takes time for them to move up the ladder and become a Top seller. During this time, they are not charged any monthly fees but instead, they are charged a commission, as discussed above, that is actually incredibly beneficial for them in the short as well as long term.

Easy returns and faster shipping

With Walmart, customer satisfaction is always their number one priority. And that is why companies like Walmart focus primarily on making sure that your order gets delivered as soon as possible. And also notifies you about the return process step by step so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Also, Walmart introduced the free 2-day Shipping Policy to make it easier for sellers to compete out there. If you are a seller with a 2-day Shipping Policy, Walmart automatically adds you to the list of priority sellers, as in you would be given way more preference than the other sellers out there. Your products would be displayed higher than your competitors. This will help you improve your rankings and eventually your sales which is one of the prime reason to sell on Walmart. 

An association with world-class brands

Walmart has one of the biggest inventories in the world. This means they are constantly looking out for the best brands, like yours, to be a permanent part of their site.

The opportunity for such an association is only given to the high quality and top-selling products whose product demand actually exceeds supply. So if you have just launched your brand and want everyone to know about it, then Walmart’s Marketplace is where you should definitely sell your products at.

Once you are through with the registration process, you can easily list all your products in one go. And when this happens, Walmart will again check the quality of your product to see whether it’s worth selling on their site or not. If it clears Walmart’s test, there is absolutely no stopping you from becoming a world-class brand and enjoying a valuable and beneficial association with Walmart.

Improved Brand exposure

As mentioned above, Walmart is home to some of the best brands in the world. This clearly entails the fact that the products listed on Walmart will be exposed to a whole lot of customers. However, while listing your products, it is advisable to follow the right rules, according to Walmart. Choose some Walmart listing services if you are unable to do so. 

With a large number of people looking out for their next product, your business is definitely going to grow at a huge pace. Even if the customers decide not to buy anything,  they will still visit your page. And browse around to look for similar products that might be of interest, which will eventually help you grow your brand.

And with your name out there in the open, it will be easy for you to introduce your products in the future and expand your business in no time at all. Just make sure that you have your brand website ready so that when your potential customers search it on Google, it is visible to them.

Who knows, you might just make a few sales from your own Website as well.

Walmart has strict policies regarding the sale of counterfeit products

Although there is no doubt about the authenticity and quality of Walmart, which you can find out for yourself once you join their network as a seller, they do take counterfeit products very seriously. This means that if you are caught selling counterfeit products on Walmart, your account will suspend or even permanently deleted.

So if you have made the mistake of uploading some fake stuff in the past, make sure you remove it as soon as possible before it’s too late for you to do so.

Images can be counterfeited as well. Make sure that the images that you add here are genuine. Use the right image editing settings if required.

Walmart has brand power

Walmart, by itself, is a very big brand that attracts customers from all over the world. So if you want your products to be recognized quickly and easily then there is simply no better place than Walmart.

And not just that, once your product gets listed on Walmart it becomes much easier for your customers to know about your brand. This gives enough brand visibility for your brand out there. 

And if your product becomes famous enough and starts selling like hotcakes, then there is absolutely no stopping you from expanding your reach to millions of other customers across the world who might want to buy your products either online or offline.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is going to be for you to reap huge benefits from such a massive e-commerce site as Walmart. All you have to do is list all your products on Walmart, promote them well and wait for the customers to start coming to you instead of the other way around.

Walmart protects your product information

Data privacy is a huge issue these days and you need to be very careful about it. So just imagine what would happen if someone gets hold of your product information and starts selling his own version of your products online under your name.

This is exactly why Walmart will make sure that you are the only person in charge of all the information related to your brand, by making sure that you are the only person with access to all your data, which will make it easier for you to maintain everything yourself.

If this is not enough then you can also rest assured that Walmart will never share any of your information with anyone without your permission. So even if someone asks Walmart to hand over some details about your product or brand, they will refuse politely.

Best Quality checks assured

Once you upload all your products onto Walmart’s Marketplace, they make sure that they are sold only after being properly checked by their team. So, you need to make sure that all your product information is uploaded correctly. Also, there are other factors that also need to come to play. For example, you need to follow proper rules while writing product descriptions as they help you rank your products. Additionally, you need to focus on other things like the proper images and headlines. 

No matter how good your product is, you can never expect it to sell very easily when it does not meet the quality standards of Walmart. So make sure you are taking care of all the quality measures in advance. And then you upload any images online or upload the actual product.

Walmart has the best inventory management tools

If you think that Walmart is not going to be very helpful in managing all your product information from a single place then you are wrong. They have everything from images, product descriptions, and even related products!

If you have any issues and difficulties while selling, customer service is there to guide you always. Walmart is known to have a great inventory management team that has designed the best tools for all of its sellers.

They have a simple and efficient way of tracking all your products in their system. You can use the inventory management tools to sort out any issues related to online selling from a single place, which will make it easier for you to manage everything.


The growth of your business depends on how efficiently you market it. The better the marketing the higher the profits. So if you want your business to soar in no time at all, then it is high time that you start selling on Walmart today!

Make sure that you choose the right services to help you with your Walmart listing. Because the wrong company is going to do more harm than good.


I am Jessica, operations & project manager, providing growth, coordinating and leading diverse teams and departments. Passionate blogger, growth hacker for thousands of business owners around the world.

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