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5 Reasons Why English Language Dominates The World

Today, if I say that the world is incomplete without the English Language, then it will certainly not be an over-exaggeration. No matter where you go in the world, it is highly unlikely or I should say, it’s almost impossible to believe that you don’t find any person in that country able to speak English. You will most certainly have a chance to find someone whom you can interact with in English. Here in this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why English dominates the world.

The English language dominates the world in many ways today. We can give you many reasons to prove this fact right. I believe you will agree with the fact that Britain was a global power once during the colonial days and today that position has been taken by the United States which is now considered to be the most powerful country in the world. Now you see the domination, and therefore English is very much essential to communicate in the global world.

In the year 2014, the entire world has come to know that the language that is most spoken around the world is English. It has been estimated that approximately 1.5 billion people speak English as their first language. The English language has a tremendous impact on the world and dominates the world because of being spoken on such a huge scale.

The English language has evolved over time and has changed in many ways and has a widespread impact throughout the world. Today the corporate world, Education system of international universities, the internet, and the entertainment industry are inextricably linked up with English.

  1. The Language of Science and Technology

The internet in today’s world has become so important in business as well as personal development as well. Entire content that you surf on the internet is available in English only. By far the vast majority of online content is available in English. though the translation facility is available to be used to make the content in the native language. However, 80% of websites are in English today. That’s not all, Emails, Messages, Instant Chat, Mobile applications etc are being used in English language.  Now ask yourself how you can get away from it.

Using the internet, you can share your ideas and information with others and most of the data is accessible to you in English only.

  1. English Is the Language of Culture

Every country has its own Actors, Actresses and singers. In order to achieve global recognition they first will need to improve their English. Pop singers from all over the world have achieved global recognition with the help of English. If they are able to communicate in their native language then their recognition will have limitations. However, if they know English, they will be able to show their talent anywhere in the world. For this, they don’t have to learn the native language of every single country they travel. Being well versed in English they can show their talent to the entire world.

When you get a chance to travel the world, it’s only your English skills that will allow understand the culture. English is a common language and therefore you will always feel at home wherever you go in the world. Exchange the ideas, thoughts, and you can build a relationship with people as well.

  1. English Is the Language of Education

If you choose to go for higher education, the English language will be your greatest ally. Whether you are a youngest student or an advanced graduate, you will always be able to study in English as the study material will be in English only. That is the reality of the current time. If you want to become Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, IT Engineer, Electronic Engineer or any professional degree you want to gain, you will surely need English language for it. This will eventually help you in your career advancement as well. If you are in Europe, China or any other country, their government has declared English as a mandatory subject and has included it in the syllabus of students from junior standard to graduate.

After realising the importance of the English language, many big and highly reputed universities across the globe have decided to change their syllabus from their native language to completely advanced English. Today, big countries like China are paying Americans to come into their lands to teach their naitve people conversational English. So that they can deal well with people involved in international business trades.

  1. Contribution in growing economy

Every country in the world understands the importance of English in today’s world. They do know that in being able to survive in international business, English language is extremely essential. Companies of any country are investing huge amounts of money to ensure their employees are well trained in English. They are contributing largely to the growth of employees and utilize their talent to grow business from international trade front. For this all, English is very important.

  1. Finally, you can express yourself in a language that everyone understands. Isn’t it?

Finally, you don’t have to depend on the native language for being able to communicate and express yourself. You can use English to communicate with any person outside of the country and build relationships with them. English is a common language in the world and therefore whatever you share will be understood by others. The best thing is you don’t have to ensure that your listeners are able to understand you or not. They all understand the value of English and they will surely have the skills set in English to understand better. If you are also looking to improve your English then go on google and search English learning classes near me and then you will see a long list of English learning institutes in Mumbai INDIA join any institute as it will incredibly help you grow. All the best!

Writing down the words and phrases which are new to you causes your brain to make a better record of these new items and you are more likely to remember them.

Developing English listening skills is undoubtedly challenging, but can be fun. Use the ideas above to improve your skills and join any English Institute to improve your listening to English.

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