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7 Ways To Improve Social Media Presence

We have generally talked a lot about the importance of online presence for a business, an organisation, or even an individual after the pandemic hit us. But what actually is social media presence, and how to maintain it is still a matter of discussion. 

Figuring out online platforms hasn’t been easy for many small businesses or individuals previously not so taken with social media. For them, a post on Facebook seems like good online representation. 

There are various online platforms that have different algorithms for better reach. We need to make sure that the type of content we are putting out will be received generously by the people. 
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The different kinds of social media

  • Social networking sites

These sites encourage human interaction. We can post pictures, videos, write-ups, comments and talk to each other publicly or privately. We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. 

Since these sites promote and encourage human interaction, they can be used to gather an audience for your business or organisation. These sites and apps are built around the user’s needs and also help us measure social media ROI. Social media ROI can help you decide upon a marketing strategy for your business. 

There are three ways to monetise these apps. Firstly, you can pay for advertisements to promote your business. Secondly, you can engage with your followers more on social media. And thirdly, you can use it to do customer research.  

  • Social review sites

From deciding to buy something as small as a coffee beater to planning a trip abroad, we always check the reviews for the services we are planning to pay for. Reviews are a great way to promote your business, understand the flaws of your business, and improve upon them. 

Being active on social review platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor is really important for your potential customers and your previous customer’s satisfaction. 

  • Image sharing sites

Image-sharing sites can be beneficial for photogenic businesses. Your small, quaint organisation and its pretty production can gain you a lot of traction on sites like Imgur, Instagram, and Snapchat. These sites are the perfect way to show off your off-screen creativity. 

  • Video hosting sites

For this, we need to go back to Youtube. It has brought about a new era for videographers and anyone who wants to create their own business. The idea of having money earned from views is a revolutionary one, and Youtube came up with it. Now there are other video hosting sites like Vimeo. To navigate Youtube, you have to put out great content and build up a follower base over the years. Promoting your business or being a Youtuber demands your time. 

  • Community blogs

Shared blogging platforms like Tumblr or Medium have made the work for bloggers easier. Sometimes the ideas and stories you have to tell are more complex than the audience expects to see on social networking or image-sharing sites. But self-hosted blogging is a lot of work. So community blogs have been a popular way to interact about complex matters and also find a serious community for your organisation and business. 

  • Discussion sites

Well, nowadays, all social networking sites can be called discussion sites as well. But the apps like Reddit or Quora have specifically been designed to hold a productive conversation among individuals and organisations. Quora answers can be a great way to promote your business. 

How can you improve your social media presence?

Now that you know about the different types of social media sites and how you can monetise those, let us see how you can improve your social media presence:

  • Manage your community and engage with your followers.

Engaging with your followers is absolutely imperative to promote the ideas and events of your organisation or business. The people that interact with your posts, each of them, are potential customers. Make sure you take care of them and answer each query on social media, be it in the comments or inbox. 

Once you engage with the audience and build up a follower base, you must maintain that community. Along with interacting with new potential customers, don’t forget to interact with the existing community regularly. 

  • Be consistent and patient.

When you start an account dedicated to your organisation or business, it will have to generate great content. But even great content cannot give immediate traction. You have to understand that you’re in it for the long haul. Be patient and consistent about the frequency and quality of your posts and interactions. 

  • Maintain the brand voice

To be recognised on social media, you have to have an original voice or signature that will set you apart. Don’t start a business because you saw another similar business is doing well on social media. Explore the unvisited territories and implore your grey cells to come up with ideas that will give you a brand and that brand a voice.

Once you develop an original brand voice, try incorporating that in everything you post or create. The brand voice should echo from Instagram reels to actual products. 

  • Track the competitors

Yes, this might seem like stalking, but it’s not. In business, it’s called tracking. You have to keep track of the competition. As much as we’d like to believe that our business is one of a kind, in this era of globalisation, everything has competition. Keeping track of your competitor’s activity and product reviews on social media is extremely important if you want to outsmart them with your ideas. 

  • Post things about current affairs and participate in trends.

People love trends and small videos. Give them that. Keep your content relevant to what people are talking about. Even if something has nothing to do with your product, you can talk about it on your social media platforms. This will make you and your product relevant as well. Gain traction in any way possible. 

  • Invest creative assets

This part is really important. To create a brand voice and maintain the aesthetic, high-quality creativity assets must be heavily invested. Your posts will only garner a potential customer’s or follower’s interest if it is creative in their own way. You only have a few seconds to make an impression on a customer, to fully utilise, you will need high-quality assets. 

  • Optimise your profile for SEO 

Yes, SEO is not only for website content; you can optimise your social media posts as well. One of the easiest ways to optimise a particular post is with hashtags. You can research keywords relevant to your brand and add them to your bio to optimise your profile. Use working links to lead your followers to a website or Youtube video in your posts. Lastly, use the same image and handle every profile on different platforms. 

You can hire services from MMBO, an SEO agency in Delhi, for better reach. 

In conclusion 

Maintaining and improving your social media presence, along with handling off-screen work, can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Well, no worries, MMBO is at your service to take care of your digital needs. MMBO, one of the best digital marketing agency in Delhi, can offer you impeccable service to gain your business or individual accounts traction and show you a better reach than ever before. Check out their official website or call them at +91-9999677947 to see for yourself and give your online presence a boost. 

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