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  • Computers and TechnologyWooCommerce product addons

    Benefits of Using WooCommerce Product Addons

    WooCommerce Product Addons are a way to offer additional items to customers. These items can be anything from a sundries product that would be offered in a grocery store to a replacement part for an appliance. Adding this functionality makes it easier for merchants to sell their products and offer more to customers with one purchase. The WooCommerce Product Addons…

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  • Computers and Technologywoocommerce product table plugin

    How to Use the Woocommerce Product Table Plugin

    The woocommerce product table plugin is a valuable tool for any WooCommerce store owner. It allows the store owner to systemize complex data and present it in a readable form, at a glance.  The woocommerce product table plugin is a helpful tool for creating a simple web page with a list of your products. It’s easy to use and will…

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