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Benefits of Using a Wordmark Logo

What is a Wordmark Logo?

Wordmark logos are completely letter-based. They only feature the brand name or product/service name. No image, icon, symbol, or mascot is used in this type of logo. They are often stripped down to 1-3 letters only that helps to increase brand recognition. They are versatile and timeless, which makes them a perfect choice for brands that aim to make a long-lasting impression on their audience.

Benefits of a Wordmark logo?

There are various benefits of Wordmark logos, because of their simple and adaptive design. Some of the major benefits of Wordmark logos are;

  • Your business name under the spotlight:

As the Wordmark logo only consists of text which is your business name, so this type of logo clearly portrays your brand name only and makes your brand come under the spotlight. To enhance your brand recognition and target a broader audience you need to create a simple Wordmark logo. This type of logo attracts more audiences with its simple design and color schemes.

  • The success ratio of Wordmark logo:

Wordmark logos are a popular and commonly used type. They are widely adopted by brands who are only considering their brand awareness and recognition campaigns. Because wordmark logo only consist your brand name and it easier to attract wide area of the market.

  • Easier to design:

Wordmark logos are easier to design. They only consist of your brand name so you can easily design the logo by selecting font type and different text styles. As compared to other types of logos no rocket science is applied to design the Wordmark logo.

  • Easy to understand:

Wordmark logos are much easier to understand. Due to their simple and attractive design, they attract your audience in no time and make them remember your brand. These are the most adaptive and versatile logos as compared to other types of logos.

Traits of a Perfect Wordmark logo:

A perfect and well-designed Wordmark Logo Design consists of the following features;

  1. The best type of Font:

To make your logo stand out, you need to select the right type of font that represents your brand. Select a font type that makes your brand name memorable and recognizable because wordmark type solely consists of text that is your business name.

  1. Typesetting:

A wordmark logo is not only designed by picking a font type and size, typesetting is also an important thing to be considered. You need to look carefully at the spaces and directions, which are known as kerning and tracking. That makes your design more attractive and striking.

  1. Alignment of Fonts:

If your logo consists of more than two words, then you must figure out that how you can align each word that is easy to read and understandable. Every word should be well-aligned and makes your logo eye-catching.

  1. Color Schemes:

Color is an incredibly essential part of designing a visual or graphic for your brand. Colors make your design looks striking which helps you attract the viewers. Select the right color theme for your wordmark logo that reflects the image and vision of your brand precisely.

Who Can Choose Wordmark Logo Type?

The themes of wordmark logos are often used by businesses with following circumstances;

  • Businesses who offer a wide variety of products/services:

    Such businesses most often select this type of logo because they have to represent their wide range of products or services through a simple yet attractive design. Which helps them increase their sales by enhancing brand recognition.

  • Businesses who offer professional services:

    Business consultants, lawyer agencies, and other services agencies use this type of logo because they have to be more specific about what they are selling. They choose this simple design logo with their business name to attract the audience with the name and let them conceive the services business is offering.

  • Technology-driven businesses:

    Software houses and businesses which are in the IT industry commonly use this type of logo. Because they are difficult to visualize that what are they selling, so they keep it simple and choose a wordmark logotype.

  • Businesses with versatile offerings:

    If you are running a business that is evolving and changing rapidly, and every time you are offering a new product or service, like a mobile phone company, then this logo will be suitable for you. Because the versatile and ageless design of the wordmark logo makes them long-lasting and widely adapted.


Wordmark logos are easy to design and easy to understand. They are a popular choice for brands that want to increase their brand recognition through their name. This type of logo design makes your brand name popular and recognizable in the market which helps you target a broad audience and increase sales.

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