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  • freshworks

    Freshworks Review – AI-Powered Deal Insights to Help Salespeople Close More Deals in Less Time

    Freshworks is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Its community of 50,000 companies of all sizes uses modern SaaS products to delight employees and customers. There are three different plans available: free, freemium, and paid. Learn more about each plan and how AI-powered deal insights can help your business grow. Freshworks is a cloud-based customer relationship management ( CRM…

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  • A Brief Summary of Performance Testing in Software Testing

    A Brief Summary of Performance Testing in Software Testing

    If your solution can’t solve an issue quickly enough, your web application is probably condemned to failure in the competitive industry of online apps. With the introduction of big data and streaming data, organizations must swiftly comprehend data changes and make choices in real-time, which can mean the difference between winning or losing a significant sale to rivals. Regular performance…

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

    Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development: Why You Should Implement AI in Your Next App

    One of the first questions that you may ask yourself when creating a mobile app is whether or not you should include Artificial Intelligence in your mobile app development. The fact of the matter is that we’re in the age of Artificial Intelligence. And, this new wave of technology has already begun to permeate every aspect of our lives, including…

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  • impact of travel technology

    The Impact of Technology on Travel Agencies

    Planning a business trip or holiday escapade used to require knocking on the doors of every travel agency in your neighborhood. Afterward, you simply asked for prices, compared them between agencies, made your maths, and returned to the chosen agency to finish the trip. You might be able to handle everything by phone, then collect your tickets and travel plans…

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  • Online Screen Recorder

    The Best Online Screen Recorder

    Online Screen Recorder Recording your screen is often a lost cause, but not with Online Screen Recorder. This free online tool lets you record up to 720p of whatever you are doing on your PC. Whether in full HD or Full HD, or even lower resolutions, this process is simple and easy to use. Online Screen Recorder is a free online…

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  • Automated Testing Services

    Different Types of Automated Testing Services

    Understanding the many forms of automated testing available when deploying automated tests in your QA department is critical. It will provide you with a clear understanding of how extensive a test automation program you can integrate into your existing QA processes. Furthermore, understanding the various tests allows you to make informed selections about which testing methods would produce the best…

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  • Programming Languages

    Guide to Programming Languages for Software Developers

    Every IT program, smartphone app, and a web application has a series of technical processes and creative techniques working synergistically in the background. They are made up of intricate and complex programming languages for software development. Software development is the ultimate tool for those who want to learn new technologies, create technical solutions for problems, and maneuver through a broad…

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  • Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

    5 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence You Didn’t Know About

    If you’ve heard anything about artificial intelligence (AI), it’s probably because you’re worried about machines taking over the world. Don’t worry, this won’t happen – at least not yet. But there are plenty of advantages to AI that make it an attractive option in our modern world, whether you use it to improve your business or just use it at…

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  • Click2Magic

    The 5 most important factors to consider when choosing free live chat software or app for your business

    When choosing the right live chat software or app, there are 5 factors you should keep in mind before making your final decision. These factors will determine how efficient and helpful your live chat support service will be as well as how it affects your business growth. Check out this guide on the 5 most important factors to consider when…

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  • Iot development

    The Benefits of Hiring an IoT Development Company for Your Business

    If you are looking for IoT developers, the benefits of hiring a company are many. Apart from the obvious cost savings, hiring a professional IoT development company can also improve your customer service and satisfaction. The company will be well versed with the various platforms, as well as understand the goals and values of your business. Different industries use large…

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