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Cats Play House – Cats can have just as much fun with their humans


If you’ve ever played with your cat, whether it was just rolling around on the floor, or actually trying to play with them like they were an animal, you might have thought you had a pretty good relationship with them – after all, how could they not love playing with their human? Well, you’re in for a treat when you watch these kitties try and play house like people do! It’s so adorable I can barely stand it!

Cats Playing House

It’s not uncommon for cats to play house, since it mimics a natural environment and helps them expend some energy. To play house, they lay on your lap or in your arms and pretend they’re tiny kittens. Even if your cat doesn’t actually give birth to kittens—even if you don’t have a male cat—your cat will still act like she gave birth and is responsible for taking care of them. Your job is to react as though you believe her! Start by asking her to show you where one of her kittens is so that you can pet it (with gloved hands). Continue by having her show you where another kitten is, then go from there,

cats play house! Funny cat compilation.

10 Ways Cats Can Have Just As Much Fun With Their Humans

Cats are known for getting into trouble when left alone at home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet from time to time. It may seem like cats spend all day lounging around doing nothing but being adorable, but truth be told, your feline friend needs exercise and stimulation on a daily basis in order to stay healthy, calm and happy. How does your cat get his daily dose of activity? Here are 10 ways you can entertain your cat without leaving him alone all day long.

How To Stop Cats From Biting People

An excellent way to stop your cat from biting is to trim your cats’ nails regularly. Kittens and young cats may be more likely to bite because of teething. The use of a scratching post may help reduce bad habits such as scratching on furniture or people by providing an alternative surface for them to scratch. If you are bothered by an adult cat that scratches, spray its nails lightly with a squirt bottle when it scratches inappropriate surfaces, such as you or your sofa.[2] This may cause your cat to become less interested in scratching things that are not part of its environment such as furniture, carpets and rugs if they get wet easily and so cause no reaction in their claws but will not harm them!

Why Do Cats Chase Lights?

Humans and other animals have receptors in our eyes that react to light, which is necessary for us to see properly. The amount of these receptors differs from person to person, resulting in varying eye sight and vision correction needs. Cats don’t rely on these receptors like we do; instead, they see best when it’s dark—which is why most cats hide during daylight hours (to protect themselves from predators). Although we don’t know exactly why cats chase lights, we think it could be related to their hunting or feeding behavior: either a cat sees something move near a source of light and tries to kill it or it notices a source of food (say, a bug attracted by an illuminated street lamp) and goes after it.

Cats Being Gentle And Careful With Babies

Cats and babies are a really cute combination, but it can be scary for new parents to see these wild animals get so close to a newborn baby. In most cases, though, cats don’t seem to know any better and they aren’t aware of how fragile babies are. Even if you think your cat might try to hurt your baby, you should always remember that he probably wouldn’t hurt her on purpose because he loves his human family very much. If he accidentally hurts your child while playing or napping together, your cat is probably saying sorry in his own way right now—pay attention!

Always Think Outside The Box For Cat Toys!

Because if you were a cat, would you want to play with an old tissue box? A used plastic bag? Or one of those things that gets thrown away after your meal (no, not your fork!) ? There are hundreds of different toys for cats out there: mice, teddy bears and little birds; paper bags and shoe boxes; lace doilies and polyester gloves… And don’t even get me started on catnip! Sometimes it’s hard to know what will strike a kitty’s fancy or appeal to her curiosity… but that’s why we’re here! If you’ve got a good sense of humor, love cats and want to help them make happy choices about their playthings, consider turning your passion into profit by opening up a cat toy store.


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