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Differences Between a Chaise Longue Sofa and a Corner Sofa and 4 Foot Bed

Choose a corner sofa or a chaise longue sofa or 4 foot bed? We know that this doubt arises more frequently than one might think, and we also know that many times we are not able to appreciate the differences between the two. Therefore, today we have prepared this post so that you know the advantages and disadvantages offered by each model, and when it is more or less convenient to choose one or the other design.

What is a corner sofa?

If you have a corner in your living room and bed room and you don’t know how to furnish or decorate it, don’t worry, the solution comes from the hand of this type of sofa and 4 foot bed . The corner sofa can be placed in any corner of the living room, completely covering this part and thus avoiding dead zones, since it will occupy all the available space that exists. In this way, we avoid future doubts or problems regarding the distribution of space.

The corner sofa is ideal for rooms with large and spacious dimensions, since a sofa with similar characteristics must have the prominence it deserves. However, it is important to have passageways without making the living room look small, so you should place the longest part of the sofa next to the wall, and leave the other area clearer.

For this type of sofa, it is best to place a square coffee table , in order to maintain the proportion and aesthetics of the room.

Another advantage that corner sofas offer is that they have more capacity than the sofas that we are used to seeing. With this sofa you will not have space problems the next time you decide to organise a movie afternoon with friends or you want to take a good nap without someone else bothering you with their presence.

For narrow and long rooms, where it is impossible to put two sofas facing each other, this is always a great alternative. If you are a lover of reading, try putting several cushions in the corner area. You will not get anyone to take this moment of happiness from you.

Although it is true that a corner sofa can raise the price you had planned to allocate for this purpose a bit, I think that you are making an investment for the future. You are investing in furniture of design, cozy, comfortable, durable and with better features of 4 foot bed.

What is a chaise longue sofa?

The word chaise longue comes from the French language, and means “long chair”. Now, as it is known today, it is a sofa model that has an “L” -shaped extension, long enough to be able to lie down. And you may wonder, and how is it different from the corner sofa? Well, the difference is that the chaise longue sofa does not have a backrest in the extension module. This, on the other hand, incorporates an arm that extends more or less to the middle of the module.

The chaise longue sofa is ideal for couples or families of three, since the chaise longue square offers the possibility for two people to lie down comfortably. In addition, many chaise longue models hide under the module a folding chest, where you can store blankets, cushions or even sheets when you have a surprise guest. Other sofas have a small chest under one of the arms to store the television controls, for example.

The great difference between the corner sofa and the chaise longue sofa is undoubtedly the adaptability that the chaise longue has to fit in any room, whether it is larger or smaller, since it does not need a 90 degree angle to fit smoothly. If you have a very small living room, you can cut the length of the chaise longue and continue to gain space for your 4 foot bed.

Fixed, sliding and electric chaise longues

Within the world of chaise longue and corner sofas, you also have the option of choosing between its fixed, sliding or electric version. Because if we like something at Muebles Lara, it is that all our clients have furniture adapted to their needs, tastes and styles.

Massimo corner sofa

The Massimo corner sofa by Polo Divani is a sofa that mixes Italian design with the comfort produced by its wooden structure, covered with expanded polyurethane foam and a cushioning system with crossed elastic straps. The final touch is put by its metal skate-type legs with height up to the middle of the arm.

Its backrest has an adjustable mechanism to offer you maximum comfort, whether it is watching television, reading or taking a nap. In addition, you can choose the upholstery in fabric or leather.

Maré chaise longue sofa

If you are looking for a spacious sofa, with a modern design, with chaise longue and inexpensive, the Mare sofa is undoubtedly the best choice considering the value for money. As they say, it perfectly complies with the three “Bs”: good, pretty and cheap.

The Mare chaise longue sofa has a structure made of pine wood, with a seat made of springs and covered with foam rubber. It has removable backrest pillows, seats and quadrants, to facilitate cleaning, especially if you have children or pets at home.

Its sliding seats allow you to comfortably position yourself across the width of the sofa. A perfect makeshift bed if you are surprised one night with a visitor, or if a hard day at work knocks you out on the couch. Choose your version with a sofa and store the winter blankets, cushions, sheets or covers in this “secret” chest in the eyes of your guests.

Chaise longue relax Romeo

The Romeo relax sofa  allows you to achieve a state of full relaxation, thanks to its backrest and footrest, which recline and rise with an electric mechanism. These are controlled by a touch panel located on the side of the armrest.

Its structure is made of pine wood, with seat and back cushions in ecological expanded polyurethane upholstered in leather. It gives the room a linear air, with a simple design of wide seats and armrests. Give your living room that elegant and sophisticated touch that a magazine sofa like this deserves.

Now you know. If you are looking for a corner sofa or a chaise longue, at Muebles Lara we have all the models you can imagine.

The ideal furniture to give your terrace charm

The terrace allows us to enjoy nature without having to leave the house, therefore, it must follow a tune equivalent to that of the rest of the house, with its own harmonious style.

The first thing we must be clear about is the approach we want to give to this room, be it rustic, modern or more bohemian. For example, to create a cozy and rustic space, you can choose to add more wooden elements, whether they are decorative or from the furniture itself, and accompany the natural fiber wood, which may well be present in the cushions or in the illumination.

Choosing a suitable outdoor furniture is key to furnishing charming terraces, since your choice will be based on elements as important as space, weather conditions, the budget we want to allocate for this purpose or the style we want to give to our garden . Therefore, choosing furniture resistant to exposure to the sun, rain, cold and wind, should be one of your priorities. 

One of the most used materials for the manufacture of terrace furniture is polypropylene (also known as resin), since it is considered a light, resistant and durable material in the open.

The Palma terrace chair has a tubular structure made of fiberglass resin. It has a contemporary design, consisting of a seat and backrest with wide slats; and by some legs that connect to these. It is a very light and stackable piece. In addition, it has an anti-UV treatment with a matte effect.

In case you didn’t know it, Nardi is a company of Italian origin dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of furniture specialized in outdoor environments. The main material that all their designs work with is resin (mentioned above), and all their products are made in Italy. In addition, all the furniture that appears in its catalog is sustainable and 100% recyclable.

very beautiful romantic air. 

flowers and plants

Without a doubt, something that can not be missing in any charming terrace are plants and flowers. If there is something that a terrace gives us, it is direct contact with nature, or at least, it is what we try to recreate when decorating this space. Flowers and plants bring light, color and joy to any room, therefore, let yourself be carried away and invaded by them. 

If you are not very consistent with the care of the plants, ask a gardener for advice and choose varieties that do not require much watering, that adapt easily to changes in temperature.

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