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Guide to Programming Languages for Software Developers

Every IT program, smartphone app, and a web application has a series of technical processes and creative techniques working synergistically in the background. They are made up of intricate and complex programming languages for software development.

Software development is the ultimate tool for those who want to learn new technologies, create technical solutions for problems, and maneuver through a broad spectrum of projects.

Software development as an industry, and consequentially as a career, seems to ascending in popularity rapidly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expansion of smartphone apps will lead to an escalation in need for qualified developers between 2018 and 2028. In fact, it is estimated that there will be an increase of 21% in demand for software professionals within the aforementioned years. This is far more rapid than other occupations that are estimated to increase their demand for workforce by 5%.

Individuals who want to go for this career should acquaint themselves with various software programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and Scala.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the more programming languages you are aware, the better your chances of acquiring valuable projects.

Before we progress onto software programming languages, let’s understand what software development is.

Understanding Software Development

In summary software development is the process that involves designing and writing codes for computer operating system, smartphone and PC applications, and non-PC devices. We know that there are different programming languages within the software field, but the one a developer uses will depend on the task itself.

System programming

A system programmer is the one who designs and writes system software. For instance, macOS and Windows 10 operating system are a product of system programming. Though Python and Java are excellent languages for system programming, it is C++ that is often put into use.

Application programming

While system programmers develop codes that maximize computer efficiency, it is the application programmers that produce codes for programs that execute a certain task. They could be media players, accounting software, or word processors. Java, C++, and Python are among some of the common languages used to develop apps.

Embedded software

Embedded software developers write codes for software that are used in non-PC devices like standalone GPS gadgets, smart watches, and certain calculators. This software typically implements functions on devices they are installed within. Usually, Python, Java, and C++ are well-known choices in writing embedded software code.

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What Skills do You Need to Utilize a Language?

In order to master the major programming languages committed web developers have to ensure they use their soft skills optimally. for instance, a professional needs to be proficient in problem solving, creativity, and advance analytical skills to write and apply the appropriate code. On top of that, developers who have refined communication skills can also effectively keep their non-technical co-workers updated on the project status.

Whether you are working in a corporate environment or as a freelancers you cannot just survive on technical knowledge alone. You have to make sure that you can work seamlessly with your clients and colleagues (technical and non-technical).


JavaScript is an elite programming language that holds its place as one of the core mechanics of the World Wide Web. Around 97% of all websites use this language for client-side programming. Originally, professionals would use JavaScript to build web browsers, though now they have shifted on to server-side website deployments along with non-web browser apps.

JavaScript was developed in 1995 and was first known as LiveScript. But since Java was a well-known language at the time it was advertised in lines similar to it. After evolving constantly, JavaScript became a completely independent language on its own.

However, it is important to not confuse between Java and JavaScript, though there are some similarities in their features. JavaScript is so efficient that it has become one of the most popular programming languages around the world and still remains in high demand by organizations till date.


This is one of the most popular programming languages in the industry today, with its readability being the primary factor. Python is a free open-source programming language that offers extensive support modules, easy integration with web services, GUI-based desktop applications, and user-friendly data structures.

It has become popular amongst professionals who want to indulge in machine learning and deep learning applications.

The language is typically used to create 2D imaging and 3D animation tools like Inkscape, Blender, Autodesk. It is also used to develop famous video games that include Vegas Trike, Civilization IV, and Toontown.


Google built G in 2007 for web applications and API development. Currently, Go has become one of the quickest-growing languages because of its simplicity and ability to handle massive codebases and networked systems.

Known as Golang, Go was constructed to meet the needs of the professionals working on significant projects. It has gathered massive popularity within the IT sector because of its modern and easy-to-use structure along with its syntax familiarity. Companies like Uber, Dropbox, Twitch, Google, and many others are known for using Go as their programming language. Go has recently become popular amongst data scientists thanks to its performance and agility.


This is one of the most well-known popular programming languages being used around the globe today.

The general-purpose programming language is owned by Oracle Corporation and has quickly become the standard used to develop several applications. They are known for their flexibility and adaptability with any platform be it Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, etc., because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) capabilities. This is why today, Java is known for its movability across different platforms, all the from mainframe data centers to smartphones. Currently, there are over 3 billion technologies built on Java.

The language is significantly utilized in web and application creation along with big data. It is also used in the backend development of numerous well known websites today such as Youtube, Amazon, Twitter etc. Even the newly introduced Java frameworks like Struts, Hibernate, and Spring have become immensely popular.

The best part about learning Java is its online community. There are numerous professionals online who are consistently engaging in intense discussion and innovation regarding the language. They make learning easy and also support each other to find solutions.


This open-source programming was created in 1990. A lot of web developers find it necessary to learn PHP, since this programming language helps build over 80% websites on the internet such as Facebook. Programmers usually use PHP to write server-side scripts, while also implementing it in command-line scripts. Not only that, programmers who have high-level PHP coding skills can also apply it for the development of desktop applications.

What makes PHP so popular is that is an easy language for newbie developers to use. There are dedicated online communities that make it easy for a programmer of any level to garner support and solutions.

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Created by Microsoft in the 2000s, C# rose to fame because of its ability to support object-oriented programming. It is one of the most in-demand programming languages in use for .NET framework.

The language is best suited for applications on platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android, since it takes the help of an integrated development environment product. C# is also implemented in the backend development of numerous well-known sites like Dell, Visual Studio, MarketWatch, and Bing.

While these languages might seem complex and daunting for many, the good news is that there is a lot of learning support available online. There are several courses and forums that offer quality guides facilitation to further an individual’s understanding of a language.


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