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Six ideas for passing the ITIL Foundation exam

ITIL specialists share firsthand knowledge of the most effective methods for getting ready for and passing the ITIL Certification Melbourne exam.

A good talent for your resume is IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a framework for IT service management that aids firms in streamlining their service delivery. According to PayScale research, the average annual compensation for an IT director with ITIL expertise is $126,000. The second highest paying talent after team leadership, linked to a salary increase of 21 percent, is ITIL expertise, which is related to a 19 percent increase in income for IT directors.

From Foundation to Master Qualification, there are different ITIL Certification Melbourne. The entry-level qualification in the ITIL Qualification Scheme is the ITIL Foundation. You must pass a 60-minute closed-book exam with 40 multiple-choice questions with a score of at least 65 percent to earn the ITIL Foundation certification.

IT management


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This certification offers two paths: Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. After completing the Foundation exam, you can also obtain your ITIL Practitioner certification.

Here, ITIL professionals advise on how to be ready for the ITIL Foundation certification test.

Enroll in a class


Before taking the ITIL Foundation certification test, you can brush up on everything you need to know by taking one of the many online courses available. The broad principles that govern the framework are presumably already familiar to you if you’re taking the ITIL test, but you should still be ready.

Remember that the ITIL framework outlines a logical procedure for how IT firms can develop and manage new services they intend to implement. Many people tend to get bogged down in the minutiae of training and mess up on some simple exam questions, claims Cask’s, Mark Smiley.

For the foundation’s test, you can choose to self-study utilizing resources from Axelos. The company even has a mobile app for Android and iOS, so you can take mock exams and get study advice while on the road.

Take the APMG sample test


One or two practice examinations may be included in the price of your course if you enroll in a course through a recognized training institution. However, APMG provides free samples of the ITIL Foundation test whether you’re preparing for the exam on your own or want to get your hands on extra practice exams.

Take your time on the exam and respond to the questions. So that are being ask, not the ones you anticipate being ask. The ones you recall seeing on a practice test, advises Erika Flora, an ITIL foundations instructor. The president of the ITIL training and consulting firm Beyond20.

You should carefully examine each question on both the sample and real exams because the questions on the practice exams won’t exactly match those on the exam.

When your knowledge is current, schedule your exam


Make sure to book a time to take the exam as soon as you’re through studying or your course is over.

The pace of the courses is brisk, and a lot of knowledge is covered in a short period. Take the exam as soon as possible after finishing the course. While the material is still fresh in your mind, advises Smiley.

Depending on where you take the exam, the cost varies from $100 to $500. Particularly if the program is approved, some schools will include the exam fee in the total cost of the course. Verify whether an exam registration voucher is included if you purchase a course.

Concentrate on what is important


You can experience study-related overwhelm due to the breadth of ITIL, particularly outside your areas of expertise. Just concentrate on the framework’s main ideas and try not to get caught up in the details.

There will only be 40 questions. Therefore Flora advises understanding the fundamental ideas.

To avoid forgetting information after the exam, Flora advises trying to understand. The “why” behind important ideas rather than simply memorizing facts. Not only will it aid in your exam preparation, but it may also make it easier for you. So that implement ITIL principles in your organization after passing the test.

Use your practical experience


You probably have some familiarity with the ITIL framework in an organizational setting. But if you’re taking the ITIL Foundation certification exam at this stage in your career. According to Smiley, your exam performance will benefit from this information. Because “many of the problems on the exam can answer properly merely by applying. The common-sense thinking you already possess.”

“As you review a new notion, analyze your work critically and ask yourself. How or why things are do the way they are now. As you study, consider whether this fits the topics you are learning. What would need to alter in your environment if that were the case?. States Christoper Kuhn, COO of service management software company OTRS.

Look up service manuals


Matt Cox, senior manager of solutions at Samanage, says he found it useful to search Google. For examples of service management diagrams while preparing for his ITIL certification. Thanks to these illustrations, he could understand the ITIL framework and connect what he was learning to his day-to-day work.

Finding high-level examples of how the framework is apply to operations using Google is a smart place to start. After that, consider the “things” your employer provides you and how you require them to complete your work. According to Cox, all of that is ITIL in action, and studying the framework will be a breeze. If you comprehend this and concentrate on instances.

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