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Six types of cheesecakes you can order for cake delivery in delhi

Cheese cakes are one of the oldest and tastiest desserts known. Although they were not very popular earlier in India but in recent years cheesecakes have created their own major fan base in India. The creamy texture of cheese cakes and its mouth melting flavor is just amazing. The main ingredient of cheesecake is cream cheese which gives it that creamy flavor. However, different kinds of cheese are used while making different varieties of cheese cakes.    

You can now easily order cheesecake online as well as cake delivery online has now become an easy task. People generally know only about one kind of cheese cake which is the New York cheesecake but there are several other varieties of cheese cakes which taste equally good. We have mentioned here 5 delicious types of cheese cakes for you:

  1. New York cheesecake- this is the most common type of cheese cake which can be found everywhere. It is most loved because of its super creamy texture and rich flavors. It generally has a flat top with a silky smooth texture. The main ingredients of a cheese cake are cheese, eggs, heavy cream and sugar. While some use sour cream in it to give it a tangy flavor. The base of the cake is made with graham crackers, butter and sugar which gives it a crunch at the end.
  2. Philadelphia cheesecake- This one is usually creamier and smoother than the New York Cheesecake. Although you will be surprised to know that it does not have anything to do with Philadelphia, it is just named after the Philadelphian cheese which is used in making this. Its main ingredient is also the cream cheese and the base is made with digestive biscuits and butter. You can easily order this cake online for your friends and family.
  3. Chicago Cheesecake- this variety of cheese cake is fluffier as compared to the other. It is slightly firm from the outside and has a creamy soft texture inside. The crust of this type of cheese cake is different from others as it is made with crushed shortbread. It tastes a bit different from other cheese cakes but tastes equally delicious.
  4. Swedish Cheese cake- As you have already understood from its name this cheese cake originated from Sweden. It is one of its kind cakes and the most different feature of this cake is that it is not made in layers like the other and it is served with some whipped cream and tangy jam. The cake is usually baked at a moderate temperature and is served warm.
  5. Vegan Cheesecake- This is the most popular choice for vegan people who do not prefer having dairy products. Its filling is made with cashew nut paste which is mixed with coconut milk to give it a creamy texture. To give it a tangy flavor like a traditional cheesecake people also prefer adding a little citrus to it. The crust of this cake is made with both digestive biscuits or graham crackers with some butter. You can make this at home or order for cake delivery in delhi.
  6. No bake cheesecake- As the name itself signifies this cake does not need any baking. It is a kind of cheese cake that can be easily prepared at home without spending much time and doing all the baking in the kitchen. Although it is less creamy than the baked ones, it has a unique taste of its own. It does not contain eggs so it is a good option for vegetarians. The cream cheese used in this has a little gelatin in it to give it that jiggly touch. Condensed milk and whipped cream are also used while making it and it is generally served cold as it needs refrigeration.


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