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Top 10 IAS Coaching in Mumbai

With millions of young minds constantly trying to crack IAS exams, there are few prominent institutes that help students and assist them in preparing for IAS coaching in Mumbai.

These Institutes can be proven of great help as they help aspirants in achieving their goals and turning their dreams into reality.


  • These institutes provide students with great insight and help them by developing and improving newer skills which may help the aspirants in realizing their true potential.
  • Providing good professional guidance to the students and access to teachers who excel in their respective fields.
  • Students stay in a positive environment where all students come together and share doubts and resolve them among themselves. Which develops their personality and makes them more confident.


  1. PLUTO IAS – IAS Coaching in Mumbai

Plutos IAS provides the students with the best IAS coaching and is leading in its domain. To talk about the infrastructure, they provide fully air-conditioned classrooms that are well-furnished as well. They implement innovative teaching methods that help the students understand better.

The study material provided by them is also considered to be the best in comparison to any other institute’s material. The study material provided is comprehensive and according to the last exam patterns.

Course Offered by Plutus IAS:

  • Complete course (GS Pre cum mains + CSAT + Optional subject)
  • Pre Cum Mains (GS Pre cum mains + CSAT)
  • Foundation Course
  • Optional Subjects

Batch size:  35-40 students

Contact:      8448440231

Website:    https://plutusias.com/

  1. YOJNA IAS – IAS Coaching in Mumbai

Yojna IAS is considered to be one of the best institutes for IAS coaching in Mumbai as per the location, student satisfaction, rating and reviews, IAS exam results, etc.

They provide their students with daily current affairs, multiple counseling sessions, doubt-clearing sessions, etc. Above all, their fees are nominal and they can even be placed under the cheapest IAS coaching in Mumbai.

Their small batch size classes help the faculty in focusing on every student and attend to them with great focus thus eliminating the doubts in the class itself.

Courses Offered by Yojna IAS

  • GS Foundation Course
  • GS Foundation Course + CSAT
  • CSAT
  • Optional Subjects
  • Advance Course

Batch size: 30-35 students in Online class

Contact: 8595390705

Website: https://yojnaias.com/

  1. THE HINDU ZONE – IAS Coaching in Mumbai

The Hindu Zone is more of a career guidance platform. It provides one with the best guidance for better preparation for various competitive exams. The Hindu Zone can guide the students to the right coaching institution as per their budget and time to prepare for the exam with no fees.

The institute arranges special motivational seminars online where students can feel free to share their thoughts and problems with the experts. They also arrange general knowledge sessions where the mentors often update the aspirants with current affairs and techniques to enhance their skills etc.

Courses Offered by The Hindu Zone:

  • PSC
  • BANK
  • PO
  • IIT-JEE Entrance Examination

Batch Size: 40-45 students

Contact: 8448440231

Website: https://thehinduzone.com/

  1. A. SHAH’S IAS- IAS Coaching in Mumbai

A.A.Shah’s Institute provides quality coaching to the students which can be obtained in the classroom as well as online. They cater to candidates preparing in English as well as Hindi. At their institute, professionals make study schedules based on the syllabus and they promise to deliver the best quality education so that the students get their expectations fulfilled.

The employees efficiently groom the understudies and all the courses offered are refreshed and summed up as per the current schedule of exams.

Batch Size: 35-40 students

Contact: 9004078746

Website: https://www.aashah.com/

  1. ALS IAS

With thousands of students joining the institute with different hopes and dreams, this institute helps aspirants by providing them best learning experience and the best quality education. The study material provided is also extremely detailed and easy to understand, the material is customizable according to the performance of a student and is regularly updated.

They provide students with quality study material and free booklets, with a focus on the overall development of students.

Batch Size: 30-35 students for online classes

Contact: 8169316603

Website: https://www.alsias.net/


Shankar IAS Institute provides a 360-degree mentoring program to their students, to help them shape opinions and perspectives. The institute aims to improve the overall performance of young aspirants.

They provide mentoring programs so that the students can feel confident and perform well, they enable two-way communication between teachers and students.

The institute conducts more than 200 classes of 150 minutes each on the Prelims and Mains syllabus. Interactive classes are held so that every concept is clear to the students.

Batch Size: 30-35 students

Contact: 7667766266

Website: https://www.shankariasacademy.com/


Although ranked in seventh place, Lakshya IAS is said to be the most demanded IAS coaching institute. General studies, Geography, History, Public Administration, Sociology, Civil Service, etc. are a few subjects that the institution covers. The main focus of the faculty team is on instilling knowledge and discipline among the students. They provide the students with a comprehensive teaching schedule that consists of consistent evaluation. Also, every student gets equal attention from the faculty.

Batch Size: 40 students

Contact: 9833371222

Website: https://lakshyaiasacademy.com/

  1. dronacharya IAS

Dronacharya is an education institute““““““““““““““““““““““““““ that offers guidance for UPSC and State PSC exams. The institute helps students to achieve the highest excellence and enables them to face life challenges with equal ease.

Apart from the syllabus, the institute focuses on ethics, leadership development, mind-power development, and social responsibility.

The academy along with simple coaching also provides comprehensive training. The faculty team also is fairly qualified and comes from renowned universities.

Batch Size: 50-60 students

Contact: 8888888114

Website: https://www.dronaias.com/


Royale Academy has been cutting edge when it comes to education, but the highlight of the academy is its fraternal atmosphere in which students are seasoned by a committed imaginative, and gifted faculty team.

All students experience the gurukul approach which widens their knowledge, while faculty members treat each member as a personality and not merely as an aspirant. They adopt a flexible and highly adaptive learning system to teach students. An excellent library facility with a good volume of sourcebooks is also provided.

Courses Offered b Royale IAS:

  • IAS Preparing
  • UPSC Instructional exercises
  • MPSC Instructional exercises
  • CSAT Tutorials

Batch Size: 45-50 students

Contact: 9833374933

Website: http://royaleias.com/

  1. GUIDANCE GROUP – UPSC coaching in Mumbai

The tenth rank goes to Guidance group IAS Coaching. It is a coaching site that specializes in all competitive and government exams.  They also provide mock interviews for students to better their chances of cracking the UPSC exam.

Their best features:

  • Personal Mentor
  • Pre-recorded video lectures
  • Demo coaching
  • Daily Online Trivia
  • Counseling

Batch Size: Depends

Contact: 9920736752

Website: https://www.guidanceias.com/

 Sankalp IAS coaching in Mumbai:

Sankalp IAS has innovative learning via Byju’s, Business COI, and practice exam questions. It has one of the best IAS prelims courses in Mumbai. It is one of the best Optional IAS coaching centers in Mumbai.

  • Study material: IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Exam Preparation Booklets, IAS optional coaching Notes, UPSC Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty
  • Fee structure: Rs 1, 05, 000 (Approx) for full IAS course in Mumbai, Rs 70,000 for IAS prelims coaching, 80000 IAS Mains Coaching.
  • Batch size: 35-40 students.
  • Faculty: Best IAS faculty within the UPSC coaching.
  • Past results: Top civil service examination results from UPSC coaching in Mumbai.

Website: http://ww38.sankalpiasforum.com/

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