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Top 9 Best PWA Development Tools and Technologies to Use

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the future of mobile apps. It allows users to get the best experience on any device and is easily discoverable by search engines like Google.

In this article, we will discuss 9 different PWA development tools and technologies that help to build innovative solutions. Different tools offer cloud storage, connectivity and real-time data with web APIs, analytics, marketing and more.

There’s something here for every PWA developer no matter your skill level or tech stack preference.

What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a mix of web technologies that allows a website to behave like an app on your phone. PWAs are useful because they offer users access to native features on their mobile devices, such as push notifications, offline capabilities, or home screen icons.

9 Frameworks and Tools To Build Progressive Web Apps

Ionic Framework

The Ionic Framework is an open source SDK that helps coders build cross-platform native apps with web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and Sass.

It provides a comprehensive UI component library with pre-built integrations for common mobile development libraries such as Cordova or PhoneGap.

The Ionic Framework also has a feature-rich command line interface (CLI) that allows developers to generate everything from scaffolded project files to signing keys.


One of Google’s own development tools, Polymer is a collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript components that allows coders to build highly functional Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Polymer follows a smart elements approach, where developers can write reusable code blocks that can be used in any number of custom-made templates.

The library comes with dozens of ready-to-use widgets and features common UI patterns such as sticky navigation and accordions.


The Angular framework uses a declarative style of programming in which you attach pieces of code, called directives, to elements on a page. This allows you to extend HTML vocabulary with your own custom tags.

This ability makes it easier for designers who are less technical to build an application that’s more dynamic without having extensive knowledge of how JavaScript works.

The Angular framework also supports two-way data binding, which provides instant feedback as users interact with a web app.


Preact is one of the fastest growing Progressive Web Application development tools available, Preact is an incredibly useful Javascript library for web applications. This tool provides developers with a set of custom element interfaces, as well as a virtual DOM rendering system.

The Virtual DOM render system allows developers to achieve better performance on web applications by reusing elements rather than creating new ones every time a user refreshes their browser.


A UI framework for modern web applications using Functional Reactive Programming. Svelte is a very lightweight framework that produces a virtual DOM representation of your application.

The primary benefit of functional reactive programming is that it helps prevent bugs by eliminating asynchronicity, managing state in a declarative way, and encouraging pure functions.

So developers can build fast, scalable UIs while maintaining productivity with simple tools.

Magento PWA Studio

The Magento PWA Studio provides developers with a comprehensive collection of tools for developing responsive, modern and fast e-commerce experiences.

Magento enables customers worldwide to create personalized shopping experiences in minutes by providing out-of-the-box features, such as personalized product recommendations. Also, offers advanced functionalities.

In addition, Magento’s open technology platform is easily extensible through community contributions. This makes it easier for customers to build high-performing custom solutions that drive increased conversion rates at scale.


An open-source, automated tool for improving Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It is used by developers all over the world to test their apps, receive detailed reports on how they perform, find issues and performance problems with JavaScript and CSS, measure their app’s performance on real devices across different browsers.

This framework automatically tests new versions of web platform features, creates visualizations of data gathered from test runs etc.


A progressive framework for building user interfaces. It was created by Evan You, who is also its current maintainer. Vue’s most unique selling point is that it provides data-reactive components with a simple and powerful API.

Because Vue has minimal requirements, programmers can use other libraries together with it such as JQuery or any DOM manipulation library like React or Angular.


A JavaScript library used by Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Skype, etc. This is a high-level library that helps in developing fast applications. It allows simple reuse of codes without including any other external libraries.

So, React speeds up our development process by keeping us away from complex syntaxes.

Furthermore, it creates a single user interface for all platforms like desktop or mobile using just one code base which saves time for developers and is an efficient tool.


The above PWA tools and technologies are trending and highly in demand. We have listed the tools and majorly how it works for the PWA app development process. Developers have to choose the best tools as per the project requirements.

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