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What Are The Pros And Convicts Of Using Foamex?

Very sought-after materials utilised for signs these days, Foamex board printing has gained a lot of attention due to its lightweight. Foamex board is a plastic foam board that combines strength, easy workability and affordability.

Available in a range of dimensions and thicknesses in this article, we’ll review the advantages and disadvantages of selecting the right material to print your signage. This will assist you in determining whether Foamex board is suitable for your needs for signage or not.

What Is Foamex?

Popular and economical, foamex signs have pervaded the printing business. If you’re in search of materials that are light and also long-lasting, Foamex is among the top options you should consider.

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It is now time to better understand what all the fuss is about, we’re going to go over the basics of what Foamex board is composed of? We will then discuss the benefits of the Foamex board.

What Is The Definition Of A Foamex Board?

Foamex is commonly referred to in the industry as PVC foam board. This could also be a false description because there is no foam in the product!

Foamex printing on board is very well-known, as the material, Foamex, is very robust. Therefore, it is suitable for many purposes such as exhibitions, making displays as well as trade shows.

It comes in various thicknesses like 3mm, 5mm, 10mm etc. Therefore, based on the reason you’re intending to use it, you can select the thickness that you want. Get a two-part article on how to state-of-the-art exhibition displays with Foamex which will help you to enhance the appeal of your business to site visitors.

Now that we’ve provided the answer to the question, what is the Foamex PVC board?

We’ll Investigate A Couple Of Other Items

Because of the molecular structure of PVC the panels constructed from Foamex are very flat, and the white colour helps to get the most effective printing results.

If you plan to print directly on the surface, it gives the impression of matte but should you want something that’s a little shiny, you could apply an UV varnish on the panel. It does more than make your print glossier, but also provides it with additional protection.

In response to the fundamental question of what exactly is Foamex employed for, let us inform you that it’s typically employed for signs since it is very sturdy and is able to withstand outdoor elements of the weather very well.

When it comes to outdoor signage, it doesn’t matter if it’s severe sunshine or heavy rain printed Foamex will be able to take the brunt of it the entire time. If you choose to use the thickness of 10mm, you’ll get exceptional results when it comes to durability. Additionally, the panel is more resilient to all kinds’ damage or wear through time.

Foamex can be described as extremely light which makes it easy to move and install, in contrast to heavier materials, which means transporting it isn’t an issue for anyone. Of course, the fact that Foamex is extremely durable even though it is light in weight is a major USP.

It’s an extremely simple material to use. In fact it’s not just possible to make or cut it into different sizes and shapes as well, you can employ numerous ways to repair it. Whatever printing needs you have in mind, from plaques to hanging signs or typical advertising signs, it is possible to do it all using Foamex.

Last but not least, Foamex is extremely cost-effective when compared with other materials such as lumber, MDF, aluminium, and more. And the best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality due to its cost in any way. It can print virtually everything on it, and due to its fine cellular structure, it’s very well-suited to digital printing.

The Reasons Why You Should Select Foamex?

Nowadays, the material is readily and easily accessible all over the globe and can be found in 10 different types of companies that vary from 1mm to 19mm but the most popular sizes currently used are 3mm Foamex, 10 millimetres and 3 millimetres and they have a wide range of use in the printing industry.

In addition to the various sizes, they’re also available in nine different types of colours. However, the most popular colour and, of course, the most popular is white. It is the most straightforward for printing and will likely give you the most crisp and sharpest results.

Simple To Design Bespoke Shapes

If you want to design your own unique and unique signage using various forms, Foamex board printing is one of the most efficient methods to achieve it. It is possible to create custom forms for your signage effortlessly with the Foamex material.

Different Thicknesses Of The Same Material

As previously mentioned, Foamex is available in various sizes ranging between 1 mm and 19mm with 1 being the most rigid and 19 being the most rigid. The most frequently used sizes are 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm.

If you want to print indoor signage, 3mm and 5mm foamex are an excellent option, but when you are looking to print large outdoor signage that must be sturdy and durable, 10mm is the ideal thickness to choose.

Can Be Easily Cut

It is very simple to cut Foamex to the desired size. This makes it a adaptable material simple to use. Today, customers are seeking various kinds of signs and are economical in their nature. Should you require something distinctive and various shapes, Foamex is the right choice for you.


If you are on a tight spending budget for marketing, Foamex can be one of the top materials to look for as it’s cost-effective in contrast to other materials such as Dibond, MDF, wood and so on.. Due to its durability of three to five years without hassle, it’s worthwhile to invest in.

It Is Easy To Mount

One of the greatest advantages of Foamex board printing is the ability to install it with ease. Methods include drilling holes, Velcro and poles attaching it to walls, etc. Foamex is able to be attach to nearly everything with such ease that it eliminates the trouble.


As we have mentioned before, the material is very light in its own way, so it is very easy to move and set up so it can save you lots of hassles since it’s extremely easy to work with.


With different thicknesses such as 3mm, 5mm and 10mm, it offers higher quality. Additionally, the material is very resistant to fade and is able to produce high-quality full-colour prints quickly.

What Are The Pros And Cons For Foamex Printing?

1.  Doesn’t Last Too Long Outside

In some instances, if the weather is extremely harsh, Foamex Board Printing might not last longer than you’d prefer it to. In such instances, ensure you are using an increased thickness that gives it more strength and is more able to stand the elements better.

2.   Warps Can Occur

In the paragraph above, selecting the correct thickness is essential to ensure that your signage will last longer. If you opt for signage that is thinner is likely to get warp, especially in extreme conditions.

For instance, in the range of 3mm, 5mmand 10mm 3mm Foamex is less likely to warp when compared the 10mm Foamex. hoarding boards Here you go the advantages and disadvantages of 3mm Foamex board printing.

The advantages of the process usually outweigh the disadvantages based on the application you’re seeking; we can say that it’s an extremely popular choice for clients. Due to its low cost and versatility it can be use in all situations. 




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