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Why Does Your Cell Phone Need a Screen Protector?

The display of a smartphone is the main thing that we need to operate it daily. As we have all the touchscreen smartphones today everything is operated through the display itself. To make sure that the display is protected always were introduced, screen protectors or screen guards.

However, the screen guard screen protector doesn’t come along with any mobile phone and its original packaging. It is optional and the user can decide which one they want to apply.

But it is always better if you have it on as you cannot always Buy a new mobile phone because of display shoes. You can still have the option to sell your old mobile phone online and switch to the other options in the market.


What is a screen protector? 

A screen protector or a screen guard is an extra layer of protection that is put onto your display. This is an optional thing which you can be doing after you have bought a new mobile phone. Screen guards can be changed from time to time if there are any problems caused by them.  Normally they can start to age after a few months. You could spot some kind of scratches on it or breakages. It also depends upon the quality of the screen guard you have chosen.


How does a screen protector provide all the safety? 

  1. Protects from dust and dirt

We use our cell phones daily and dust and dirt particles are always around. If you do not have any protection over your smartphone display, there can be many Das particle II settling on it. To avoid these dust particles, you can put them on the screen guard of your choice.


  1. Fingerprint protection

As we operate our cell phones with our fingers themselves, there can be a lot of fingerprints that will leave around a screen. This doesn’t look hygienic or isn’t an event. You can simply decide to avoid this fingerprint remains by putting on a scratch guard. A screen protector will always take fingerprints on itself which can be clean easily. You can clean it with a simple soft cotton cloth itself.


  1. Scratch Protection

A Scratch guard is the best if you want to protect the screen of the smartphone from any scratches or dense. A good quality scratch guard will help you protect it from all kinds of scratches and dents. While you have dropped your smartphone or have a long mail on your finger, everything can be overlooked in the sense.


  1. Liquid protection

Do not mistake this liquid protection for your whole mobile phone. The scratch guard can be liquid protective. There are different types of scratch protectors available in the market and many of them provide liquid protection as well. So why do you have some droplets of water on your finger or drop a few drops on the screen, you do not have to worry about it. The liquid will not be able to enter the original screen of the smartphone as there is protection over it.


Types of screen protection for your smartphone 

Mostly, all of these types of scratch cards or screen guards are available in all mobile repair shops easily.

  • Tempered glass

It Is one of the most popular and reliable products available in any market. These are the most common yet durable screen guard that everyone believes in. It is the same as the normal clear but yet comes with hardness and consistency. The class protectors that are tempered glass usually have multiple layers of silicon base, PET film layer, and a glass layer on the top.

That is why a stronger way of protecting your display. It Will provide the best scratch protection and have minimum fingerprint remains on it. It is easier to clean while all those leaders are protected from any kind of dust Entering the display. However, you will always have to adjust to the feeling of it as it is quite visible because of sickness.


  • Matte

Matte glass is just another variant of the ultra clear screen guard. It protects another normal scratch guard. The surface however will provide you with a quality experience. It will give you a matte feeling and a matte look while you are using your mobile phone. There won’t be any kind of reflection as the surface of the scratch guard is completely a matte finish.


  • Privacy

The privacy scratch card has come into the trend for a few years now. Many people do not like anyone else peeping into their phones almost everyone doesn’t. While you are traveling on public transport or while you have kids around your house, it can be difficult to hide your phone. This privacy screen protector will provide you with all the privacy protection. It will make your screen look black or dark while someone is sitting next to you.

You can still enjoy using your mobile phone while the other person around you will have no idea what you are doing. Talking about protection tempered glass privacy also provides the protection that is needed to protect the display. Any other viewable angles mobile phone block the view to the screen. However, there is not sufficient light you might yourself be wondering if the screen is visible or not.


  • PET

Pet or POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE (PET) SCREEN PROTECTOR is a scientific name for the type of production it provides. You might have heard about PET bottles which were the same kind of plastic that the scratch guard comes for. These bottles Are recyclable because of PET. So in short why do you get a PET scratch card or screen protector you do not have to worry about the environment. They are recyclable and also protect your mobile phone screen Needs.


  • Ceramic

Ceramic Is a material that can be anywhere between plastic and glass material. It is considered to be flexible yet not to be stressed enough elastic. It is normally giving a glass look but will not break as easily as glass. However, even it can break if you put a lot of stress on it. The ceramic provides scratch resistance and is better in delivery than a glass material scratch card. The reflective list can be different from the glass material as it is not purely glass.








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