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  • BusinessMedical debts- healthcare rcm

    Medical Debts: The Biggest Issue in Healthcare RCM

    Healthcare is witnessing a change in the way things are approached but one major problem. This still needs to be addressed is the medical debts that are still in the pockets of Americans. Poor management and improper understanding of medical billing is the reason behind the debts in the hands of patients. Despite having different insurance plans and outsourcing medical…

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  • FinanceHealthcare Medical Billing

    Healthcare Medical Billing | Importance Of Medical Audit

    The medical audit is a systematic, thorough hospitalist medical billing on the standard of treatment that includes the methods used to diagnose and treat as well as the use of resources, as well as the resultant outcomes in terms of quality and life quality of patient patient’.The medical audit follows a constant process that involves observing practices as well as…

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