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  • StudyHomeschooling help

    Homeschooling help: the best ways to support your child

    It’s time to rethink your schooling schedule at home. So that it’s the best for your needs! Parents who struggle to balance remote working and homeschooling find it challenging to accommodate children of different ages. They also feel overwhelmed by the volume of school work their child must get through. Know that you’re not the only ones. Thus, Online Tutoring…

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  • Reference and Educationdigital distractions

    Digital Distractions: Know Everything

    What is Digital Distractions? While engaged in another activity, one is distracted by a technology gadget (e.g., smartphone, laptop, tablet). Completing academic activities inside and outside of the classroom, students use mobile devices for recreational purposes. Attending to academic work in the classroom, students use digital devices (e.g., smartphones, laptop computers) for off-task activities. Intentional and/or automatic cognitive and/or behavioral…

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  • StudyEconomic

    Economic Newton. In memory of Kenneth Arrow.

    Economics is one of the youngest “exact sciences”. It uses models as complex as modern physics (not to be confused with mathematical physics) and works. With data like no other science – in fact, it is from economists that everyone learns data analysis. Because of this youth and because of the speed with which it has developed in the last…

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