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10 Beaches in Goa To Visit

10 Beaches in Goa To Visit

Goa is one of India’s tiniest states, however, it is home to a wealth of beaches that rival other coastal region in the subcontinent. Think of swaying palms and endless stretches of sparkling gold sand, and smooth blue waves that promise to ease the stress of travel throughout India. It’s only an hour and 15 minutes via air to Mumbai, Goa is an easy destination for a holiday that you can add to your journey towards South India.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find the most beautiful beaches in Goa that will suit your personal traveling style. Benaulim Beach is a welcoming family-friendly destination. Agonda Beach is the go-to destination for anyone who wants to become a surfer. People who are looking to get off the beaten track will be delighted by Butterfly Beach. You can check your current location pin code easily.

Beaches in Goa

1. Colva Beach

The most well-known beaches Colva is a popular destination for visitors during the peak season (mid-November until mid-February) and with good reason. The 2.4-kilometer-long beach located in the south of Goa provides a variety of water activities (including jet-skiing banana boat rides, jet-skiing, and parasailing) Sand that’s as soft as baby powder as well as an infrastructure for tourism that can meet all your needs. Experience the stunning beaches in this region. There are various websites that can find what is my zip code of the area you want.

Colva Beach is a favorite for Indian tourists, so if you’re searching for an authentic experience in the area You’ll find it here. You could consider staying over at one of the numerous family-run homestays that are offered by the families living in the village to enjoy the most authentic travel experience.

After you’ve enjoyed enough sun, go only a few minutes inland to find a sanctuary in Our Lady of Mercy Church. The spiritual center, which is whitewashed in the square of the village was established in the 1600s. It houses a well-known image of an infant Jesus which is believed to have healing properties. The site attracts a lot of visitors from all over the globe to attend the traditional Fama celebration each year in October.

2. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach is one of the top beaches of Goa for honeymooners. The beach is referred to as “Lovers’ Paradise,” this beach is situated in an area that is in the suburbs around Panaji and also has its own romantic story.

The story concerns Dona Paula, the daughter of a Portuguese viceroy who plunged herself into the Arabian Sea after her father barred her from meeting a Goan fisherman who had taken her heart. He was devastated to lose his daughter that who named the entire region after her and considered it an ode to the eternal love of his life.

It’s not difficult for tourists of today to be captivated by this beautiful beach. It’s calm and serene waters, bronze sand surrounded by trees of palms with a relaxed ambiance that invites you to stay to watch the sunset. Furthermore, it’s also served by a variety of accommodations that includes boutique hotels. As well as luxurious beach resorts which will make you feel right at home.

3. Morjim Beach

The beach located in North Goa offers a more natural, rustic look than the other beaches across the country. It’s a serene getaway that is lined with beach huts as well as sunbeds where you can be able to stay for hours. Morjim Beach has earned the name “Little Russia” for the massive crowd of Russians who reside there for weeks at a time. A large number of Russian restaurants is an excellent change of pace from the other cuisine in Goa.

One of the best activities to enjoy when visiting Morjim Beach checks out the wildlife. Many species of birds with feathers such as kingfishers, cuckoos and bay-backed shrikes, and sand plovers create an idyllic bird’s paradise. Sea turtles with olive ridleys are common at the shore and provide amazing photography opportunities. But local laws prevent tourists from disturbing these creatures So be considerate and stay away from them. Keep an eye on the sea and you might observe dolphins swimming on the shoreline.

4. Palolem Beach

Accommodations in Goa can’t be more unique than the ones you’ll find in Palolem Beach. Each year, the locals working who work in the hospitality industry construct temporary coco huts where tourists can stay for the night. The rustic accommodations make up for their lack of luxury with prime access to Goa’s most beautiful beaches, special lounge chairs directly on the beach, and an unforgettable experience that will create the most memorable memories of your life.

Take advantage of your time at Palolem Beach by taking part in the numerous activities available in the area. Enjoy a dolphin-watching excursion along the Arabian Sea. Check your balance and find your peace in yoga classes. You can also taste traditional Goan flavors at any of the popular restaurants that are renowned on Palolem Beach.

5. Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach can be described as a thriving region. However, contrasted with the crowds close to Anjuna Beach, it’s a tranquil retreat. Visitors can enjoy a range of choices, from renowned restaurants that cater to each food preference. Stores full of appealing souvenirs. And beach shacks filled with everything you need for a day spent on the beach and sand.

Go until the end of Vagator Beach and you’ll see one of the Goa’s more stunning sights which is the head of a Hindu god that was carved into a rock on the beach. The sculpture is often decorated by devotees with marigold ornaments and colored pigments.

A quick stroll inland will take the visitor to the Chapora Fort, a structure constructed by the Portuguese in the 17th century. The location on a hill offers tranquil views of the sea.

6. Galgibaga Beach

With a limited amount of commercial development, Galgibaga remains one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. Take a picnic lunch with you and visit this unknown beach to soak in the crystal clear sea, the brown-colored sand as well as a grove of coconut palms. Take enough water to last through the day. There aren’t many places to refill your tank in this area as well as the sun is a powerful force.

Galgibaga is often called “Turtle Beach” for the turtles with shells that live in this protected zone. Make sure to visit between the months of December and February to get the best chance of seeing those olive-ridded sea turtles which are the second-tiniest species of sea turtles around the globe.

7. Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is regularly ranked as one of the top beaches available in Goa to families. It is located just to the south of Colva Beach, this laid-back beach is a great escape for those. Who doesn’t want to be part of going to the Goan parties? Benaulim Beach’s white sand is a treasured source for children who want to gather seashells and construct Sandcastles.

Tour operators provide a variety of water sports in Benaulim Beach. Pick between parasailing excursions, Jet Ski rentals, and dolphin-spotting excursions.

8. Calangute Beach

If you’re in search of one of the top beaches of Goa for foreigners, go to Calangute. Calangute, the “Queen of Beaches” (as it’s often referred to) provides the ultimate Goan beach vacation with plenty of loungers with smooth waves and sunshine in abundance.

Eat fried prawns and cool, cold soft drinks served from the thatched roof restaurants that line the beach located in north Goa. From here, you can plan thrilling activities on Calangute Beach, like snorkeling and dolphin-watching excursions banana boat rides, and sailing. There is also the option of shopping for souvenirs. Such as wood-crafted handicrafts, textiles silver jewelry as well as seashell jewelry.

9. Agonda Beach

Do you want to try surfing? Head to Agonda Beach in South Goa. The consistent, smooth waves are suitable for beginners. Encouragement of surf instructors at local schools, such as Aloha Surf India. And will help you master the art of hanging 10 and increase your fun at the beach. Agonda Beach is also a perfect spot for bodyboarding.

10. Arambol Beach

Arambol was once a pristine fishing village, but the backpackers have made it the ultimate destination for free-spirited travelers. You can spend your entire time here relaxing on the beach or enjoying the ocean. 

But, the majority of tourists enrich their travel plans with plenty of spiritual activities to enjoy in Arambol Beach. Tai chi is a great exercise to take part in lively yoga classes on the sand. And take a deep breath in a guided meditation. Accompanied by the sounds of the waves as you take in the evening drum circles. And re-energize your mind and body with the reiki practice.

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