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10 best bundles of the Garena free fire

10 best bundles of the Garena free fire:

I think everyone heard the name of the game free fire by Garena. Therefore every player knows about the 10 best bundles of Garena free fire. Free fire is the most famous shooter game in the world. It competes directly against PUBG and call of duty. It has 1 billion plus downloads of android and iOS and 100 million plus reviews. Its PC version is also available.


In Garena free fire, the player can play with his friends and buddies, just like any other multiplayer game. There are 49 players in the match, which last for 10 minutes estimate. You are sent to a remote place where you must last for 10 minutes or until the game’s end. You can choose your favorite destination and place and can land there with the help of a parachute. The parachute provided by the game, and you don’t need to find them yourself. You aim to remain in a free or safe zone and take down other players to remain last.


There are vehicles to drive and to explore the map. You can hide from other players to kill them or to remain safe. You can become invisible by pruning under grass and rifts. Kill other, snipe other, ambush, to complete one goal is to survive until the call of duty.

It’s time for free fire, battle in style!

Originally, it was a survival shooter.

Be the last man standing by searching for weapons, staying within the play zone, looting your enemies, and staying in the play zone. Get that little edge over your opponents by taking legendary airdrops and avoiding airstrikes.

 10 minutes with 50 players wait for your Epik survival goodness

it takes only ten minutes for a reborn survivor to emerge. Do you wish to go above and beyond the shining light? Light in the darkness?

 Voice chat available in-game for a 4-man squad

Set up squads of four players right away and communicate with them immediately. Make your friends proud by leading them to victory and being the last team standing.

 A clash squad is at work

A fast-paced 4v4 game is available now! Buying weapons, managing your economy, and defeating the enemy squad are just some of the things you can do!

 The graphics are realistic and smooth

You will enjoy the optimum survival experience on mobile thanks to easy-to-use controls and smooth graphics.

Best bundles in free fire:

Now let’s talk about the bundles of free fire. There is every new bundle in the new season of the game. The free fire season continues for 45 days, and after 45 days new rank season starts. Each new season comes with new bundles. The bundles contain new outfits and emote for the game.

Now, what are the rarest and best bundles of the free fire?

These are the following 10 best bundles of the Garena free fire:

  1. Sakura bundle
  2. Shadow red bundle
  3. Galaxy dino bundle
  4. Bunny warrior bundle
  5. Green criminal bundle
  6. Angelic bundle
  7. Iron blade bundle
  8. Breakdancer bundle
  9. Electric shock bundle
  10. Crazy panda bundle

Sakura bundle:

The Sakura bundle is one of the most difficult bundles to come by and obtain. Every player wants this bundle. Each player has an eye on the game’s latest leaks and development to obtain this bundle. Garena free fire launched the bundle in the first elite royal pass of the free fire on June 2018. A few players bought this bundle not everyone. Therefore sakura bundle becomes the rarest bundle of free fire of all time. Only a few players have this bundle in their inventory. Can we buy elite pass season 1 and obtain this bundle? The answer is no, you can’t buy the elite pass 1 in 2022, but it may be free fire launch the bundle in an event or the upcoming seasons.

Shadow red bundle:

The second bundle in our list of rarest bundles is the shadow red bundle. It is the most well-known bundle among free-fire players. It was launched in an incubator, but many players could not obtain this bundle. The bundle includes a great light appearance and flames. It also includes animation and fantastic design.

Galaxy dino bundle:

Galaxy dino bundle is also one of the rarest and most famous bundles of free fire. The bundle first appears in the incubator as one of the six dino bundles. It featured a blue light dinosaur suit. Dino bundle was taken out of the incubator after a few days. It was the most sought-after due to its high price and distinctive style. The galaxy dino bundle is featured many times in the incubator, but most players cannot obtain it. It proves that it is hard to obtain. It is also the rarest bundle among free-fire players.

Bunny warrior bundle:

This bundle includes the following things

  • Head of the bunny warrior
  • Shirt of bunny warrior
  • Pants of bunny warrior
  • Shoes of bunny warrior

The bundle was first featured in the event by free-fire game developers.

This event was known as draw a bunny. Participation in this contest was easy; you just needed to draw a bunny head and send it to the developers using free fire. The bunny warrior bundle was also featured in the legacy return event, where players need to use diamonds to obtain this bundle. This bundle is also the rarest bundle of free fire.

Green criminal bundle:

The green criminal outfit is also the rarest bundle of the free fire. Its obtaining demand is high due to its rarity. It was featured in an event. To obtain this bundle, the players need to use the lucky stars in the redeem section of the store. This bundle was also hard to get by. this made the bundle its top priority due to its rare form. Few players were able to obtain this bundle. This bundle was also available at the Garena 4th anniversary event, and the player can get this bundle by using a special spin.

Angelic bundle:

This bundle is also the most famous bundle in free fire and also some sort of rare.

Includes an angle boy bundle and a hip-hop bundle

  • Angel boy pants
  • Angel boy shirts
  • Hip-hop shirts and pants
  • Gloo wall
  • Angel wings

It appears in the free fire event named angel wish. To obtain this outfit, the players need to make a wish. One wish costs them twenty diamonds. Players can also get 11 wishes for two hundred diamonds. The items that you have does not include in the wish. This bundle appears many times in the events, and it is not as rare as other, but it is rare among players.

Iron blade bundle:

This bundle is also the rarest and most demanded. It was featured in last year’s event, which starts on 13 November. The event was named Diwali wish for Indian players. In this event, the players need to buy a wish for 9 diamonds and a second wish for 19 diamonds. There was also a premium wish for 99 diamonds, increasing the probability of getting the item easily. The item is directly send into the inventory if someone can get this.

Breakdancer bundle:

Its rarity makes it special and famous. It was first featured in the gold royal section of lucky royal in the game. It was also available during Diwali wishes. But most players can’t get their hands on it. Only a few players can get this bundle by using diamonds.

Electric shock bundle:

It was first introduced in the elite royal pass of season 2. After that, it only appeared a second time in the Ludo event. The developers designed the outfit in a robotic style, And it was shining. It also has golden lines across the outfit. The most appealing part of the bundle was the golden hairs of the character. They look stunning. It is also a rare bundle because of its early launch.

Crazy panda bundle:

The most appealing bundle across free-fire women players. This bundle includes a skin for the girl character. The outfit is a hoodie made of black and white color. This bundle is includes in the elite pack known as the magic cube elite pack. Only one magic cube can be obtained once in the season. Its rarity makes it special because a few players get their hands on this bundle for the time being.

Free fire is one of the most famous games of the World and the bundles discussed are some of the famous and rarest bundles. these are the 10 best bundles of the Garena free fire in gamers’ opinion.







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