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10 Easiest Well-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

Many well-paying jobs do not require a post-secondary degree, despite the fact that others demand an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or another type of certificate. While some of these positions will give on-the-job training, others will need the completion of a certificate program, vocational training, or apprenticeship.


There are other opportunities if you want to shift careers but lack a college degree. The 10 well-paying careers from a variety of industries that high school graduates can train for and that can be the start of a successful career are listed below.


1. Small Business Owner 

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Not everyone is suited to work as an employee; most high school graduates who want to start their own business desire to run their own company and be their own boss. In this situation, starting your own business may be your key to striking it rich. 


For instance, one of the most lucrative business initiatives that entrepreneurs can engage in after recording a respectable median annual pay is wholesale. Although learning the ropes of wholesaling takes time, you can get started with just a high school diploma or other equivalent qualifications. The median annual wage of a small business owner is around $51,470. 


2. Network Specialist


Good interpersonal skills on top of an interest in computers and how they operate are ideal prerequisites for landing a position as a network professional. Wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN), as well as the related analysis, testing, troubleshooting, and network evaluation, are dealt with in this work.


An associate degree is the minimum education needed. Network specialists earn a median annual wage of $59,090. There are 39,600 projected available jobs to be open through 2022.


3. Loan Officer

Loan officers are recognized for approving requests for financial aid, but they are also supposed to offer advice to those in need of money and assess their credit standing. Banks, credit unions, vehicle dealerships, mortgage businesses, and loan officers are all potential employers. It does need a lot of paperwork and logistics management, but if one is organized and has good communication skills, these tasks may be completed.


In 2022, 59,380 jobs are anticipated to be open. A high school diploma or similar is required for education. Loan officers earn a median annual salary of $59,820. 


4. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician


The research, testing, and production of brand-new aeroplanes and spacecraft are all a part of what it means to work as an aerospace and engineering technician. The equipment utilized in these procedures must be maintained by technicians in the industry.


An associate degree is a minimum education needed. There are 2,100 anticipated open positions through 2022. You can expect to earn a median annual wage of $61,530. 


5. Firefighterman in green and brown camouflage uniform standing near red bus during daytime

Firefighters’ main responsibilities include responding immediately to fires, vehicle accidents, floods, chemical spills, and other emergency events in order to rescue people and animals and safeguard the public. On-duty firefighters work to keep the station and equipment clean, maintained, and ready for use even when they are not responding to calls.


High school graduation or its equivalent, being at least 18 years old, having a driver’s license valid in the state where you will work, passing written and physical exams, and completing fire academy training are all requirements. Additionally, certain states may call for firefighters to obtain an EMT license. The national average salary is around $41,449.


6. Web Developer


Anyone who works online knows how crucial it is to have a dependable website and a steady connection. As our reliance on this technology grows every day, it also creates many work prospects for those who are ready to study it, as well as for the younger generation. As a result, there is a continual increase in demand for web developers, whose employment involves developing, building, and altering websites.


An associate degree is a minimum education needed. There are 50,700 anticipated open positions through 2022. 


7. Electrician


Electricians’ main responsibilities are to install, inspect, and maintain electrical systems. Additionally, they strive to locate electrical problems and restore or replace damaged wiring, fixtures, transformers, circuit breakers, and other equipment. The national average wage is $23.00 per hour. 


You must be at least 18 years old, have a driver’s license in the state where you will work, have completed in-class training for electricians, have served an apprenticeship, and have obtained an electrician license in the state where you plan to work. You must also have completed your high school education or its equivalent. Additionally, certain classes and other industry credentials could be required by some employers.


8. Makeup Artist woman in black tank top wearing black sunglasses

Large slabs of bacon are brought home by those whose duty it is to make sure actors and performers look great for their roles. As long as the makeup artists are skilful in applying makeup such that performers get to be the character their script demands, they have a shot at the job. 


The postsecondary non-degree award is the minimum education need. The median annual wage is around $64,450. 


9. Gaming Manager


The average yearly wage for a gaming manager is around $77,121.The majority of professions demand at least some experience in the casino or legal gambling industry, and you must have completed your high school education or its equivalent.


A gaming manager’s main responsibilities include supervising casino operations and staff, hiring and training staff, welcoming guests, and responding to complaints and other consumer feedback.


10. Delivery Driver 


Between 2020 and 2030, it is anticipated that overall employment for delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers will increase by 12 per cent, faster than the average for all occupations. Over the next ten years, there are expected to be, on average, 190,700 opportunities for delivery truck driver jobs and salespeople.


Here are some of the top requirements for becoming a delivery driver: 


  • equivalent to a high school diploma
  • a current driving permit issued by the state in which you want to work
  • good driving history


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