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15 Instagram Reels Ideas to Post Today

Are you in need of Instagram Reels concepts? Then you’re at the right place.

Finding original concepts for content to promote your business or brand

can be a challenge, particularly when you feel like you’ve hit a wall of creativity.

For some inspiration, We’ve shared fifteen Instagram Reels ideas buymalaysianfollowers

that you can make use of for your brand or business now!

Why Post to Instagram ReelsIf you’re not submitting original content on Instagram Reels,
you’re likely to be not taking advantage of the massive potential for your company or brand.
Company Reels are an innovative method to interact in a meaningful way with the Instagram
community and expand your reach. Actually, they’re an actual growth hack today.
Like all new features, It’s always a good idea to get your hands on it while the iron is hot. The Instagram algorithm can help promote new features as well as keep competition fairly low.

In addition, the newly launched Instagram Reels Tab is packed of content suggestions,

which can be a great method to connect with new people and increase the organic reach of your content.

In this regard, Instagram recently announced that images with visible watermarks, logos

or watermarks from various applications (such like TikTok) will not be accessible within the application.

This means that it’s more essential than ever to come up with unique content if you wish

to be featured in the Reels tab. That’s why we’ve shared 15 fresh topics for your content on this blog article!

Even if you’re just testing Instagram Reels out it’s essential to have some great ideas for

content and a clear purpose to think about whether it’s reaching a larger public,

contributing to your active social community or promoting your products and content to your customers.

Are you ready to start creating? Watch this video to get 5 simple and quick Instagram Reels suggestions:

Instagram Reels Idea #1: Show the “Real Side” of Your Brand/Product

In person or on Instagram users want to feel as if they’re part a community. 
When you create communities on social media is crucial in making your fans feel like they’re friends.
It’s commonplace to tell your friends all the time, both positive and negative.

If your product or service is on-brand then send your own Reel that shows the true face of your business or brand.

It could be anything like an “Instagram and. Reality” video, or even a timelapse of your team

and you working on the project prior to launch day. If you’re not typically sharing the

kind of content you would like to share on your Instagram it might be a good way to get started!

Instagram Reels Idea #2: Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes

Take the curtain off and reveal your followers some backstage action. 
If you’re a photographer, or a small company that sells candles, making a behind-the-scenes
Reel is simple and highly effective!
Your fans are interested in the way your product is created and how it feels being a part of your teammake sure you inform them about this. Find out how the an online designer

Abby Design Co. shows us the behind-the-scenes scene when she is packing an order.

The next time you’re on the set of a photoshoot making an order or pouring candles, pull out your camera and begin filming!

Instagram Reels Idea #3: Introduce Yourself and Tell Your Story

If you’re stuck in stagnation, make a Reel to introduce yourself or your business.
Since Reels are now at Reels Explore, the Reels Explore section, you will have the chance to introduce yourself, or share your brand message with thousands upon thousands of brand new users!

Instagram Strategist and Educator, Natasha (@solstudiomarketing), AKA queen

of Instagram Reels, made a fun and entertaining Reel introducing herself:

There are several ways to do this. Edit your previous videos with text, describe your story,

or speak straight to cameras. Look at the way Dayna along with Brian Lee from Arts and Food NYC introduced themselves via small videos.

Instagram Reels Idea #4: Show a Before and After

Making videos that are shared before and after is a great method to boost your involvement.
 They are not only fascinating and entertaining, but they can be enjoyable to watchmaking the formula for a great Reel.
There is plenty to do both before and after Reels by incorporating home improvements hair, recipes illustrations, and so on!

Instagram Reels Idea #5: Offer Tips and Tricks

If you’re stuck for ideas, these tips and tips are the best place to begin. Whatever your
field you have valuable knowledge that will benefit your customers!
If it’s sharing styling tips and clothing tips, or even sharing tips for editing photos

The creative possibilities are limitless.

Your tricks and tips do not have to be complicated also. Consider sharing a

simple idea and ask your readers to leave a comment about what tips they’d like to learn in the future.

TIP: Use text to make captions for Instagram Reels. In addition to allowing people to

view videos with no sound, but they assist in making Instagram an inclusive and accessible account for those hearing impaired.

Instagram Reels Idea #6: Give a Sneak Peek

If you’re needing ideas for Instagram Reels ideas, make an intro video!
In the weeks leading up to LaterCon we created a sneak preview reel of our LaterCon merchandise. It consisted of short clips, but long enough to keep people entertained and engaged!

Missed out on LaterCon 2020? You don’t have to worry about it you can catch the complete replay, including the 25+ experts here.

Instagram Reels Idea #7: Hop-On a Trend

A way to increase the visibility of your Reel to be seen by more people is to jump

onto the latest trend! Similar to TikTok trending topics are constantly changing which is why it’s important to keep an eye out for.

Explore the Explore page to see what other brands and companies are up to and when you see trends, you should take action on it!

Why not start your own? Create a dance, a competition, or hashtag and then

invite your followers join in the party. You might even be able to encourage participants to make their own!

TIP Are you tired of looking for the latest tracks on Reels? Keep this blog in mind to be a reference!

Instagram Reels Idea #8: Repurpose Evergreen Content

Check out your content collection: Instagram and your site, YouTube, blog, Pinterest,
and see ways to reuse it.The term “evergreen” refers to content that is never out of style, so you can always reuse it!If you have a YouTube video that performed well, consider ways to compress it into 30 seconds,

Instagram Reel. The caption should inform your followers to click the URL in the bio

(link to the original YouTube video) to find out more.

Or, if you’ve got an existing Pin that continues to receive lots of visitors Create a

Reel with a focus on that topic.

Also, try repurposing your TikTok content for Instagram Reels. The only thing you need

to look out for is that when you save a clip from TikTok and you see a TikTok watermark on the

corner. Instagram confirms that the content clearly reused by other platforms

(containing watermarks or logos) is not as searchable in Instagram’s Reels tab.

To get rid of the watermark that is imposed on your computer, there are a myriad

of useful websites and apps, you can choose from such as Snapchattik App,

MusicallyDown, and Apowersoft’s online watermark removal.

Are you interested in learning more about Linkin.bio By Later? It’s free!

Instagram Reels Idea #9: How-to Videos

From teaching your viewers how to create the perfect caption or how to bake your

perfect chocolate chip cookies, you can find a myriad of ways to create How-To Reels.

Don’t let the 30-second clock fool you there are plenty of inventive ways you can increase your time!

If you’re able to come up with many ideas for how-to videos it’s excellent.

Make a list of them and then use the ideas to develop a series. Make sure you

include important lessons both in the video as well as within the subtitle.

Instagram Reels Idea: #10: Highlight Your Products

Although you cannot link the products you sell to Instagram Reels, however, you can highlight the items
you’re selling. If you own your own Instagram Shop or don’t, you’ll be able to make an Instagram Reel that showcases your items.

With thousands of people viewing their Reels, That Cheese Plate is the most popular

social media account that provides cheese and charcuterie ideas utilizes Reels to

showcase their gorgeous boards. They also use captions to inform their followers of what’s on the board.

Tips: If you are selling items, make use of the caption to direct users towards the Instagram Shop or the link in your bio to purchase.

Instagram Reels Idea #11: Community and Employee Spotlight

Sharing content created by users (UGC) is a fantastic method to get your audience
involved and add content to your calendar!If you’re looking to get into Reels but you’re not sure what you should post, create an animated video that highlights your community. After you’ve gathered enough

material, you can cut together images that have been tagged or even

make use of video clips that your community has already tagged you in.

Fenty Beauty does an incredible job of including UGC on their TikTok and, now, on the Instagram Reels too.

Another option to achieve this is to You can create a compilation of positive reviews from customers!

Be sure to get permission prior to sharing information. Find out more about UGC best practices here.

You can also apply the same method with your workers.

Select a subject and then make an interview with your staff! Find out what your employees’

most memorable experience working for your company is and put it all together in the form

of a 15-30 second video. Your employees may appreciate these Reels so much that you might make it into the basis of a series.

Instagram Reels Idea #12: Create a Listicle

Reels don’t need to be specific about your business or brand. If you’re stuck
on ideas take your passions or your surroundings for sources of inspiration.
There are many ways to accomplish this. For instance, you could do an overview of your top audiobooks, Netflix programs, or four photo locations you can’t be missed!

You can make an impressive listicle reel quickly by clipping together images of

food or podcasts, adding text, and then speaking through them with a short and simple voiceover.

Instagram Reels Idea #13: A Day in the Life

In the event that you’re an influencer or creator of content, bring your followers along and make an “day of the
week” Reel.
Similar to a behind-scenes Reel, however, instead of focusing on the details

behind your business or work, the viewers are taken through your everyday routine with a more contemporary edge to it.

For instance, you can show your followers what you do in the

morning as Instagrammer Olivia Noceda (@olive.eeeats) did on Instagram:

Instagram Reels Idea #14: Answer FAQs

If you’re in need of Instagram Reels concepts, you can look at the contents of your Instagram posts,
comments DMs as well as FAQs for ideas. Do your followers ask you about your location? 
What are your most popular products? Answer these questions and then answer them in a short 15-30 second Reel.If you come across frequently asked questions, note them down and store the notes in a file to use for further Instagram Reels suggestions. You can also invite

users to pose questions by using the “Questions” stickers on Instagram Stories as Model Andrea Ventura did in the video below.

Another benefit of answering questions in the form of a Reel can be

that it lets you know that there’s an audience that wants to learn more about this topic.

Instagram Reels Idea #15: Tease Upcoming Videos or Podcast Episodes

If you’ve got a YouTube channel, podcast or series on IGTV or another audio or video series you can use Instagram Reels to tease upcoming new content.
In the event that you’ve got an IGTV or YouTube video due to be released and you want to share a teaser in the form of a Reel and include a caption to inform

your followers when and where they can view the full version. Look at the way an

influencer Helen Owen teased her home tour on YouTube with the CTA to view the complete video. It’s in the caption.

If you’re running an audio podcast, you can make a Reel that highlights the episode.

Select a good video and cut it when it’s good enough your viewers will be eager

to hear the final part! Find five applications for adding an audio element to Instagram posts here.

Here are some ideas for Instagram Reels ideas to help you get Click Here your creative energy flowing! Then, at time’s end the key is trial and trial and.

After you’ve had a go at it, you’ll discover the one that works best for you.

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