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4 Best Umbrellas for Rain 2022

Rain, rain go away—come again another day. As much as we wish it was simply manifesting this that would transform our weather, we can not control what falls from the sky.

This means that rather than dread the rain, we need to be prepared for it. Having umbrellas for rain, wind, and sun means that you will be ready to walk outside in all elements.

There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain and being unprepared for it. Except for when you think you have a good umbrella, only to open it and realize that it is floppy, unstable, and going to be zero help in keeping you dry.

It is important to remember that not all umbrellas are created equal. What that does mean is that hope is not lost in finding a reliable, sturdy, beautiful, and waterproof umbrella that will get you through those rainy days with style, grace, and dryness.

Plus, the most expensive umbrella is not always going to be the best option. In fact, some of the best ones are in nearly everyone’s price range.

While 2022 is nearing the final stretch, the rainy season is going to come back—making it the perfect time to invest in a quality umbrella. We have rounded up all the best ones to consider so that you don’t get soaked the rest of the year.

  1. The Travel Umbrella

The world is opening back up, which means the majority of us are traveling again. Having a travel umbrella not only lets you easily carry it with you wherever you go, but also means that its compactness of it makes it easy to also use and store. In fact, the automatic button is a game changer when it means you simply have to press a button for it to open.

When you are on the go, you likely are holding a million things in your hands. So having to only press one button to open your umbrella while trying to juggle your groceries, a cup of coffee and a small child becomes an absolute game changer.

But what makes this option even more appealing is the fact that the design elements are top-notch. From having fiberglass structure to water-repellant Teflon fabric, there is no better companion than a travel umbrella. Plus, the storage bag for the travel umbrella comes with a pouch so you can easily store air pods or any other small item in there too.

  1. The Budget Umbrella

As we mentioned earlier, you should not have to pay a fortune to get protection from the rain. In fact, some of the best umbrella options are budget-friendly. Not only do many of the less expensive options also include an automatic open and close button, but equally come in stylish designs as well.

Created to easily fit in your backpack, you can bring your budget umbrella nearly anywhere that you go. Plus, the features of this umbrella will have you second guessing if it is really a luxury umbrella. The handles are slim and sturdy, allowing for a comfortable grip. The canopy is large enough to provide you and a friend shelter from the wet weather and even has vents so that it does not get flipped in the wind. Who knew that budget could be so great?

  1. The Weatherman Style Umbrella

We all have an image of that iconic weatherman on the news with his massive umbrella that provides him shelter from the storm. Well, you can get that type of umbrella too. With nearly a 40-inch diameter in its canopy, you will look like a weatherman professional when you open it up. But the diameter remains sturdy in the rain and wind, with the ribbed design preventing it from getting flipped inside out.

This is one of the more stylish options to choose from and will be an iconic look that will never go out of style. You will certainly have a lot of fun playing in the rain with this umbrella.

  1. The Luxury Umbrella

Every now and then we deserve a splurge. There is no better reason to splurge than getting protection from the rain in the most stylish way possible. When you indulge in a luxury umbrella, you will be getting quality that is nearly impossible to surpass. With a handle made of leather, a button that gracefully opens up your umbrella, and a print design that is worthy of the runway at Fashion Week, there is little reason to not justify splurging.


Everyone needs at least one umbrella in their life. So why not close out 2022 by getting one of the best ones available and helping to make those rainy days a little bit better? With options for every budget and personal style preference, you will find the ultimate umbrella for you.



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