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5 Simple Ways to Advertise Your Cleaning Business

Everybody seems to be looking for a cleaner sometimes. You might wonder where all those potential customers went once you become your own boss? A similar scenario may indicate that your cleaning business needs to market itself. 

It may seem like you don’t have time to promote your cleaning services company. As a business owner, you are probably overwhelmed by all the steps necessary to run your business. In the meantime, you could be losing a large amount of money if you don’t market your business.

Many local homes and businesses have owners who would be willing to hire someone to do the cleaning. Marketing your cleaning services and converting your has-to-be customers into paying customers is the key to success.

Using Marketing to Promote Cleaning Services

There are many advantages to starting a cleaning business. The startup fee is generally low, the office space is not necessary, and no special training is required, nor does getting a residential cleaning license. 

Despite this, there will be certain challenges you must overcome. One of the most important is getting new customers and retaining existing customers. The other, once you build your cleaning business, will be finding and keeping employees for long.

Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas for Cleaning Business

You may be wondering why you should bother finding out why to advertise your cleaning business. The answer is there is no one definitive way to do it.

If you have a full schedule currently, keep an open mind. Clients always come and go, so always be ready. Besides, this is the only way to grow your business. 

Listed below are a few simple ways to market your cleaning business without spending too much time:

1. Create Flyers & Distribute

It doesn’t matter if they live in a community center, supermarket, or supermarket, they are all looking for cleaners. Flyers are an especially effective way to market your service – post a cleaning flyer in the community center, supermarket, or any other place you have a notice board.

cleaning flyers

As another option, you can distribute materials through the mail or pay a company to distribute door-to-door. Just be sure to include information about your services and contact information, as well as the name of your company. (In addition to having a professional phone number, it is important to have an email address as well.)

2. Do Social Media Branding

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are fantastic social media channels for small businesses. You can use them to keep your current customers informed or to attract new ones. 

Keeping your messages short and relevant is the best way to market your cleaning business. Starting your online portfolio can have a significant impact when you advertise your cleaning business.

3. Referral Program

Word-of-mouth is likely to bring you a lot of business. Make your referral program rewarding each successful referral to encourage your customers to tell their friends about you. 

By offering them a 20% discount on their next cleaning voucher, or by offering two free hours when they refer three friends, you can improve their loyalty. It is extremely important to have a refer-a-friend program: friend recommendations are one of the most convincing forms of advertisement among consumers, so it is a great way to advertise your cleaning business.

4. Digital Marketing

Using digital marketing to market your cleaning business in a specific region can give you a distinct edge over your competition. Paid postings such as Yelp, Google Ads, or Facebook & LinkedIn Ads may be worthwhile to consider.

You can display targeted ads on Facebook to residents of neighborhoods where you’re interested, for instance, if you want to expand your cleaning business. If you don’t know how to do this effectively, you might want to contact a digital advertising specialist.

social media

Remember as well that if you want to use digital marketing, your business must have a website, or at least a business page on the web, for customers to see when clicking on your advertising. For a quick gig, you can easily hire a freelancer to create this for you.

5. Make Yourself Stand Out

You should always emphasize the qualities that help your cleaning business stand out from the crowd. This is what makes you different from your competitors.

You may be able to differentiate your company if you focus on deep cleaning with completely natural products. Be sure to let people know if you’re offering low-cost or premium services. Furthermore, highlight all the benefits you offer.

You should make sure your website clearly states if you have general liability insurance, or better yet if you have cleaners’ insurance that covers your business. When the unexpected happens, your clients will appreciate knowing that you are insured. Service management firm Jobber cited insurance for helping to build trust and create a sense of security.


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