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Do you have a hectic day ahead of you and are stressed out about transport? Perhaps you have a busy workday or bachelorette party or simply going out for a night? Whatever the reason the hourly limousine rental is precisely the thing you’ll need.

All you have to do is choose an automobile and then book your travel. The driver will be there to pick you up at the desired time and place. From that point on, you’re totally in charge of the travel itinerary and the place/locations you visit.

In big cities such as Boston parking and traffic can be an issue so hiring a Boston Limo Ride for an hour is the perfect solution for busy days! Read on for five strategies to make maximum value from the hourly limo service.

Be Aware of the Advantages

Whatever you’ve got planned for the day or where you’re required to go, using an hourly limousine service, you’ll be there in no time and don’t have to think about other things! One of the last things you want during a hectic day is worrying about traffic or parking.

Hourly limo rental is ideal for those with hectic schedules who don’t have time to search for a free parking spot. In addition, instead of sitting driving for hours in the day, you’ll have the opportunity to unwind and relax or get ready for your next gathering or occasion. In essence, you will be able to spend your time more efficiently in getting to your desired place.

Our limo service for an hour will go wherever you want to go!

We’ll take you wherever you want!

Feel free to travel wherever you’d like to go.

While hourly limousine services are the most sought-after by business professionals they are extremely useful for other occasions for the wedding (read more about our exclusive wedding packages) or birthday party, sporting occasion, or any other event which requires transportation from one place to the next!

The reason hiring a limo for an hour is ideal for these events is that you can travel wherever you like at any time and your chauffeur will be there for you when you’re ready to travel to the next destination. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending the stadium, a concert or party, or perhaps at an air terminal (read further regarding our Boston airport limo service) Relax in your chair and let our drivers ensure you arrive quickly and safely!

Find Out the Prices and Determine Your Budget

In the case of Naperville Limousine, the minimum time for an hourly limo service is between 3 and 4 hours. Prices vary from $180-$840 according to the duration of your journey and the vehicle you select. The larger the car, and the longer the journey – the more expensive it. This leads us to our next suggestion:

Be Aware of Your Choices

In Naperville Limousine, we have an extensive selection of vehicles to pick from. The rates and minimum rental time are also different, which is why it’s essential to know the options available before making a decision. Here’s a list of exact prices so that you understand the costs better:

A car costs around $180 for 3 hours. every additional hour costs $50.

6-passenger vehicles are priced at $215 for three hours, and each additional hour costs $70.

Larger vehicles that can hold around 8 people will cost you about $270 for 3 hours. Every additional hour costs $80.

A 16-passenger limousine costs $540 for 3 hours. each additional hour costs $180.

Luxury limousines such as an Infiniti Stretch, which fits 18 people, will cost around $840 for four hours. each additional hour costs $210. A party bus will cost roughly the same.

The Sprinter Shuttle, which can accommodate 12 to 14 passengers, is priced at $360 for 3 hours. each additional hour costs $120.

Party buses that can accommodate between 22 and 30 people cost around $840 for four hours. Each additional hour is about $200.

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Take your time when choosing

We’ve already mentioned that the costs vary based on the vehicle you select So, once you’ve decided on your budget, be sure to select the car that best meets your requirements: in terms of cost and size, as well as interior and exterior appearance, as well as extra attributes. With such a wide selection of cars, you’ll surely discover the ideal match! But, it can be difficult to choose from just looking at photos and reading about the features If you’re uncertain about which vehicle would best suit your needs please contact us and schedule an appointment to go through the vehicles in person before making a booking!

You may need an economized vehicle for your hectic day at work, or an event bus for your evening in (read more about hiring an event bus) We’ve got it covered!

Naperville Limousine has been providing clients with hourly limousine services for more than two decades therefore you can anticipate the most enjoyable experience, with experienced chauffeurs and luxurious, comfortable vehicles, as well as an efficient, relaxed service.

Enjoy your day without the stress with hassle-free transportation and no worries about parking or parking. You will also have an experienced driver who is available whenever you require them!

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