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6 Smart Ways to Rescue Old Towels

Towels, even the most reliable ones, have a limited lifespan. Towels can endure for years or only a few months, but eventually they’ll wear out and need to be replaced. If something occurs, how should you respond?

Put simply, you can discard them in the trash. There are times when this is the ideal option, such as when the towel is completely torn and ragged, but in most circumstances, there is still plenty of usable towel material left over. If you’re in a situation like this, you may put that old towel to good use in a whole new capacity by recycling it. You may rapidly begin to see all the possibilities with just a little bit of creativity.

Several of our preferred methods of recycling used towels are provided here. Have a look!

Turn it into a washcloth

Every home needs a small collection of rags for dusting and cleaning. When a washcloth becomes too threadbare to use for washing dishes, it can be put to good use dusting the various surfaces around the house. In addition to being great for cleaning the car or the patio set, old hand towels have a wide variety of other uses. It’s amazing how many things can be repurposed; even a bath towel may be used as a cloth to lay down under a painting project or other surface to prevent drips and messes. Washcloths might be the last thing you ever need to buy again. Fantastic! Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also save some cash.

Become useful as kitchen towels

Old towels may not be ideal for drying off with, but they work just fine for wiping down the kitchen dishes or sink. Prepare the fabric for use as dish towels by cutting it to size and hemming the edges. To dry dishes, they absorb a lot of water. When compared to hand towels, dish towels don’t need to be as thick and fluffy, thus they’re often produced with a thinner fabric. It’s possible that you’ll find that, despite their obvious age, they are still up to the task of drying dishes and wiping down countertops. This method is also suitable for laundering and drying used bath towels. If you cut up a standard bath towel, you can get several smaller dish towels. If you must cut them, hem the edges to keep them from unraveling.

Turn into house slippers

This one calls for a bit more creativity and a few extra supplies, but the effort is well worth it. You can even give new life to an outdated pair of flip-flops or house slippers that were about to be thrown away. You may make your own spa slippers by copying a pair you already have and stitching them together. Comfortable and warm, these slippers are a must-have for the winter season.

Rug for the Bathroom

DIYers and crafters, this ingenious bathroom mat may be the answer to reuse your worn-out towels.

  • Roll up long strips of three different colored towels.
  • Stitch the ends of three strips together, then braid the strips into a long chain. Now, sew them back together and coil the chain into a tight twist.
  • Place it on the floor of your bathroom for a splash of color that will set your décor apart. You’re going to adore this bright and cheery bathroom rug! It’s incredibly soft and absorbent.

Essentials for Running a Pet Shelter

Towels are quite useful, and local animal shelters are always in need of donations. Bedding, towel sets, cleaning rags, playthings, bath towels, and more! Towels that have outlived their usefulness at home should be stored in a box and put away in the basement or the garage. When it’s filled, drop it off to your local animal shelter; you’ll be a hero in their eyes.

Baby Wipes

The cost of necessities can quickly add up for new parents. Everything from diapers to wipes to baby powder to formula. To reduce that number somewhat, you can reuse old towels as baby wipes. Square them off and keep them by the diaper change table. Wet the diaper changing wipe with warm water, squeeze out the excess moisture, and get to work. The used wipes should be discarded immediately after use for hygienic reasons.

The Large Picnic Rug

A sizable picnic blanket can be made by sewing together many old towels. Make a blanket that is two towels wide by three towels deep by using four to six larger bath towels and a sewing machine or a traditional needle and thread. The following time you have an unexpected picnic, you’ll be ready to go if you simply roll it up and stow it in the trunk of your car.


The old towels may not be very effective at drying you off, but they work just fine in drying dishes. Hem the edges and cut them into dishtowel sizes. When you dry dishes, they really soak up the water.

Animal Shelter Equipment

Towels are a highly beneficial donation that is always needed by your neighborhood animal rescue. They can be used for a variety of things, including bathing, hand towels, cleaning rags, and toys. Towels that have outlived their usefulness at home should be kept in a box that you keep in your basement or garage. Take it to your neighborhood animal shelter when it’s full; they’ll thank you for it.

Shower Scrubber

I myself have a masculine scrubber made of plastic and something resembling blue concrete. Although unpleasant, it does the job. Old towels can be readily converted into bath scrubbers if you prefer something a bit gentler (also known as poufs). Ruffles and Stuff has directions for making a bath foam available.

knee braces
Old towels can be converted into some extremely useful knee pads whether you work in the garden or perform other tasks that demand a lot of kneeling, such as floor maintenance or cleaning. Simply cut them into six-inch squares, stitch four or five of them together, then add some sturdy elastic. Kneeling is now less painful for your knees and less expensive. Fold an old towel numerous times and kneel on it if you truly don’t want to perform any work at all. Still useful, but not as convenient.

Draft Remover
When winter arrives and the wind sneaks in between your doors, use an old towel to block it in its tracks. Simply twist a towel into a sausage by rolling it along its longest edge, then place it at the base of the problematic door. You defeated the draught for free, so there will be no more.

Outstanding New Mop Head

Old towels make excellent mop heads if you still wash the floor with a regular mop (as opposed to the Swiffer models). In fact, this Instructorless tutorial claims that it is the world’s best mop. Simply cut your towel into numerous, equal-sized strips, fasten them together, and begin mopping!

Blanket Covers

Throwing away truly attractive, well-made towels is difficult. Even if the towel has wear and tear along the edges but is otherwise in good shape, you can still use the attractive pattern. Simply cut two 10 to 12 inch squares from the towel, stuff with batting, and use as bedroom or bathroom décor.

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