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8 Best Websites for Learning Data Science from Scratch

Data science and machine learning jobs are termed as “hottest job of the decade”. From beginners to experienced professionals everyone wants to get into data science some way or the other. The right guidance before picking a data science course is a must. The increasing demand for data scientists has led to abundance of choices about the different courses on offer. People who are interested in making a career in this field are eager on going ahead in a structured manner and with a plan. For learning the data science concepts it is important to choose the right platform.

Every industry needs data science for better decision making and for revenue growth. It is only a trained professional who can study the raw, unstructured data of a company and provide valuable insights. Experience does count to a certain level but a certification is what employers actually look for while shortlisting the right candidate for this role. Actual clarity on how data science works and which visualization tools are required to explore and analyze data comes only after completion of a program in data science.

Without wasting more time let’s go through the best sites that help in learning data science from scratch.

AI Certificate Programs in Data Science

The data science online courses at Pickl.AI targets both beginners and professionals. If you are looking for a program that helps you use complex data for solving problems and it also provides challenges in the form of practical application under the guidance of industry experts this is right web-based option for you.

Website: https://pickl.ai/


An interactive platform for learning programming languages, Codecademy is just that platform you need to start with. Many people end up quitting a course midway or after a few days due to difficulty in logging in on the platform or not having a set plan about their learning pattern.

Website: https://www.codecademy.com/


One of the most popular courses among users, Coursera has over more than 75 million registered users. While scrolling through courses there are many courses which will help you in learning data science. But for choosing an online course you should take into consideration the reasons behind why you want to learn data science and which the best course is for you. It is important to learn data analysis properly before moving ahead with algorithms. The courses available at Coursera are complete in every way.

Website: https://www.coursera.org/

Simplilearn Cerification Program in Data Science

An online training course with a compact curriculum and practical training is perfect for entering the field of data science. The tutorials available on this online platform are helping in providing detailed study over essential courses of Data Science. The curriculum covers everything related to processes in data science and also how to get started with data visualization.

Website: https://www.simplilearn.com/


Kaggle is no longer a platform that is restricted participating in competitions. In the past years, Kaggle has undergone a huge change and evolved as per the needs of learners. If you are planning to become a data scientist who is aware of anything and everything about data science this is the platform which you should opt for. For getting a good job practical exposure is undeniable.

Website: https://www.kaggle.com


Having taught over 50 million people around the globe, this online platform has hundreds and thousands of courses on many different topics. Are you good at programming, implementing deep and machine learning? Udemy is the best place to learn different courses online.

Website: https://www.udemy.com


edX is an online course provider which has been brought together by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The website provides a number of online certification courses meant for beginners and professionals. The data science courses which you can choose from include Python, Machine learning, R Programming, and Artificial Intelligence.

Website : https://www.edx.org


A popular and one of the most sought-after for-profit educational organization is Udacity. If you are looking for an online platform that has courses created in partnership with leading universities globally, this is the right choice for you. The courses available are both paid and free.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the field of study that examines and analyses structured as well as unstructured data. With the help of this raw data it is able to extract useful information which can guide businesses to make decisions for their revenue growth and profitability. After studying the data and drawing patterns and trends from this data, the data scientists give it to the stake holders. The stakeholders use these models to learn and explore new market opportunities. This further leads to better efficiency, reducing the costs and getting a competitive advantage among other players in the market.

Why is data science so important?

As people are getting more tech savvy and there are innumerable technologies coming up the competition in industries like mobile apps, social media, advertising and marketing is on all time rise. Both public and private companies have realized the importance of data science and how helpful it can prove to be for studying the consumer behavior and making changes in products to suite the requirements of their customers. Keeping in Ming this demand for data scientists, institutions and universities have introduced data science courses to train individuals for taking up the challenges posed by this upcoming and one of the most demanding field.

What is role of a data scientist?

The job responsibilities of a data scientist includes:

  • To develop statistical models for data analysis.
  • Getting to know about the company needs by working in coordination with the product management team and the engineering departments.
  • Should be updated with the latest trends and different tools of data science to provide accurate and reliable information.
  • Good communication skills is a must for this job as it is the responsibility of a data scientist to explain the available insights to key decision makers.
  • Excellent problem solving skills are prerequisite for this job. It is the job of a data scientist to provide real time solutions to the difficulties faced by a company.

The data science courses provide a structured way of learning about data science. And if you are not eager to enroll for an offline course, then an online course is the most effective way to clear your concepts and learn about data science. Accelerate your career and give it that extra push with online certification courses. The time is right and if you have made up your mind for pursuing a career in data science you should start making a plan and take steps for making your decision turn into a fruitful career. Over the years, the job opportunities in data science are likely to increase at a very fast pace. The companies are ready to hire a trained professional and they are also affirmative over giving the best salary to this candidate. Data science is a demanding career all over the world now and individual who love experimenting and learning new things are ready to delve into this field and succeed in their endeavors. Do your research and enroll for an data science online course and become a trained data scientist with different websites and their online courses.

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