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A Double Decker Bed’s Disassembly

Double decker bed are heavy and tough to transport, which is why it’s critical to plan ahead of time to disassemble your bunk bed correctly. Before the moving truck comes, we suggest dismantling your bunk bed. This will save you from having to disassemble your bunk bed after attempting unsuccessfully to rotate it in every direction to fit it through the door frame.

Double decker bed are one of the most time-consuming pieces of furniture to remove on moving day. The more basic items, like as bunk beds, are prepared, the more likely you will feel prepared to face moving day. So here is a simple advice from Removals and Storage Experts on how to disassemble a bunk bed.


Read on for the necessary supplies and 10 easy steps that break down how to disassemble a bunk bed in detail with photographs to help you along the way!


Before you begin, be sure to:


Make sure you have adequate room to work in.


This is critical since you don’t want to be deconstructing and find yourself trapped with frame parts crashing down on you. Take the time to empty as much of the area as possible before moving the bunk bed to the centre of the room.


Ascertain that you have someone on your team.


Never assemble or remove anything with heavy pieces without at least having someone in the room with you, preferably assisting you. If anything is dropped when dismantling furniture, it may be hazardous, particularly if you are not wearing suitable protection gear, such as steel toed boots.


Put on protective gear.


Put on some protection gear. Accidents do occur! Wear long pants and closed-toe shoes to limit the chance of harm.

How to take apart a bunk bed:

Get your tools ready.


  • Drill with no cord
  • Hexadecimal (Allen) bit
  • Allen (hex) keys are a kind of key that is used to open and close
  • screwdriver with a slot
  • screwdriver with Phillips head


Take the mattresses out of the frame and set them aside.


Wrapping your mattress in plastic is a smart idea now more than ever. This will keep dirt and dust out of your mattresses, and doing it before dismantling your bunk bed will lessen the chances of forgetting to do it later. We suggest moving the beds to another room to free up space in the room for deconstruction, particularly if you are working in a small area.


Using your screwdriver, remove the screws from the ladder side of the bed.


As with any hardware, we recommend placing the screws in a plastic bag and keeping it in the same location in the room as you disassemble your double decker bed, such as a window sill. It’s also a good idea to have all of your tools in one location to avoid mishaps and protect the safety of yourself and anybody else helping you dismantle the bunk bed.

Remove the ladder from the bunk and set it aside carefully.


Why not wrap while you’re at it? Before putting the ladder away, have a blanket nearby to cover it in. The optimum location is with the mattresses, which are out of the way and ready to be loaded onto the moving truck.

Keep an eye out for supporting screws.


Supporting screws may fall out of the bed when you remove the main screws or thereafter. Make sure you’re paying attention to them and that you’re putting screws inside your plastic bag for safekeeping.


Remove the ladder side of the bed and check for any remaining screws.


It’s important to be diligent while dismantling your double decker bed so you don’t lose pieces or leave risks on the floor. You’ll also save time and effort by making sure all screws on this side of the bed have been removed before attempting to remove the frame.

This whole side of the bed should be removed.


When dismantling or moving any furniture, it is usually a good idea to work with more than one person. It’s particularly crucial in this scenario, since you can hold the side of the double decker bed frame that’s still in tact using two persons from each end of the bed while you remove this side.


After you’ve removed the sides, dismantle the safety rails.


The upper bunk’s safety rail is screwed to the upper bunk’s exterior side rail. Remove the safety rail by unscrewing these and placing it aside with the other pieces. To keep the remaining connecting sections of the double decker bed stable, keep all screws together and have two persons working on it.


Assemble the opposite side of the bed in the same manner as the first.


Taking apart a double decker bed requires cautious handling and collaboration. Before turning the double decker bed frame over to handle the other side, you’ll want to coordinate with the other person executing the work.


All pieces of the bed, including the screws, should be secured.


To avoid scratching or damage in the moving truck, it’s a good idea to cover each area of the bed separately. You may tape the plastic bag with screws to one side of the bed or make a box with all of the hardware from all of the furniture so that everything is in one area. In any case, make sure you name the plastic bag so you know where the screws go!

Tips for reassembling your disassembled bunk bed on the opposite side include:


Keep all of the bolts and screws in a plastic bag with a label so they don’t get mix up with other nuts and bolts from your move.


To avoid scratching and scuffing, wrap the bed frames in protective moving blankets before putting them into the truck.


To keep dust out of your mattresses, wrap them with plastic.


While we are certain that you can do it yourself, we are pleased to assist you! With all of the chores that relocating entails, we feel that our aid will be of great use to you.


Removals and Storage Experts provides a safe climate-controlled storage facility for Malaysian if you need to keep your bunk bed and other possessions and have yet to locate a location to do so.

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