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A Handy Guide Of Google Review Widget On Website

You might have heard about Google reviews. Who wouldn’t have? After all, it is one of the most popular and most trusted review platforms. Considering the popularity and importance of Google reviews, businesses are now actively opting to embed Google review widget on websites.

So if you haven’t heard about this marketing maneuver or looking for the reasons to do it, or even looking for the simplest ways to do it, then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, you will get all your doubts answered. So let’s start addressing all of them one by one.

What is Google Review Widget?

We are starting from the basics. Before knowing about the different advantages of the Google review widget, it is crucial to understand the Google review widget. 

Google review widget is like a functional block on the website. This functional block allows users to display Google reviews on the website easily. The widget does not affect the website speed and provides a seamless display of the reviews. 

add google reviews

Various tools available in the market provide you with a dedicated Google review widget and provide simplified embedding solutions. You can use these tools and easily embed Google review widget on the website.

Alongside easing the embedding process, these tools provided features that add great value to this strategy. For example, the customization feature helps you personalize your widget as per your need. Here, you can change the style of the widget and match it as per your website style and vibe. This uniformity helps make the website more pleasing to the eye and makes it more appealing. Similarly, there are various other features that these tools provide.

5 Best Tools Currently Available In The Market For This Purpose Are:

  1. Tagembed Widget
  2. Review Widget
  3. Reviews On My Website
  4. Social Proofed
  5. Elfsight

You can find these tools with ease, and as they are easy to use, you can operate them with comfort.

How To Embed Google Review Widget On Website

Adding a Google review widget on the website is very simple. Here are the steps to do it. In this demonstration, we are using Tagembed. Tagembed provides you with a dedicated Google review widget, and by following the steps below, you can easily embed it on your website.

1: Log in to your Tagembed account, or if you are a new user, sign up to Tagembed for free.

2: Provide a name for your widget. 

3: Choose Google as your source from provided 19+ social media platform choices. Then, integrate your Google My Business account with a single click.

4: Make desired customizations and moderations. Next, generate the embedding code.

5: Copy the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website.

And you are done, a few simple steps and your website will be ready to showcase Google reviews with ease.

Benefits Of Adding Google Review Widget On the website

So, now you know the fundamental meaning, tools, and steps. Now it’s time to clear your doubt on why you should embed Google review widget on the website. We have filtered some major benefits from various benefits that we think might convince you to do it.

  • Builds credibility of your business – No one can deny that reviews help businesses to build trust and reliability. But it is important that more people read about reviews so that your brand builds some credibility. By adding Google reviews to the website, you can build that credibility and showcase your market reputation.
  • Holds visitors to your website – Consumers often surf various websites and visit different platforms to read your brand reviews. In this process, they might get misled or develop an interest in another brand. By showcasing reviews on the website, you can hold the consumers on your website. And keep them focused on your brand only.
  • Build market reputation – We all know that reviews might be negative or positive. By showcasing all kinds of reviews on the website, your brand can come up as transparent. That means people can recognize your brand as an honest one and that acknowledges all types of feedback.
  • Builds review cycle – As consumers see the review of others on the website, it encourages them to write reviews. This eventually builds a review cycle and helps you in gathering more reviews.

Summing it Up

Google reviews are a great marketing tool for businesses. It helps them to build reliability and helps to convert potential customers into customers. By opting to embed the Google review widget on a website, you can benefit from the platform. The aforementioned tools help you in this cause and provide the mentioned benefits. So what are you waiting for? Add Google reviews to your website now, and enjoy excellent benefits.

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