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Are you looking for some very special free ecards? If yes then you have come to the right place.


group ecardsFree ecards are a range of cards that you can easily share online among your family, friends and colleagues. Our most spectacular designs make it easy for you to choose the best among the perfect cards. From birthdays to farewells all your special events are taken care of by us. We dedicate a whole team to providing you with cards that are as special as you are.

Sendwishonline.com has become a household name with the best quality group greeting cards that are varied in their approach and textures. You are sure to get many cute and funny cards along with messages and animated cards. Each of these is craft with the utmost skill and excellence. As the name goes we try to connect millions of people across the globe without any limitations of time and distance to get it signed by every one of your acquaintances.


This is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Fill it up with pictures and gifs to give it a personalized touch and show your affection. Craze the occasion by adding music to the free ecards and also including your company logo in case you are sending cards to your colleagues. Whatever the occasion we are the right fit for every requirement.


With amazing features and reliable customer service, you are sure to receive custom made group greeting cards in case you desire some creative changes.


Our cards fit every occasion perfectly and for illustration here are some of our most famous categories for you to choose from.



birthday cards

Our cards are widely used in offices for wishing colleagues on their special days. With each person signing the card to make it more creative and spread the happiness around.



Farewell cards

Farewells count as the hardest day in anyone’s life and to make it exciting without shedding any tears on this last day we strive to make the celebration more memorable by presenting people with a reservoir of memories.




If you are surrounded by acquaintances who are about to retire soon then you properly understand the importance of making retirement special for the receiver. The idea of leaving a place forever where you invested so many years of life deserves respect as it’s the depiction of loyalty in the best way. To make the celebration more classy you ought to use our cards and show the receiver that everyone is thankful for their contributions.


Thank you 

Thank you cards

This may sound new but people are also using our free ecards to share gratitude to all those people who meant something to them. When someone helps you out, you ought to be grateful and now it’s time we go the extra mile to prove that. Surprise your receiver by sending the message of thankfulness with a simple gesture.




This is the best occasion as you get to make a collage of all those years spent together. You get to cherish those memories and receive the happiest wishes. Share them with your acquaintances and surprise them on their anniversary day. Don’t forget to roast them and share some funny anecdotes because life is nothing without some fun and craze.




Send these cards to your acquaintances who are about to graduate. And show them that their hard work has finally paid off. Show your support and share some advice that you think can help them in the long run. Be the bigger person here and celebrate the occasion as it is a huge achievement. We come with a lot of excitement wrapped around the simple objective of giving you digital greeting cards for all occasions. Show the receiver how proud you and others are of their success. If you do it right then soon you are going to be everyone’s favourite.




That’s right, we haven’t forgotten about the season of love. With a wide variety of cute greeting cards for Valentine’s week. We make sure that each couple leaves our site satisfied and excited about the reaction of their partner. Express your sentiments through our cards and see the colors of love spread all over. Send this card right in the morning to make sure the receiver starts the day with happiness. It’s time you show your partner all the love you have for them.


Now that you have seen some major categories by us, it’s time you start making your first ecard. Everything is absolutely free for you and we make sure that your experience with us is always great. We would love to get better for you as you decide to join us on this journey by being our loyal customers. Time to explore many more features provided by us, you are sure to find everything that you need.


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Sendwishonline.com is an online greeting card site designed to connect you with your acquaintances on special events using the best free ecards. We are a place filled with artists dedicated to making your experience with us amazing. Our features carry a charisma that can easily attract your eyes. All you need to do is search for the best from great

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