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Air Compressor Cracks: Problems and Solutions

Vigorairride air suspension systems are widely applied in modern vehicles. As an essential component of this suspension system, an air compressor ensures a comfortable ride. Most air suspension compressors are under the supervision of a professional. However, over years, the air compressor in your car will fail. In this article, we will discuss some common problems that might happen to your air suspension compressor.

One thing that we should know is that there are some simple problems which may appear to be less serious and can be overlooked. If left unnoticed, these problems may become more complicated and lead to major problems. It is therefore very important to keep an eye on these symptoms and correct the same as soon as they surface.

Before we come to the problems that may lead to air suspension cracks, we should know what an air compressor does.

What does an air compressor do?

An air compressor works as the power supplier in the air suspension system. In other words, an air compressor provides the airbags with pressurized air, which allows the system to adjust the ride height. Basically, the suspension compressor controls airflow inside the system based on the vehicle ride heights and loads it carries.

what does an air compressor do

Problems occur in air compressor valves

The most common air suspension compressor problem is one related to the valves. If the valves suddenly stop working, it could mean that the leak in the system has been fixed. The air pressure within the compressed air must be equalized by a leak or the system will break down. In the following section, we will discuss how to identify whether the air suspension compressor valve block is the main problem.

How do you know if the air compressor valve block is not working?

To start, take a look at the leak detector. If the leak detector indicates that the leak is present, check the main air suspension compressor valve block. It could be an easy fix. You could simply use a push button or turn a screw clockwise. This would solve the problem and will also ensure that the leak does not return after the repair is made.

The “dive” effect is the problem

However, if the valve block is not the primary reason for the problem, then you should look at the other four wheels. The problem could be in the differential between the engine and the rear wheel drive vehicle. The differential acts as a control system for the air suspension compressor. The four wheels are connected to the chassis using a strut brace.

The main reason why the differential gets affected is by the air bellows. The air bellows or air bags allow for high pressure to get into the vehicle’s tires. The combination of a worn-out airbag and a damaged valve or filter can result in a very serious problem. This problem is called the “dive” effect. The airflow that is created with the faulty air bellow results in a loss of pressure that causes a reduction in air suspension compression. Since the compressed air in your tires is now lower than the car’s chassis, there will be a reduction in horsepower.

Air compressor valves are open while the car is running

Another possible reason why the airflow is being reduced is because the air suspension compressor valves are open while the car is still running. When the car slows down, the valves close on the air struts thus limiting the flow of compressed air into the tires. This can lead to overheating problems with the air suspension system. Some performance tuning steps can be taken to prevent these problems from occurring, but they are beyond the scope of this article.

Valves of the air compressor are not working

Another very common problem caused by a valve block leaking is when the valves simply quit functioning. A valve block prevents the correct amount of valve air from getting into the rotors. When the valves quit working, the car cannot operate properly. Most performance tuning can be done to prevent this from happening, but it is beyond the scope of this article. If you suspect that this is the cause, contact a radiator specialist to have this repaired immediately.

Leaks because of careless installation of an air strut

One of the most uncommon reasons why a strut joint leaks is because someone installs something incorrectly. For instance, if you use steel bolts instead of standard aluminum bolts, it can increase the likelihood that the joint will leak. The only way to know whether you are installing the strut correctly is to take it to a trusted auto repair shop and have them verify the joint installation. In many cases, the connection between the strut bar and the air suspension compressor can be replaced using different materials. However, if this is not done correctly, it could lead to catastrophic damage to your vehicle’s performance or even result in the need for an entire strut replacement. That is why you need to make sure it is well installed.

Solutions? Try aftermarket components

For these parts that are beyond repair, you must replace them with either an OEM part or an aftermarket component. Don’t know where you can find high-quality air suspension kits?

aftermarket air suspension kits

You should check vigor air ride suspensions out. This multinational manufacturer has been dealing with air suspension solutions for over 2 decades. There, you can find air compressors, air struts/shocks, or the whole package for your vehicle. I’m sure that you will get the perfect air compressor you need. And they also offer awesome after-sale service. You won’t regret if you choose vigor air ride.

In conclusion

If there’s leaking in your air compressor, the whole air suspension system will not work properly. It is just a matter of time. Then you will not have a good vehicle ride. Worse still, if you overlook these minor cracks, more severe issues are on the way. Once you see a problem, go get it fixed immediately.

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