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All you need to know about an inkjet printer

If you have to print lots of documents from your office or at home and you are looking to purchase, the Inkjet printer is the best choice. All you need to do is click “Print” or the “Print” option on the laptop or desktop and you’re good to go. A printing device that uses inkjet technology will print whatever you want to print. But the technology behind it is complicated and it works flawlessly.

The printer functions similarly to dot-matrix printers. however, the difference lies in the dot size. It’s so tiny that it cannot be seen by the human eye. This is the biggest distinction, but the print quality is excellent when compared with dots-to-matrix printers.

Functionality Of Inkjet Printer

They work by injecting ink through the nozzle onto the paper at a high speed. The ink is injected through the nozzle through pressure.Any other isuue related to printer visit our website printer repair dubai. Pressure pulses are generally generated by a variety of techniques namely thermal bubbles and piezoelectric.

The Piezoelectric method makes use of the substances of the same type that change shape when a tiny pulse of electricity passes through them. Typically, the material is placed on the inside of the channel. The deformation of the material causes the pushing of the ink and creating an electric pulse. This occurs in microseconds.

The method of thermal bubble involves heating ink and produces a vapor bubble. There is a heater inside the ink channel. It becomes active when a pulse hits it. The heat assists make the ink boil within the channel. The smaller vapor bubble is heated instantly, making a vapor bubble that expands by 1000 times. The bubble that expanded generates the pressure pulse and emits the ink out of the nozzle.


Ink performance plays an significant role in the inkjet printers. It has to remain resistant to decomposition. The ink flows through the small nozzle. This offers a high-quality and smooth performance. The ink will dry quickly after spreading on the paper. To keep the nozzle functioning, firing the ink is crucial. If the nozzle doesn’t work, this could be due to the clogging. Inkjet printers produced ink using a variety of nozzles. Dot density of between 600 and 1200/in is the norm within the printing device that uses inkjets.also visit printer repair sharjah.But the dot dimension is between ten and twenty inches in diameter.

An inkjet printer can create excellent print quality. It is also possible to use glossy papers for the photo-like feel. These are also cheap to purchase and produce top-quality prints.know about How to resolve Epson error Oxe8.


  • Inkjet printers are typically smaller and lighter, which makes them ideal for use at home or in a small office.
  • Excellent photo quality prints and loaded documents
  • The cost for an inkjet print when compared to printers like llaser.
  • Kits for refilling ink can cut down the printing cost.
  • CONS:
  • Ink can be expensive, particularly for those who print on a regularly
  • It is slower than laser printers.
  • Small-capacity paper trays that can hold 50 to 100 sheets which can be a hassle for people who print lots.
  • If paper that is not of high-quality is employed for printing with an inkjet printer the paper might absorb too much ink, which causes it to feather and make images appear blurry.

I hope this article has answered all your questions about inkjet printers. Another thing I would like to mention is the fact that many of us when we use the cartridges , toss it in the trash after that the cartridges end up in landfills. The cartridges thrown away into landfills release gases and pollute the earth and the waterways. We can stop the pollution of water and land by recycling and remanufacturing cartridges.

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