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Best Guide for Streamers to Make Money on Twitch

People choose to start streaming on Twitch for a variety of reasons, but one of the most prevalent motives is the desire to generate money via Twitch. There’s no need to ashamed about this, but aware that it can take some time and effort before you start receiving income.

Learn more in this tutorial on monetizing your stream and using it as a side business.

How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

How to earn money on Twitch is a subject that is often asked as more individuals attempt to make money from their interests. Everyone who uses Twitch has the chance to make money, but there are other opportunities as well.

As streaming has gotten more popular, Twitch has overrun with people seeking to grab a piece of the action. Unfortunately, this has made it more challenging than ever to become a successful streamer. This is not intended to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to think creatively while developing your stream.

There are two primary methods to earn money on Twitch after your channel has gone live and you’re ready to start thinking about your possibilities. The first is to sign up as an Affiliate; the second is to join Twitch as a Partner. Each has its own qualifications and advantages, so you can’t simply join up for one of them; however, more on that later.

Making money off of your channel in other ways is an additional choice. To improve your revenue, you may combine several tactics; however, that discussion will covered later.

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How to Become a Twitch Affiliate?

Gamers may monetize their channels by signing up as a Twitch affiliate. Creating high-quality content and spreading it on social media is the most efficient approach to join the Twitch Affiliate program.


You must fulfill the requirements set out by Twitch in order to become a Twitch Affiliate. Currently, they are:

  • You must comply with Twitch’s terms of service
  • Gain 50 new followers
  • Maintain an average of 3 concurrent viewers
  • Stream 500 minutes or more within the last 30 days
  • Over the last 30 days, stream for at least 7 days

Your email will immediately get an offer to join the Affiliate program after you’ve met your Twitch Milestones. Your Affiliate status is not a lifetime assurance; keep in mind that you might lose it.

When Twitch invites you, you’ll know you’ve successful.

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate to make money?

In order to guarantee that you get your money lawfully if you decide to accept the offer, you will need to fill out some usual documentation. Basic information must provided, a contract must signed, specific tax information must provided, and Twitch must given the address to which payments should sent.

The typical streamer needs between two and four months to become an affiliate.

🔥​ Go to the Insights and accomplishments area to see whether your channel satisfies all the criteria. On the left side of the Creator Dashboard, this is located. Then review the status of your Path to Affiliate objectives.

How to Reach an Affiliate Status

1. Channel Branding is Important

Create a Twitch logo, banner for your profile, panels, overlays, offline screens, notifications, subscriber badges, and emotes! Use the same brand name on all of your social media platforms.

💡​ Note: Until you become an affiliate and your emotes are authorized, you won’t able to use them.

2. Stream Quality

Take care of your equipment; creating material of the highest quality is essential. When producing your films, be careful to use the best lighting, music, and visuals possible.

3. Fill Your Twitch Profile

Inform your viewers about yourself, your channel’s focus, the reason(s) for your broadcasting, etc. Your Twitch bio simply serves as a hook to draw in new fans!

To your social media, add links. Engage with users on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms.

4. Stream Regularly

Making a timetable and setting objectives will make it simpler for you to stick to them. Being charming and personable may help you succeed.

5. Offer Incentives

Encourage participation from your subscribers on your channel. Maintaining your audience’s attention requires interaction.

  • Ask how they are doing and if they like your content
  • They could vote on what your next stream will about (play popular games like geometry dash for your followers)
  • Consider playing a game where users can interact with you
  • Gratitude for their participation
  • To boost participation and loyalty, adopt a program like StreamElements’ loyalty program
  • Make quizzes and giveaways

6. Build Community

The development of connections is crucial to your streaming journey. team up with other streams. Visit Twitch communities and talk to other broadcasters there.

How Do You Make Money as a Twitch Affiliate?

As soon as your paperwork is completed and authorized, you may begin earning money from your streams. Three options exist for doing this:

  1. Subscriptions: When you sign up as an Affiliate, a subscribe button will appear on your channel. Then, viewers may pay you to subscribe to your channel. You will get a portion of each new membership, which comes in various levels and forms (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Do your best to keep your subscribers interested in and enthusiastic about your broadcasts if you want to make this into a regular income. For subscribers, you may provide extra benefits to help them feel like their money is well spent.
  2. Twitch Bits are effectively micro-donations from viewers to you. Twitch Bits are virtual currency that viewers may purchase and use on your show. These show up in your conversation as an animated cheer. You will get one penny as a streamer for every Bit utilized during your broadcast. This may seem little, but it adds up with time. Due to chargeback protection, bits may more dependable than contributions.
  3. Advertisements: You may start running ads on your channel as an Affiliate and get a share of the money that is produced from them. Because you don’t want to saturate your audience with advertisements, this might challenging at first to handle. Don’t run too many adverts at once or in the front or rear of the page. To master them without alienating viewers, experiment with ad lengths and frequency.

How Do You Make Money as a Twitch Affiliate?

How Do You Become a Twitch Partner?

The third way you may earn money on Twitch is to go from being an Affiliate to being a Twitch Partner, which is the highest tier. There are no qualifications you can check to see if you qualify for this program, which is more exclusive. But you may ask them to take your channel into account. Check the Path to Partner achievement’s status on your Achievements Dashboard. Although it doesn’t ensure it, pressing this will make a button that lets you apply for Partner available.

You will still have the same revenue opportunities as Affiliates as a Partner (subscriptions, Twitch Bits, advertisements), but with extra benefits. You will get more channel emotes and customized Cheermotes, for instance, to give your channel a more polished appearance.

As a Partner, Twitch will also provide you resources to personalize and expand your channel. This includes, among other things, priority assistance, a verified user badge, and personalized chat badges you may give your subscribers. Additionally, you’ll get access to exclusive promotional opportunities like spotlight appearances and panel discussions. All of this may accelerate your development and give you an edge over the competition.

👉 Visit Twitch’s Creator Camp for further advice on how to make money off of your work.

make money on Twitch

Which One’s Better: Twitch Affiliate vs Partner?

Since Partner is seen as an improvement over Affiliate, it is preferred. Once you satisfy the requirements, you automatically become a Twitch Affiliate. However, becoming a Partner requires you to stand out from your peers, making it more difficult to unlock.

Having said that, the Partner level is only available to more dedicated broadcasters who are determined to earning a large revenue through Twitch. If you’re not taking it seriously and simply want to earn some extra money on the side, Affiliate can work out just fine for you.

How Do You Get Paid on Twitch?

When you become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you may be curious about how and when to get your first money. You don’t need to worry because Twitch’s payment policies are fairly standard.

You must decide where you wish to receive money when you sign up to an Affiliate in the first paperwork. Direct deposit, PayPal, checks, wire transfers, and even holding your funds while you determine which method is best for you are among your available payment choices via Twitch.

Keep in mind that the form of payment you choose will have an impact on the amount of processing fees charged and the time it takes for your payment to clear. Before selecting, conduct your homework since certain platforms would charge a greater percentage to make the payment. For Partners alone, Affiliates will not covered by Twitch for these costs.

You have to reach a $100 minimum to qualified for a payment. Twitch will check your balance at the end of each month and, if it’s equal to or more than $100 (pre-tax), will set up a payment for 15 days later. Your balance will carry over to the next month until you reach the $100 mark and become eligible for payment.

How Can You Make Money from Your Stream Outside of Twitch?

Making money as a streamer doesn’t require using Twitch. You may enhance your streamer revenue using a variety of various tools and techniques. Use the following strategies while simultaneously signing up to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

Create YouTube Content

Many Twitch broadcasters also have YouTube channels where their audience may watch more videos. You can supplement your Twitch income with a sizable sum of money from YouTube if you have a sizable number of subscribers and viewers.

With the ability to compile videos utilizing clips from previous broadcasts, creating video content for this platform is simple. You may also provide viewers fresh material, like as behind-the-scenes vlogs, gaming advice, or demonstrations of your gaming rig.

Sell Merch

Particularly when your audience and subscription base expands, your viewers could be interested in supporting you by sporting apparel relevant to your channel. You may use your catchphrases, your game logo, or other designs that are popular with your audience to produce merchandise for your channel. You may sell your designs on a variety of products, such as t-shirts and socks, on a ton of print-on-demand websites without providing anything more but your designs.

Create YouTube Content make money

Affiliate Marketing Links

Affiliate links may be used by anybody, not only influencers. Many streamers include affiliate links in their panels in order to make a little additional money.

Using affiliate links and becoming a Twitch Affiliate are two different things. When you advertise a seller’s product on your channel, you are using an affiliate link. You get a portion of every sale made by someone who clicks on your link. For instance, you might include a hyperlink to the Amazon page for a product you mentioned in your stream. If this is an affiliate link, you will get a portion of every sale made by someone who clicks on your link.

For the equipment they utilize, streamers often use affiliate links. You may make a panel outlining the equipment you use to broadcast, along with affiliate connections to these things. As doing so may turn off your audience, refrain from going overboard.

Look for Sponsorships

Channels having a sizable following or subscription base are often approached by sponsors. Even if you don’t currently have a large following, you may still contact businesses and sell them on using your channel. Instead of surrendering your principles for a sponsorship, look for businesses that make sense to collaborate with. An apparent money grab won’t well received since viewers value genuineness.

Prepare a pitch deck if you want to contact prospective sponsors. This will demonstrate to sponsors the advantages of collaborating with you, which may spark their interest.

Ask for Donations

Donations from viewers are quite prevalent on Twitch. You may click on the Donations tab on a streamer’s profile page to show your support for them. Give your audience a link to your PayPal, Stripe, or other payment service instead of using one of the many third-party websites, like Patreon, to collect contributions. With Placeit’s Twitch Panel Maker, you can create your own donations panel in no time.

This will make it possible for your audience to demonstrate their support by making contributions at any time. When a supporter donates, thank them and think about offering benefits to those that do. Don’t celebrate a large gift until it has cleared since they are subject to chargebacks.

Ask for Donations

Final Thoughts

It’s a brilliant concept to use Twitch to generate passive revenue, but getting there will need commitment. To advance in the rankings, be innovative with your stream and persistent. Celebrate significant accomplishments along the road to keep yourself inspired, and be sure you monetize your stream using every available method. Remember that you may customize your profile with a broad range of designs from our collection. Prepare to create a Twitch banner! For those who were curious, we also offer offline Twitch banners.

In the comments section below, please provide any advice that helped you earn money on Twitch.

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