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Best Way to Wash a Car Without Scratching

Washing your car is an integral part of its maintenance. Moreover, a dirty car not only gives off a bad impression but also results in corroded paint and loss of shine. Some people take alot of care of their cars which is good; however, many don’t wash their cars frequently and neglect them. It is quite essential to wash your car frequently; however, what’s more, important is to wash it correctly. If you don’t do it correctly, your car will get scratches, reducing its value. If you don’t know how to wash a car without scratching, here are a few things you should know. Follow this method and get the best results without damaging your car during a car wash. 

1- Select the Right Products

Selection of the right products before washing a car is important because scratching it after using the wrong products is the last thing you will want. Household products aren’t designed for cleaning cars. They are made of different chemicals that can easily damage the car’s paint, causing scratches. As household items aren’t appropriate for cleaning cars, they should also be avoided. Cleaning accessories like towels and wash clothes are good for cleaning other stuff but not for cars. Also, the fibers of common towels are not good at trapping the dust of the cars. A hand car wash by using car shampoo and microfiber wash mitts is the most suitable to avoid scratches. 

2- Pre-Wash the Car Using a Car Foam 

Using a car foam to pre-wash the car is a necessary step. Foam removes all dirt residue so that washing it afterward gets easy. Foam guns are the perfect product to apply foam to cars. 

3- Use a Good Amount of Soap or Car Shampoo

A car shampoo or a car soap is the best product to avoid scratches. It creates a protective barrier between the car body and the wash mitt so that the scratches can be avoided. However, you must not use a high amount of car soap, thinking that it will protect the car’s body from scratches. Use the instructions mentioned on the back of the car shampoo bottle for best results.

4- Wash the Wheels

Before washing the car body, it is better to clean the wheels first in a hand car wash. However, you must use a different wash mitt and bucket to clean the wheels. It is very important because if you use the same wash mitt and a dirty bucket of water, there is a chance that the car body will get scratched. It is always better to wash the wheels first because, during this step, you will see dirt splashes on the car body. They can be washed when you will move towards cleaning the car. 

5- Apply the Car Shampoo

If your car is extremely dirty, using the foam will be of no good as it won’t remove all the dirt. However, when the foam loosens all the dirt from the car body, and you have thoroughly cleaned the wheels, you can apply shampoo or soap to the car. But make sure to rinse the car completely before applying the soap. Use at least two buckets of water and a good quality shampoo to avoid scratches in a hand car wash. Wash mitts are a perfect option to avoid scratches. If they are unavailable, use a soft brush to scrub the dirt. 

6- Clean One Part at a Time

Clean one part of your car at a time to avoid scratching the painted surface. For example, you can wash the car doors first, then change or clean the wash mitts, and after that, you can wash any other side of the car. Make sure to re-clean and soak the wash mitts more often. If possible, buy as many wash mitts as possible so that the chance of scratching the car body is minimal.

7- Dry the Vehicle 

At last, you will have to dry your vehicle, and there are several ways to do so. But it is important to do it quickly. When the garage, driveway, or place where you wash your car is warm, the water evaporates quickly, leaving swirl marks. A blow dryer is a perfect option to dry the car out quickly. But most car owners don’t have a huge air dryer. However, they now have microfiber towels instead of dryers, which are less absorbent but provide great results. Gently use the microfiber towels to soak up all the moisture from the vehicle. 

Now you must know how to wash your car safely without scratching it. Follow the tips and methods about car wash shared above and avoid the mistakes people usually make while washing their cars. If you are not sure you can do it properly, go to a professional car cleaning company and get it done from them.

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