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Bring in More Business With Auto Repair Software

Are you having issues with your auto repair shop and want to improve the quality of your business? Do you know what you need and how to get it? If you are unsure, I have the right answer for you. You need auto repair software

This software helps you manage your business and improve the quality of your business. Once you start using auto repair software, you will never want to go back to your old ways. This software is the one thing that makes your life so much easier. Fortunately, it also comes with many different features. 

These features allow you to bring all the different aspects of your business into one place. So now you can track everything that is going on in your shop without leaving your desk. How cool is that? You can keep track of your mechanics schedule, manage your inventory, create estimates, generate one-click invoices and much more. There are endless possibilities for using auto repair shop software.

Accurate Estimates

Owners of auto repair shops can stay one step ahead of their customers by using auto repair estimating software. This may seem impossible to you at this point. Is there a way for me to stay ahead of my customers with the help of a quick estimate feature? 

Well, that is a very good question, and I have just the answer for you. When a customer visits your shop with a troubled vehicle, they always ask what their vehicle’s issue is. They always want to know why their vehicle is acting up. What happened? 

When a repair shop owner educates this customer about the issue of their vehicle, their first question is: 

It is a very practical question. “What is the cost of the repair? 😎

That is because customers can only agree to a repair if it fits their budget. This is why you should always stay one step ahead of your customer by calculating the estimate in advance. 

When your mechanic informs you about the issues with the vehicle, you should prepare an estimate for your client. This will allow your client to see that you are professional and know what you are doing. 

It creates a sense of security and trust among your customers when you provide them with an estimate in advance. In that case, they will know you mean business and that they can trust you with their vehicle.

Digital Vehicle Inspection

What are the reasons behind the digitization of every business today? The reason for this is that technology is constantly being upgraded. Due to this development, business owners are looking to improve their businesses in order to remain competitive. 

However, another reason is that computers do many things that humans may lack. This is an important thing for auto repair shop owners to focus on. Sometimes a customer brings in a car that looks perfectly fine but might have some internal issues. 

If auto repair shop owners employ digital vehicle inspection, they can find out the issues for their customer’s vehicles. This will help you build better relations with your customers. Are you wondering how? 

Don’t you think your customer must have visited other shops before coming to yours? This is why you should always stay one step ahead of your competition. You should find ways to provide better services to your customers. 

As a result, they will return to your shop with their problems in the future. In addition to this, long-term relationships can be maintained with your customers. Your customers will benefit from this feature since it provides transparency. It would be helpful if you could show them how their vehicle is progressing during the repair process. 

Scheduling Appointments

On a daily basis, auto repair shop owners deal with hundreds of vehicles. It is for this reason that they need something that helps them maintain the scheduling of their shop. The best software to help auto repair shop owners schedule appointments is auto repair scheduling software.

Since auto repair shop software is cloud-based, therefore auto repair shop owners can access it from anywhere. As an auto repair shop owner, this helps you keep track of your shop’s appointments at all times. Hence you will never have to worry about what is happening in your shop when you are away.

Auto repair scheduling software has many other impressive features as well. These include how you can create multiple appointments with the help of this software. If you have multiple customers at your shop asking you to schedule their vehicle for future checkups, you can do them all together. 

Furthermore, this software can easily convert an appointment into an inspection. Inspections can be scheduled together, so you don’t have to schedule them separately. Your shop will be much more organized, and you will save a lot of time.

You can also send automated reminders to your customers with this software. They will be reminded to bring their vehicle for a regular checkup.

Fast Payments

Payments have to hold a very important place when it comes to business. If you are not getting paid on time, this can cause a lot of distress in your business. This is why you need to find ways to get paid on time and make your payments hassle-free.


Imagine that you have just completed a job for your very old customer. And after completing the job, you told your customer about the total cost of the repair. However, they told you that they would pay you some time. But now you cannot do anything except waiting. And wait makes you more impatient, but you can not afford to lose this customer.


You need Torque Payments. This auto repair shop software feature is the solution to all your payment issues. It helps you ask your client for the payment without asking them for it.


Here’s why I said what I said. Torque payments allow you to ask your customers to clear out their payments without actually asking them to clear out their payments. This means you can now send automated reminders to your customers about their payments. This way, they will remember they still owe you for the job you did and will try to pay you on time. 

Auto repair shop software also allows your customers to make hassle-free transactions to your account from anywhere. So now, your customers can pay you from the comfort of their own houses. They no longer have to visit your shop in order to clear out their payments. They can do this at any time of the day from anywhere. 

Some of the payment methods Torque Payments provides are as follows:

  • AMEX
  • UnionPay
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • JCB
  • Discover

Added Benefits

Now that we have talked about the scenario and solution to a problem. And through that, I have explained how Torque Payments improve your business and allow you to get paid on time. Now let me tell you about some of this software’s added benefits or features.

  • Early payments, early deposits
  • Hassle-free transactions
  • Flexible payments
  • Increased authentication with e-signature
  • No hidden fee
  • Flat rates
  • No long contracts 
  • employee gratitudes
  • Easily traceable
  • Split payments 
  • Check your transaction history
  • Automated notifications
  • Send digital payment requests
  • Easy reconciliation through one software
  • Adieu, paper roll
  • Transparent billing

Integrations that Benefit Your Business

Auto repair software integrates seamlessly with all your services in your auto repair business. These integrations save you time and money and increase efficiency at every turn. Whether you want to use Nexpart for parts ordering, MOTOR for labor guides or just Plivo for SMS communication, our suite of integrations have you covered.

Our integrations have you covered all different sides of your business. Want to know how? Read this:

  • It allows you to order parts from Nexpart without leaving your auto repair shop
  • MOTOR labor guides help you train your mechanics without any hassle
  • Twilio 2-way SMS allows you to communicate with your customers quickly and efficiently 
  • Torque Payments help you get paid on time by your customer. It saves you the struggle of following your customers around to get the payment cleared
  • CARFAX makes it easy for you to get your vehicle history report. You will​​ get all the information regarding the vehicle without going through all the registers

Moreover, MOTOR labor guides help your customers with everything that they need. With this software, your mechanic can get all the accurate information about repair parts. This way, your mechanic can create accurate estimates for your customers. MOTOR Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services help you to access factory repair information for the same repair.

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