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Vilitra 20

Erectile dysfunction is a problem falls in men, the definition of erectile malfunction is the inability in men to get and maintain hard erection during an intercourse. There are many perceive treatments out there for erectile failure and that includes vilitra 20 tablet. This problem is also call impotence in which person will not be able to engage in intercourse at a satisfactory level. Some males will not be able to achieve erection that is because of lack of blood circulation the genitals at the time of love making sessions. Erectile dysfunction is a treatable disorder and the treatment is name as vilitra medicine.

People must take help of some natural remedies that will be also very helpful to this guys.

Erectile failure happens because of stress, depression, anxiety or overload of work. Changing life style is also one of the biggest reason for erectile failure. When you loose the ability to get erection it naturally affects the female partner in a relationship.


At least 2 miles walk must be very helpful. Walking will not just keep your body but it will also reverse the situation of erectile failure which you are suffering from. Walking will reduce your body weight and this will be beneficial in treating impotence.


Exercise seems to be very beneficial to the person in treating erectile dysfunction. Arousal requires good blood flow and exercise is important to keep in you in shape and this will improve the flow of blood in the body.

Limit your bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Too much of alcohol will make nervous system dull and this will create problem in men. The more you consume alcohol the less your body will response. Limit the drink of alcohol can boost your enjoyment in the bedroom. Smoking contains nitrates and that blocks the nerves and blood circulation stops in the body and this result in erectile failure. To get a perfect blood circulation in all the body parts it is necessary to quit smoking.

Eat Healthy food and fruits:

The best blood booster fruit if watermelon, so start eating watermelon. Watermelon contains amino acid that will enhance proper blood flow in the genitals. Study proves that men who eats watermelon has less chance of having erectile failure.

Poor sleep also contributes in erectile failure, so change your sleep schedule and manage this problem. Relation between sleep and sex is very intense a good sleep will help men to have healthy sexual activity. Adhering to a set sleep schedule is a natural erectile dysfunction remedy.

Doses Of Vilitra Tablet

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Absorption Of Vilitra Medicine:

Vilitra is a popular oral treatment advise to all the males who feel low because of erectile failure. Because of the dynamic fixing in the medicine men will be able to treat erectile malfunction. As we know vilitra is an oral treatment take it by mouth will plenty of water. This medicine is highly productive if you take it before your meal empty stomach, because heavy meals contains high fat has the potential to reduce the effect of the medicine. It has help incalculable men to relive their sexual moments with their partner. Doctor will advise you to take the medicine approximately 20 minutes prior to having sexual activity. Do not chew, crush or cut the tablet take the whole medicine at the time you are advise.

How Does Vilitra Tablet Work:

The effect of vilitra is achieved within 30-60 minutes after taking the pill, and lasts, on average, for 4 hours. The action is safe for health and significantly improves the sexual experience in men. Thanks to the use of the product, you will forget about erectile failure, weak erection and self-doubt. Vilitra tablet will dissolve in the blood as soon as it enters and then ready to perform its task. With the help of vardenafil more blood is send to the penile and men is able to have a powerful erection that engage them to fulfill the sex.

Side Effects Of Vilitra Drug:


Muscle Pain

Flushed Face

Stuffy Nose

Rashes on the skin

Blurry Vision or Vision Loss




Chest Pain

Stomach Pain


Bleeding in Urine

Abnormal formation of the p*nis

Warnings and Precautions:

You will experience the best result only when you take the medicine according to the prescription.

When you are on vilitra medicine avoid alcohol and other beverages as it slowdowns the effects of vilitra 20mg tablet.

Vilitra has vardenafil and patients allergic to it should avoid using this medication.

You are strictly warn not to mix vilitra drug with other medication.

Vilitra drug is for adult men only and therefore women and children should not use this drug.

Patients having liver, kidney and heart patients should stay away from vilitra.

Overdose of the medicine can create serious problem.

If you are on other medication then you must not use vilitra along with it.

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