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Buy Instagram followers: how to find out who buys fake followers

Buying Instagram followers is a very common practice and all in all simple to unmask. Buying followers is not only bad for a profile, it can also compromise your online reputation.

I suggest you pay attention because getting caught is easier than you might imagine. And you will soon understand exactly how.

But why is this phenomenon constantly increasing? It is a strategy that does not work, that does not suit anyone, and yet continues to be practiced.

We will investigate the reasons first. Because if a fashion struggles to pass, there must also be a reason. Do not you think?

How to destroy your Instagram profile

Buying followers is simply bad for your Instagram profile. There are a lot of services out there that promise real followers, but the reality is that when you buy followers they are never real. Forget it.

Buying real followers, perhaps even Australian and active ones is simply impossible. So that around there are many sites and many apps that guarantee and promise seas and mountains. Unfortunately, the reality is very different and it is enough to do some tests to realize it.

Purchased followers are generated by BOTs. And the reason they are so harmful is that they are inactive. They certainly do number, but the problem is that in this way they not only deceive other users but also the Instagram algorithm. And that’s big trouble.

I try to explain myself better. Let’s assume that you decide to buy 10,000 followers at a relatively affordable cost. The Instagram algorithm has pre-established parameters to evaluate the quality of the content. If a 10K profile posts a photo, it will expect a predetermined number of interactions to evaluate its quality.

As we have seen and seen in several articles, the success of a photo on Instagram is determined by the number of interactions it receives in the first hour.

But fake followers don’t engage in any kind of interaction because they’re not real users. And do you know what this means? It means that your photo will be stored by Instagram as bad quality content, if not spam, due to the practical absence of interactions. Sounds like a good deal? Not only is it not convenient at all, but harmful!

And once the content is branded as spam, it disappears from the social network. It will not be viewed by your followers (who are all fake so they don’t count) and will have no chance of being liked by users who don’t follow you. Zero visibility from hashtags, zero from the explore section. In short, a ghost.

Anyone who has bought Instagram followers knows this perfectly well. So one might wonder? But why the hell does he keep doing it if it doesn’t work and doesn’t suit him?

And don’t think that this is an isolated case. The number of buyers of fake followers is increasing more and more in Australia. The reasons for this escalation are at least two.

Why buy Instagram followers?

Why do you buy followers on Instagram and why could this trend spread further in the future?

Well, answering the first question is simple. People buy Instagram followers because they want to appear what they are not. By now everyone knows that these services and apps don’t offer active followers. Let’s not fool ourselves.

Presumed influencers trying to rip off the brands they collaborate with. VIPs are in decline that nobody ranks them on Instagram. But also companies that are convinced that that number up there can improve their “social” reputation.

The second question, on the other hand, deserves a more accurate study. Because the craze for buying followers could spread like wildfire.

First of all, because users, most of them at least in Australia, only know one strategy to increase followers on Instagram: following/unfollowing.

But the new Instagram limits severely limit an interaction-based technique. 200 operations per day for a total of 6000 monthly is very little

How to unmask who buys followers

Finding out who buys followers on Instagram is pretty simple. Since these are fake followers, as we have already seen, they do not interact. So one parameter to take into consideration is engagement.

To unmask the crafty ones it is often sufficient to calculate the ratio between likes and followers. If a page with 100,000 followers and 200 likes on the photos it is practically obvious that it has bought followers.

But obviously, not everyone is so naive. The smart ones don’t just buy followers, they also buy likes and often participate in Telegram groups like ours to get quality comments.

In this way, it becomes difficult to understand if the profile we are analyzing is buying followers or not. But don’t despair because there is a practically foolproof technique.

Purchases of followers are almost always made massively. So it is often sufficient to use a tool that analyzes the growth of profiles.

Observing the daily growth of profiles that buy followers you will often notice peaks. Growth was practically non-existent and then all of a sudden 5000 new followers.

This is the first spy. There is usually a loss immediately after buying fake followers, often a large one. This is because bought followers are closed very easily by Instagram. Confirming that this strategy is not only useless. But also dangerous.

Real growth is easily seen. In the case of the profile I just presented to you, you will notice that the peak was recorded on June 13th. So did you understand how to find out who grows organically? Growth must be motivated by publishing viral content. So, to find out who buys followers for Instagram, all you have to do is apply reverse reasoning.

Are you analyzing a profile because you decided to collaborate with him? Maybe you are a brand looking for an influencer in their niche to promote your product.

That’s if you see spikes in your growth stats that aren’t justified by highly successful photos, it means that the account you’re looking into is as fake as a three-euro bill.

The smartest of them all

Now you can unmask practically 90% of those who buy followers on Instagram. There remains 10% who manage not to be discovered because they are very clever.

Usually, these crime geniuses use services that progressively offer followers. In fact, it is possible to buy followers and have them “delivered” to the profile at a predetermined rate. 500 followers a day for example.

Comments never lie

In the latter case you will need to carefully check the engagement and before starting a collaboration with a suspicious profile, have the profile insights sent to you.

In this respect, if observed, the comments never lie. They must appear genuine, written by humans and not by BOTs. But this is often not enough.

And already because there are profiles that completely distort their engagement by participating in dozens of groups, betraying their purpose. Engagement groups, like ours, for example, should be used to give a boost.

Unfortunately, often out of 50 comments 45 come from groups. In this case, you find yourself in front of a well-disguised fake profile. Again there is a way to find out. And pretty simple too.

Arm yourself with a bit of patience and check the comments in the latest posts published by the profile. Does the vast majority always come from the same accounts? And then it means that the engagement is completely biased.

Now that you have discovered why it is deleterious to buy Instagram followers and how to discover the cunning of Instagram, you just have to look around and begin to understand who is genuine and who is not.


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