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Common Signs That You are Having a Mental Health Crisis After a Workplace Injury

The symptoms of a mental health crisis may be different, depending on whether you are experiencing a psychiatric or psychological condition. Some of the signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis may include fear or panic without purposeful reason, hallucinations, depression, changes in sleep patterns, changes in appetite, feeling guilty for no reason, focusing more on the negative than the positive in life, etc.

You can seek the help of a lawyer from a Workers’ Compensation Law Firm in Council Bluffs, Iowa, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms after a workplace accident and they have started impacting your daily life.

Here are questions you should ask yourself to identify whether you have a mental health crisis.

  1. Are you having problems with your memory or ability to focus?

If you don’t recall events or you are not able to focus, then it is probably a sign that you are experiencing a mental health crisis. There are times when you may think you have a memory problem or that your mind may be playing tricks on you when trying to remember certain things.

  1. Does your primary injury affect your ability to socialize with others?

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, then it may cause you to avoid social activities and isolate yourself from others. You may experience feelings of loneliness and low self-esteem because you think that your friends don’t understand how much pain you’re in.

  1. Are you unable to cope with the tasks of daily life that once came easily to you?

If you find yourself overwhelmed by simple tasks that you used to do with ease, such as washing dishes or getting dressed, then this is probably a sign of a mental health crisis.

  1. Are you unable to sleep or sleeping much more than usual?

If you can’t get enough sleep, then this is one of the signs of a mental health crisis. You may be experiencing insomnia from worrying and having trouble falling asleep.

  1. Are you not able to enjoy what used to bring you happiness?

If your emotions have become more unstable than usual and your happiness level is low, then this is probably a sign that you are having a mental health crisis. You may feel depressed or anxious.

  1. Have thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts?

If you are having feelings of being worthless and not wanting to continue living, then this is likely a sign that you are experiencing a mental health crisis.

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