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Complete Guide of Microsoft office 365 setup with office.com/setup

Ms office is for Microsoft Office. Microsoft is a corporation that offers a variety of working software as well as server software. MS office is among the most popular. We all know the fact that Microsoft office can be described as a set comprising MS Word, MS PowerPoint presentation, MS Access, MS Excel, and many other MS products. Ms office comes with two versions free or office 365 here is the process Of Ms office 365 setup with office.com/setup

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 previously known as office 365 is similar to MS office suite but is the option of a subscription. Microsoft 365 provides you with all the applications of Microsoft office, including MS Word, MS Access and more, but it also offers additional services like 1TB of extra one drive storage , skype. They also provide accessibility to hosting email services, sharepoint, Microsoft team service, Microsoft Booking and more, all dependent on the plan of subscription.

Microsoft 365 provides different plans to customers like customer plans, small business, Enterprise and others and each plan has a range of subscriptions. Some are personal and others for office work. Each plan comes with its own price. Microsoft 365 has an automatic update feature to its plans.

Microsoft 365 was launched on July 10, 2017 and is currently being utilized for crucial office work. The subscription can be used on one device as well as on additional devices, based on the type of subscription you purchased.

office 365 setup

Microsoft Office 365 setup:-

The first step for to get the Microsoft Office 365 setup is to purchase Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 subscription.

  • Click here to go to the Microsoft site.
  • Create an account using an email address or username and password.
  • On Microsoft this page, you can go to Microsoft the online app.
  • Choose Microsoft 365 and click Buy Office.
  • Office 365 can be purchased on a either on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Select the type of subscription or plan.
  • It is also possible to sign up for 30-day free trial of Microsoft 365.
  • You can go to the shopping cart then click to check out.
  • Select a payment option , for example. debit or credit card, or internet banking.
  • The payment must be made promptly for security reasons.
  • Input the payment information and save the details.
  • Pay with your fingers and create your order.
  • You have now received your product , and the installation process will begin.

Instructions to Download and Install Microsoft 365.

For office365:- This Version that comes with MS office is available only for premium accounts or a the paid accounts.

  • Visit to the official site of MicrosoftVisit the Microsoft official website at www.office.com.
  • On the Microsoft home page, select on the sign-inoption.
  • In order to use Office 365, login with your paid account in order that Microsoft will recognize you as
  • Enter your email ID or username and password for the account you have with Microsoft. Microsoft account.
  • A window for installation will appear. Click on the box in blue which says Install Office.
  • An installation page will be displayed, telling you to that you should install Microsoft Office on your computer.
  • Click on the Install button, and when the installation is complete, the installation will then ask a questions to choose the language or country , etc.
  • Microsoft 365’s default edition of Microsoft 365 is of 64 bit, but you can alter it to 32 bits in accordance to how big your PC.
  • After the installation is completed, you can then access Microsoft 365.

Before you can use Microsoft 365 you need to activate it. Log in to Microsoft 365. Open Microsoft 365 on your system and then launch it. Launch any application, for example MS office. When MS office is open, you need to enter your Microsoft account credentials, I’d and password and it will be activated automatically for all software. Once you have this, you are able to use Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365.

Be aware that the setup or implementation of Microsoft 365 may differ with regard to plan, but the difference isn’t too significant. The setup above is for the consumer plan. There are also enterprise and office plans as well, so ensure that you set them up accordingly.

If you have any issue with the installation, then you should reach out to our Microsoft team for assistance from a professional.

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