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CureMD EMR Features and Benefits

CureMD EMR is a medical record software that supports ONC 2015 Edition certification. The software supports MIPS, Meaningful Use Stage 2 and Stage 3 as well as a variety of healthcare organizations. Advanced analytics are included in the CureMD EMR to help your medical practice increase its productivity. CureMD is an online clinical practice the executive’s instrument that permits doctors to book arrangements, access patient records, and hand off information to partners.

It can likewise deal with patient installments and send solicitations. With its adaptability, CureMD EMR is an ideal fit for a work process. To learn more about CureMD EMR, read the following article. You’ll learn about its many features and benefits.

CureMD EMR is ONC 2015 Edition certified

Avalon 3.0 is the latest version of the CureMD EHR. It offers the same features as CureMD 10g, including prescribing and managing lab orders, diagnoses, and patient vitals. With Avalon 3.0, you can even sign eSuperbills and review and sign lab results. CureMD is HIPAA-compliant and is certified to support ICD-10.

So, the CureMD EHR is a popular and regarded software system that delivers everything a practice needs to manage electronic health records. The curve-shaped knowledgebase helps you manage patient information and communicate with patients. On top of that, it’s ONC-certified and MIPS-ready. It’s a highly-respected solution that complies with HIPAA and ONC standards and is Meaningful Use stage 2 and 3-ready.

It is MIPS, Meaningful Use Stage 2 and Meaningful Use Stage 3 ready

As the MIPS, Meaningful User, and Stage 3 incentive programs are gaining steam, CureMD is making sure it is MIPS, Meaningful, and Stage 3 ready. As the third phase of the meaningful use program, Stage 3 requires a substantial amount of effort and resources from EHR vendors. Leigh Burchell, vice president of Allscripts, says the requirements for Stage 3 will drain the innovation of the industry.

This year, the MIPS program begins January 1 and ends December 31. It requires participants to report data through March 31, 2018. The goal of MIPS is to align payments with quality care and cost efficiency. The new system will reward providers for creating better care processes and reducing costs. Stage 3 of Meaningful Use will require clinicians to meet criteria for three performance categories. While there is no single correct answer for each criteria, CureMD is ready to meet these standards.

It integrates with a wide range of healthcare organizations

CureMD is a web-based medical records management system that offers a variety of benefits for physicians, patients, and their caregivers. The software includes a built-in knowledge base, adherence tools, and secure communication and collaboration tools to help physicians improve patient care. Its comprehensive features enable clinicians to see their patients’ medical histories, track progress, and communicate with other health professionals in real-time.

Its cloud-based EHR solution offers numerous benefits for physicians, hospitals, and other health organizations. It integrates with a wide range of health information systems to facilitate easy data sharing and seamless integration. Also, Its integration with various platforms improves communication between stakeholders and streamlines processes, reducing administrative overhead. Its specialty-specific features help physicians to customize their dashboards, billing, and scheduling. You can also check out the best EMR systems for your medical practices.

It increases productivity

Acurate CureMD EMR software offers a comprehensive set of medical features to boost productivity. These features include electronic labs, streamlined appointment scheduling, PACS system, pharmacological knowledge base, patient education and follow-up, and more. So, the software also offers features that help doctors and pharmacists manage the patient’s medical history and prescriptions in one place. Furthermore, CureMD EMR software helps doctors convert medical offerings into cash reimbursements.

Integrated billing, integrated patient portal, and secure patient data exchange, are just some of the features of CureMD EHR. Therefore, these features help improve workflow, streamline operations, and maximize profits. CureMD’s comprehensive revenue cycle management solution supports 32 different specialties. It is HIPAA-compliant and can be installed quickly. It’s user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with other software. Therefore, It is designed to help physicians with small practices of up to ten doctors, but it can also be used in larger healthcare organizations.

It charges clearinghouse fees

The pricing of CureMD EMR software varies, but the cost of licensing starts at $295 a month per provider. The system includes expert training and support services. Moreover, CureMD offers both in-house and outsourced solutions and includes free maintenance and hosting. Also, all of its plans include a dedicated CureMD technician. You can schedule a demo by going to SoftwareFinder and scheduling a time to view the system in real-time. So, you can use the software to evaluate its features before you decide on a plan.

While CureMD EMR charges clearinghouse fees in addition to the monthly fee, you can get a breakdown of these fees and compare it with other medical billing solutions. For the most part, CureMD EHR provides practices with the flexibility they need to stay competitive and on top of the latest medical technology. Further, CureMD EHR Software allows practices to enhance patient care and improve communications with stakeholders. Regardless of your practice size, CureMD EMR software offers the ability to enhance patient care and keep up with the changing times.

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