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Dealer Certification: Hidden Facts that you must know

Dealer Certification is the mandatory document that an entrepreneur needs to trade weights and measure products. A significance certificate, it’s that has many hidden facts that our experts have been able to scrounge only after putting in a lot of effort. This article is where we reveal all of them to you. 

One of the roadblocks that dealers face is the need for licenses. There are far too many of them. What’s worse – the government has not been forthcoming to provide information about them all.

A dealer license is one of those mandatory legal requirements. While it’s a necessary license, it has escaped the understanding of most business owners in India.

However, now that times have changed – giving people access to most government information, people are slowly gaining awareness about this license.

However, it still isn’t enough. Certain aspects of this license only get clear after filing the dealer license application. The procedure requires that the applicant is ready to expect the unexpected. Therefore, you must know all the hidden facts about dealer applications here and now.

Legal Metrology Department issues the Dealer License

There are many variants of a dealer certification, all of which have their governing organizations. In the case of weights and measuring products, issuing the dealer certificate falls upon the shoulders of the Legal Metrology Department.

There is no offline procedure to obtain the legal metrology certificate.

It would come as a surprise to many of you, but it’s true – no online procedure exist to obtain a dealer license. You have to physically:

  1. But the application form,
  2. Fill it,
  3. And after attaching it to the relevant document, submit it to the Department.

Legal metrology officials will then assess your application. If they find any issues, you will receive a notification to fix them. Once you rectify any errors in those applications, you will acquire the dealer license as soon as possible.

The products you want to deal in must have Model Approval.

You can only deal with weights and measuring products that have model approval. Without it, the legal metrology department would think you’re dealing with dubious contraband that it hasn’t approved. Thus, before you start your business, verify whether the products you are purveying have prior approval from Legal Metrology Department.

You can’t apply for a Dealer License by yourself.

The process to obtain this business permit can be complex. You can use this term to define the officials that issue this license and the rules that govern it.

Therefore, you need experts by your side to help you out when you feel like you are stuck at a single step. They are legal metrology consultants, professionals whose primary task is to take your licensing requirement to fruition. These professionals assist you by:

  1. Applying for the Dealer License on your behalf,
  2. Furnishing your documents, and
  3. Conducting a department follow up when the need arises.

Getting the certificate is a laborious step that takes time you might not have if you want to focus your attention on your business.


One can only become a purveyor of weights and measures if they have applied for and obtained the dealer certificate. The Legal Metrology department provides it only after assessing the applicant’s integrity.

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Thus, it’s prudent to have an expert by your side when applying for this license in India.

Do you know that there are facts about dealer licenses that not many know? Read this blog to learn about the hidden facts about the dealer certification.

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