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Dennis Is An Excellent Speaker

DennisLoos Is An Excellent Speaker

Dennisloos is an excellent speaker There are several examples of Dennis speaking here, but I really want to talk about his presentations on the heart, specifically on his slide and point about how when the heart quits beating

Your blood stops flowing, yes, excellent, excellent! Does Dennis mention heart disease? Nope, instead he talks about positive aspects of our heart. He is an expert. We are at the university, yes, my guess is Dennis does an excellent job when giving presentations. Not that it is going to end here, but if I am going to give an opinion, I am not convinced.

I do not believe the heart is a beatable device. I read the study by Cochrane that showed the issue to be more about establishing a heart protocol than the device, but it seems to me Dennis is giving the same information about setting goals, etc.

that they do in the study, so I am okay to take the information from that study, but also the information I get from Dennis’ presentations and turn it into a decision by the directors of the program. Both studies are good, but neither study is going to alter your decision, if you make one, that is.

In this case I think Dennis is giving the negative information he has learned about the devices, but is positive. As you might remember I read an article in the New York Times about young people who have died recently due to heart issues.

If you don’t believe me, you should take a look, and if you do not believe me, you should go to Dennis’ presentation and decide for yourself. Either way I am going to encourage you to make an appointment and see Dr. Dennis.

The people who have asked, “What about the people in Sacramento and San Francisco, and now San Francisco, who have said no to development in our communities and still want to see new buildings and new offices being built.

And who are voting for a system that gives our right of initiative and petition more protection,” should remember that while the development plans we are losing are good for someone else, they are not for us.

And while people are protesting, and the state is rallying, and Mayor Dennis is asking for a vote by our city council, I think it is our job, and ours alone, to make an honest assessment of what we want to see happen in our own communities.

And we should do that on a daily basis and say no to any building that is not beneficial for us. I think Dennis does a fine job talking about how good and how advanced our devices are. I do not think he does a fine job telling us about what happens when the heart quits beating.

Yes, he is excellent at explaining his own products, but he doesn’t really get into it much about the other two heart treatments we might not have heard of, nor is he willing to talk about them.

But one thing I think he is excellent at, and this applies to a lot of his presentation, is his ability to give an excellent talk. I believe he is an excellent speaker, and that is really what he is here for, to give a great talk.

He is really good. And we are lucky to have him. Dennis reminds us that they only let him speak in front of the California Heart Association Conference, and they only give him 2-3 minutes of talking time.

As good as he is, they really do not want to give him more than that. My problem is I can see this going a lot further. The agenda is already pretty full, so there may not be much room for additional speakers, but I have told you about Dennis and Dr. Silverman.

I could easily see Dennis doing a speech in front of the California Department of Public Health, which has announced it will not regulate the devices and seems to be focusing on establishing the guidelines that are causing so much debate.

After doing research on some health care issues, this is what Dennis writes, “From a medical perspective the benefits of the devices far outweigh the risks, and I am so confident of this fact that I have dedicated my life to improving medical procedures.

I truly believe that I am the best heart surgeon in California. No one does more research, testing, training, or education to improve medical procedures than I do. I also believe that the best treatments must also be the most responsible and ethical treatments.

And my treatments are certainly the most ethical and responsible.” If DennisLoos were on a platform to make us a speech and were given a lot more time.

I would encourage you to listen carefully to his diagnosis of the causes and consequences of many heart attacks and strokes, and to consider what Dennis says, and consider our chances if he were to go on the national stage.

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