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DPL and NDPL License: Important Facts to know about them

DPL License and the NDPL License are two types of possession licenses that allows dealers and non dealers respectively to known and operate wireless peripherals. Current telecommunication market has enhanced the demand for these licenses. However, information about these business permits is scarce. Therefore, we have researched and created a short list of important facts that you must know about them.

Possession licenses are issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination to dealers, telecom operators and other authorized individuals who either operate or deal with wireless equipment. There are two types of licenses of this type: Dealer Possession License and Non Dealer Possession License

Dealer possession license is for the dealers of telecommunication products who engage with their trade and either or lease them to the holders of NDPL registration.

Non dealer possession license are non net work service providers like cable operators who use wireless peripherals to provide their services.

Here are the facts that you must know about them.

Dealer Possession License is only valid till 31st December

It means that regardless of when you get the Dealer possession license, it’s validity only lasts till 31st December of that year. For instance, if WPC grants you the DPL certificate on 4th September 2021, it is valid till 31st December 2021. If you get the license on 1st January, its validity is still till 31st December 2021. Related Content: Model Approval Certificate

DPL licensees can only deal in telecom products with NDPL license holder

Those with the dealer possession license can only deal with NDPL license holders. Because of the nuanced nature of the telecom products a dealer trades in, the Telecom Department of India has put this restriction. It has stated that if by an off-chance a non-dealer gets the hold of those products, the dealer will be held liable.

Both online and offline procedure exists obtain the possession certificates

You need two things to obtain the license to possess a wireless equipment:

  1. Online application filing, and
  2. Offline application submission.

After you file the application online, you need to take its printout and submit it along with the requisite documents to the WPC wing. The Department Of Telecommunication then proceeds to scrutinize your application and documents. If it finds any discrepancies, you will be notified and then must act accordingly to remove those issues. After prompt removal of those issues, you obtain the possession license.

You need the support of Technical experts to obtain these licenses

It is no news that obtaining any license from the telecommunication department is a difficult task. The procedure only gets more complex as you get closer to your certificate. Therefore, it’s prudent to have an expert on standby. These experts will provide you all the services that you require to meet all the requirements of the DPL certificate or the DPL license. If in case you hit a snag during the licensing procedure, it’s these experts who will act as your representatives and deal with any complications.


Possession licenses, even though have grown in ubiquity since the rise of telecom sector, are still an enigma. People don’t know much about it and those who do, don’t know how to obtain it. In this article, we have explained to you the important facts about these certifications. If you have further queries about them, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

DPL license and NDPL license are telecom certifications issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing. Read this blog to know about these important licenses.

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