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Effective Carpet Cleaning to Remove Stains

Carpets are a necessity in most homes, as they help keep the floor and home warm throughout the year. And carpets are also used as decoration in many homes because of their beautiful colors and patterns. Carpets are prone to dust and other stains. Some stains are difficult to remove and it can take years for a stain to appear on a well-made carpet.

There are many ways to clean your carpet, but to get the most out of your cleaning, you need specific cleaning products and equipment. If you are faced with a stain on your carpet but don’t know how to clean it, you should call in a professional carpet cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet adsorption method: this method and technique is used to remove stains such as organic substances that dissolve in water. This method involves spraying water containing solvents on the stained area, which absorbs and dissolves the stain for a short period of time and then cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. This method saves time and removes the dirt in a very short time. In addition, the drying time of carpets cleaned with this technique is minimal.

Bonnet technique

Bonnet Carpet cleaning

This cleaning method is used in case of stubborn stains in certain areas of the carpet. It is a dry cleaning method that uses a rotating brush to scrape stains and dirt from certain areas of the carpet. This cleaning method uses a minimal amount of water. It is an effective method for cleaning hard-to-remove stains on carpets. However, it is recommended to use special biodegradable detergents when cleaning with this method.



Shampooing is a cleaning method that involves using a shampoo solution to clean the carpet. Most professional carpet cleaners use two methods of shampooing. Wet shampooing involves soaking the carpet with the shampoo solution, then dry vacuuming to remove the dirt. Another method is to use a foaming shampoo. This method involves spraying the shampoo onto the dirty carpet and allowing the solution to dry.

To clean, simply vacuum the surface and that’s it. If you use a shampoo, please note that ammonia-based shampoos can leave an unpleasant odor after cleaning. Visit: Best Carpet Cleaning In Dee Why

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning

This is the most common cleaning method used by most people. It involves vacuuming the carpet to remove stubborn stains. Hot water at high pressure is then applied to the carpet to remove stains and other dirt. To better clean your carpet and give it new life, first spray it with shampoo or detergent. The detergent should then work on the stain and dissolve and break down the stubborn dirt on the carpet.

After allowing the detergent to work on the stain for 15 to 30 minutes, the stain is steam cleaned by dissolving it underwater pressure and at high temperature.

This method of cleaning carpets requires patience, as it takes time to dry. However, we have special vacuum cleaners and equipment to speed up the drying time of this type of carpet. That is why you should look for a carpet cleaning company that is familiar with carpet cleaning and contributes to the progress in this field.

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