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EPR Certificate is more significant than you think

EPR Certification is a requirement that every manufacturer in India has to fulfil. Despite its importance, most are apprehensive about obtaining it. Why? It’s not that government hasn’t been upfront about its significance. The reason lies within the complicated manner in which the government has tried to notified the manufacturers.

The terms and conditions of the license, even though simple, aren’t able to accentuate upon their importance. And it’s all because of the complicated legal jargon used to write them.

Here, we have simplified those terms and conditions so that you can finally realize the EPR certificate is more significant than you might think.

What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

A manufacturer’s responsibility is not only towards his shareholders and his customers, it’s also towards the environment. Every waste material the manufacturing unit generates is capable of acting as a slow poison for the atmosphere. Whether it’s plastic or a lithium ion battery, if you dispose them improperly then slowly these e wastes can lay waste to the environment completely.

The government finally heeded to the call of the environment and thus, introduced Extended Producer Responsibility. It’s goal is to compel the manufacturers and importers of electronic products to take care of the environment by:

  1. Ensuring that their manufacture unit generates goes through proper disposal and recycling
  2. Making people aware about e waste management.

However, the government couldn’t just make manufacturers do so without providing them some mandatory certification. It’s where they came up with the idea of EPR Registration certificate. Read More: Insurance Web Aggregator License

The need of EPR Certification

EPR certificate has been made mandatory for the following reasons:

  1. Industries are still on the fence about the usage of plastic: The government and the environmentalist have stated time and time again the need to remove single-use plastic. However, most industries have still not embraced this ideology. The inexpensiveness and the accessibility of the single use plastic coupled with people’s familiarity with them nearly removed the chance of any alternatives. By making EPR certification mandatory, the government has consolidated into the directions of getting rid of single use plastic once and for all.
  2. People don’t have many recycling options: It’s one thing to learn about recycling on the internet, and it’s another to have access to a recycler. The people of India come in the former category. They are excited about the prospects of recycling and know the positive impact it has on the environment. However, they reach out to a recycler easily. EPR certification has taken a step in this regard by making it mandatory for the electronic producers to provide accessible recycling options.
  3. Landfills filled with the brim with plastic wastes: Often on the horizon beside a flyover, people see mountains in Delhi. These mountains are not made out of stones, but out of electronic wastes. If the segregation of electronic wastes in open spaces persists, soon people won’t have the space to setup their manufacturing facilities.

These three are the main reasons that you absolutely must obtain EPR certification. You need to create a sustainable way to grow, and to show your customers that you care. EPR certification is a mandatory certification, yes. But, considering its value, you should run after it, not from it.

Are you still not sure why you must care about EPR certificate? Read this blog find why EPR registration is more important than you think.

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