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Eyebrow Pigmentation Treatment-Best Way To Get Thick Eyebrows

Hair loss is a challenge that most people are battling with, and it’s even worse when this condition affects your facial aesthetic. One of the options that most people use is microblading eyebrows, which could leave some hairlike lines. But eyebrow pigmentation is a radical technique used in the makeup world that utilizes small layered dots that an esthetician puts in different colors creating a shadowy look on the scalp.

So, with an experienced and skilled practitioner, this can be an effective treatment that sediments pigments into the upper layer of the skin. An esthetician uses an ultrathin needle to do this, which leaves a patient with a natural-looking depth that blends seamlessly with their complexion. It’s referred to as pointillism.

 Why Should Anyone Opt For Eyebrow Pigmentation?


  • If you suffer from bald or thinning eyebrows, this can affect your self-esteem. People with alopecia understand the ordeal they go through with this hair issue.
  • Eyebrow pigmentation is a non-invasive cosmetic therapy that enhances your eyebrows or eyelashes. It can also work to conceal scars or even out your skin tone to revive the color region of the skin that has lost the original color.
  • Applying makeup becomes a breeze and reduces the time for doing makeup. Not only does it do that, but it cuts the cost of your makeup.

Difference Between Microblading and Micropigmentation


Since most people tend to confuse the two, we’ll help you understand each process so you can distinguish the two techniques. So, microblading uses a manual blade device, while scalp or eyebrow pigmentation uses a tattoo to supply pigment into the skin’s deeper layers.

During a tattoo, a practitioner uses a carbon ingredient in the color, which oxidizes pigment over time, and that’s why there may be some disparity. There is iron oxide also in semi-permanent makeup, but this doesn’t cause pigment discoloration.


Micropigmentation lasts longer than microblading, about three years or so.

The semi-permanent technique provides you with the flexibility to change your eyebrow look down the line. But permanent tattoos don’t give you that option. The tattoos will fade, leaving a dull blue shade. So, if you wish to reshape your eyebrows or do a top-up treatment, you can do so with micro-pigmentation.

Apart from eyebrow treatment, scalp micropigmentation can help solve baldness issues for both males and females.

It’s a suitable treatment for all, including males and females. The brow treatment is ideal for oily, dry to normal skin.

Microdot is a less invasive process, and it’s not traumatic to the skin as it has minimal skin damage.

Micropigmentation Process

A practitioner uses a digitally-controlled device that deposits the pigments into the dermis. And the pigmentation needles are purposely built to provide a permanent effect. That’s why this is a unique machine that is different from traditional tattooing. Professionals performing an eyebrow pigmentation ensure to use a higher degree of precision that consistently distributes pigmentation for optimal results.

Micropigmentation Guideline

  • Ensure you get a good shower before your treatment, as the next one you’ll get is after four days. Doctors advise not to wash or wet the scalp after this cosmetic technique.
  • This technique takes about four to five hours per session.
  • Several treatments that a patient requires will depend on the scalp micropigmentation. But whether it’s a small area that only needs the color layering or a more extensive region, you may need 3-4 treatments if you’re looking for long-term retention.
  • Treatments get spaced out for a few weeks apart.


Nanoblading is also a semi-permanent cosmetic technique that uses a fine nanoneedle. It’s a similar treatment to microblading through a smaller needle used in nano-blading than microblading.

And the use of a smaller needle provides accuracy and allows a more natural-looking result. The process becomes less painful and has minimal bleeding. While microblading may last up to one year, nano lasts for three years. So, this can be an ideal treatment for anyone looking for a natural hair growth result.

Powder Brow

Ombre powder brow, which is the other name of powder brow, is a highly pigmented, semi-permanent brow technique to fill in the brows. It provides a powdered look, as the name suggests, to the brows. People who already have full brows and want to add extra volume can use powder brows. Since it’s longer-lasting than microblading, it’s ideal for people with oily skin. In ombre powder, a patient gets lighter head region results and a darker, more defined tail and body region.

Hairstroke Brow

It’s a semi-permanent technique that gives a natural hair look that perfectly blends in with the client’s natural hair growth pattern. A client looking for a natural-looking eyebrow will love to try this type of eyebrow pigmentation. Most people also refer to this treatment as airbrush eyebrows.


As the name suggests, this involves a combination of powder brows with stroke micropigmentation. A practitioner places microblading hair-strokes using a manual tool around the border of the brow. It adds depth and dimension to the brow. Combo provides a more polished look. Patients may require more than one appointment to ensure all the strokes have saturated evenly with pigment.

The second one is a complimentary touchup which may take between 6-8 weeks after the pigmentation has settled from your first appointment. Any adjustment needed may apply to ensure the hair stroke gets the color evenly during this time.

Micropigmentation Aftercare Tip

  • After semi-permanent eyebrow pigmentation, don’t wash your face for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid swimming four days after your microdot therapy
  • Stay away from the heat, a sauna, steam bath or hot water between treatments and after 7-14 days after your therapy.
  • Avoid using exfoliants and wait for the healing after 7-14 days.
  • Keep off from the sun for the first four days following treatment.

In Conclusion

Eyebrow pigmentation results may range from bold, subtle, natural to beautiful appearance depending on the desired results. If you’re among the people with thinning eyebrows, you understand how drawing your eyebrows every day can be time-consuming. You can save your prep time by getting this treatment and achieving a flawless result. So, you look seamlessly great for 24 hours. It’s a long-lasting treatment that restores your lost confidence in people with androgenic alopecia.

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