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Five reasons NAS has an obvious advantage over direct storage

There is no denying that Network Attached Storage (NAS) has some clear advantages over direct storage. NAS devices are significantly faster than their direct-attached counterparts, and they are also more reliable. Perhaps most importantly, NAS devices are much easier to manage. IT admins who are responsible for managing storage can save a significant amount of time and effort by using NAS devices instead of direct-attached storage. There is no need to individually configure and manage each storage device; NAS devices can be easily managed from a central location. These benefits have made NAS the storage choice for many IT admins.

NAS storage is a popular choice for large organizations because it offers enterprise-grade storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage solutions. NAS devices are designed to be easily scalable and can be used to store a variety of data types, making them ideal for organizations with a large number of users. In addition, NAS devices offer high performance and reliability, making them perfect for mission-critical applications. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that NAS storage has become the go-to choice for large organizations.

Here are five good reasons why NAS is the right storage choice for SMBs.

NAS storage is highly scalable

As your business grows, you will inevitably need to expand your storage capabilities. For many businesses, this means adding more hard drives or upgrading to a larger server. However, if your business is experiencing explosive growth, these traditional storage solutions may no longer be sufficient. Instead, you may need to consider a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. NAS systems are highly scalable, making it easy to add new users or increase storage capacity without affecting performance. In addition, NAS systems are designed for 24/7 operation, so you can be confident that your data will be available when you need it. If your business is growing rapidly, a NAS system may be the best way to ensure that your storage needs are met.

StoneFly’s scale-out NAS storage is a great option if you are looking for a storage solution that offers a variety of features. Some of the features included are anti-virus and anti-ransomware protection, immutable delta-based snapshots, write-once read-many (WORM) volumes, automated storage tiering, deduplication, AES 256-bit encryption, and sync/async multi-appliance/multi-site replication. This storage solution is perfect for those who need a high level of protection and flexibility when it comes to their data. With so many features, StoneFly’s scale-out NAS storage is sure to meet your needs.

NAS storage offers a centralized storage space

The centralized storage platform offers several advantages to enterprises. These advantages include a simplified management approach, a low-cost storage platform, and consolidating storage resources. The simplified management approach allows an IT administrator to manage the storage from a single storage space. In addition, NAS uses well-defined storage protocols, and is easier to implement in an IT infrastructure. As a result, the centralized storage platform can provide enterprises with a number of significant benefits.

NAS storage is easy and simple

Intuitive and straightforward, enterprise NAS can expand with your business, allowing it to grow with you. Its shared storage capabilities mean that employees can access it from any device on the network, from almost anywhere. This kind of freedom fosters great creativity from employees, knowing they have plenty of storage capacity wherever they may be.

NAS storage is more cost-effective

When it comes to storage solutions, enterprise NAS provides a number of advantages over direct storage. First, NAS storage is significantly cheaper per gigabyte, making it a more cost-effective option for businesses. Second, enterprise NAS offers greater flexibility and agility, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs. Finally, enterprise NAS maximizes your investments by providing superior ROI. As a result, enterprise NAS is the best storage solution for businesses that want to keep their costs down and maximize their investment.

High data availability

Data availability is vital to all organizations, and data centers must keep the data available in an unexpected power loss or shutdown. NAS solution is fault-tolerant and self-healing, which is why it is known for high data availability. In addition, the massive amount of data stored in NAS is highly secure through various redundancy methods like RAID configurations. As a result, the downtime with NAS storage is reduced to a bare minimum.

Bottom Line

NAS systems have long been the preferred choice for enterprise storage, offering a combination of performance, security and data management that is unmatched by other storage solutions. However, NAS systems can also be complex and expensive to deploy and manage. This is where NAS storage comes in. NAS storage provides all the benefits of enterprise-class NAS systems – including outstanding performance, security and data management – but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, NAS storage is highly scalable, making it possible to easily add more capacity as needed. As a result, NAS storage is the affordable way to get the most out of your enterprise storage needs.

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