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Five Romantic Ways To Engagement Propose To Your Girlfriend

Engagement proposals are always nerve-wracking as they throw an unexpected excitement towards couples. Using the best engagement proposal ideas is unique and special to the couples. Hence, if you have found the girl you want to spend your entire life with, this is the time. But how do you ask her to be yours for life? The foremost thing is that you must keep your nervousness aside. You must discard the fear of declining and just believe your gut feelings. You just need to have a whole proposal plan in mind. Don’t think about what and how would she react. But focus whole on the way you can make her impressed. So, check below five most influencing ideas for the proposal that could work for you.

Take her on a long ride

Long rides are always pleasurable and could become more fascinating when accompanied by loved ones. Therefore, taking your girlfriend on a long ride would work. But don’t think about roaming with her around in a normal hatchback. But try to figure out something that would drive her crazy. If your pocket allows, rent a limo for a day during weekends. Invite her to go on a drive with you. First, greet her with a rose and then ask her to be comfortable. If she is ready to come, be ready with a rose. Just take her around the city tour and ask about her favorite food. If possible, take her to a restaurant and ask them to serve you in the limo. Open a bottle of champagne and ask her about the marriage proposal.

Asking a girl for a lifetime journey together during a ride is commendable. This can already pamper her and creates an atmosphere for the special moment. This could be the special proposal that would make her impressed. Mostly, girls have the sense to understand the feelings of boys when they tend to propose. The only thing is that girls don’t express their feelings first. 

Choose a beautiful ring

Choosing a ring for the engagement proposal is imperative since what would you have to gift her when she says Yes. So, if you know what kind of ring your girl wants, that’s great. But if you don’t know her choice, then go for the trending one. Most women prefer to choose the ring of their choice. So, if possible, try to determine her choice about her favorite jewelry in normal conversation. Look at the ring that she used to wear in her normal routine. This would help you consider the right ring size for her.

Don’t blow your fortune for an engagement ring, as you can go with affordable options too. You can consider a small and classy ring to save on the jewelry. You can even go for a diamond ring that can come under a sensible budget. But try to grab one from a reputable jewelry store with GIA certification. This could be the best engagement proposal she would not forget for her entire life.

Choose proposal location

Remember to choose a nice place for the proposal since it would be reminded forever. Well, you don’t need a special place to express your feelings. But still, the atmosphere is everything that could positively impact the moment. This could be meaningful to you both in terms of comfort and calmness. So, it is better to figure out some naturally blessed places. You can make things more pleasurable by asking your girl about her favorite places. Whether she like beaches, sunsets, tall buildings, bridges, and nature. You should plan the location for the proposal and invite her there. You can consider a botanical garden, picnic spots, and a covered bridge.

Always remember to choose a safe location for your special moment. Safety is paramount, and it will give sense to your partner that you are concerned for her. Do not choose a place like mountains and hills where the risk of falling or slipping runs together. You can also choose to propose to your girl while doing an activity that you like mutually. It could be sailing, fishing, cycling, trekking, or something else that gives you both happiness.

Choose how to propose

You are a gem if you have decided when and where to express your love to her. Now, figure out how you want her to be yours forever. Apparently, a beautiful ring is produced when she accepts your proposal. But what elements do you need more to make the moment preciously beautiful? There are many ways that you can use to turn this moment to become extraordinary. You can consider the best way to propose to her. You can follow the traditional pose to bend on your knees and hold her hand. Ask her openly to marry you and present a beautiful diamond ring. This is the simplest but universally admired proposal way.

You can also think about a play to hide the proposal ring. Good places to hide the ring are flowers, a chocolate box, and a teddy. Give her the gift and ask her to open it at the moment. Do not try to hide it in a place where she accidentally swallows the ring. Choose a wise location where she can easily reveal the ring and be ready to wear it. Bring some creativity by asking her to resolve a word puzzle that comes with the words “will you marry me.” This would be the best engagement proposal to make her ready to say the big yes.

Involve her family

In the engagement proposal, there is no hassle involving her parents. You can send an invitation to her parents too for dinner at your home. Some believe that asking the parents of a girl for a wedding is old-fashioned. But it does not completely disappear as many consider it a good thing. This would also prove that you respect her family and give them importance. You can pop up the question after having dinner in front of her parents. Simply put, you can ask for her hand from her father or mother. This would make true sense that you are in love with their daughter. This idea can work for you to hold the hand of your wife-to-be. 

To sum up

Hope you have taken inspiration from these best engagement proposal ideas. Now, you need to implement them in your life practically. So, do not forget to dress well for your special day and ask your love for an engagement. If she says yes, book a venue to celebrate your loving moments together. Don’t be nervous and stay positive while asking her for lifetime intimacy.

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