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Free Digital Signage for Everyone – Here’s How to Get Started

Free Digital Signage for Everyone – Here’s How to Get Started

Digital signage has been growing in popularity, with new installations in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and even airports popping up every day. If you’re interested in getting your business or organization started with digital signage but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started using digital signage technology – from what you can use it for to what types of displays are available and how much they cost. By the end of this article, you’ll be well on your way to your first digital signage installation!

How digital signage works

As a marketing medium, digital signage allows businesses and organizations to effectively reach more people, in more places and at more times than ever before. Digital signs are controlled by content management systems (CMS), either in-house or hosted with a provider like Art-Com Media Systems. The CMS allows anyone with access rights to develop content that is displayed on media players such as televisions, monitors and/or projectors. From real-time weather reports, movie times and stock quotes to social media posts, news updates and video clips, digital signage provides an effective way of getting messages out into public view.

Why use digital signage?

Digital signage is a great way to add new revenue streams and streamline your business operations. It also gives you an opportunity to connect with customers, which can result in more sales and overall brand loyalty. But how do you make that happen? If you’re trying digital signage for your retail location or office, we recommend signing up for an easy-to-use platform like Tello, our Digital Signage service designed specifically for small businesses. The best part? It’s 100% free! Click here to learn more about how it works. And remember: You don’t have to pay a dime if your business is under $100k in annual sales or has less than 1 location.* *Limited time offer!

Finding the best software for your business

There are countless digital signage solutions available for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Before you decide on a platform, evaluate your needs and resources to ensure that you choose a system that’s easy-to-use, powerful enough to meet your goals, and scalable as your business grows. For small businesses in particular, software solutions designed specifically with their needs in mind can make managing digital signage systems a snap. To learn more about free digital signage software options available today, see our guide on how to start a free digital signage program. You’ll be surprised by just how easy it is!

As mentioned above, setting up a free digital signage solution is surprisingly simple —and very doable for most organizations without expensive software or IT support staff members. The first step to implementing any solution—whether you use paid or free software—is understanding your goals and identifying key metrics. Such as what information display. How often content will change. And where these displays appear. Knowing these details upfront help you tailor your choice of platform base on what capabilities include.

With any type of advertising campaign. The two questions that need answers. Who am I trying to reach? And when am I trying to reach them?

Building your own digital signage network

a step-by-step guide: Building your own digital signage network is a great way to spread information, announcements, and sales promotions throughout your facility. This DIY project can save you money on hardware and installation, so it’s worth checking out if you’re hoping to install a digital signage system in your office or business. Here our top 5 tips to get start with building your own digital signage network

Best places to place a TV screen

The best place to put your digital signage system depends on your business and its needs. For many, a company lobby or reception area is an ideal location. As it’s often an open space that use to display information about your organization. Restaurants commonly install digital signs in their dining areas. The digital sign at your local McDonald’s probably displays coupons and special deals available only at that location. Additionally, if you already have a television install in another space within your facility—like a conference room or break room—it may be a good idea to repurpose it as a digital sign. If you look for something less permanent, consider using one of our portable TV screens instead.

Tips on using your screen.

Digital signage is a powerful way to capture, engage and even solicit customer feedback. There are tons of reasons why you might want digital signage in your business: customer engagement, branding, direct marketing or gathering information about customers who walk by each day. Whether you’re setting up a lobby screen that highlights new products or creating an installation in an airport or mall that provides travel information, understanding some of these tips can help make sure your project is successful. You’ll have ample opportunity to change things along the way; if you don’t know what works now, it won’t hurt anything to keep testing until you do. A/B testing should be one of your main tools when using digital signage and with Google Analytics integration, it’ll be easy as pie!

Expand your network with these ideas.

The power of digital signage is that it gives you a way to reach a large number of people with a single message. It’s an ideal medium for branding, announcements, and marketing. Whether you want to grab attention or provide helpful information, digital signage can help! The trick is finding creative ways to engage people and draw them in. If your business needs help on how digital signage can benefit your company. And create value in your community. Then read on!


The above tips help you get start with free digital signage and kick-start your business. However, these are just basics. Digital signage is a quickly-growing industry with new features develop every day. As you continue working in your digital signage business. Consider expanding your knowledge by looking into other business software packages that can improve efficiency or streamline processes within your organization. With any luck, as you see how easy it is to start a digital signage business. And implement technologies that better serve your customers. You never want to go back!

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