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How Can Note Taking Habit Be Helpful in Assignment Writing?

Note-taking habit while making assignments is an efficient strategy for writing a good assignment. It does not matter how much you read for an assignment, but you cannot remember everything until or unless you do not make notes. But if you make notes while making an assignment, it helps you remember things. Assignments require facts and evidence from multiple sources; therefore, remembering everything is difficult. So, that is why students need to develop a Note-taking habit for assignment writing. This article will tell you how Note-taking habits can help you in assignment writing.

What are the advantages of note-taking?

Students must develop note-taking habits due to the following advantages.

  • Record Information

It is impossible to remember everything you read. Assignments require a lot of reading from various sources. You will have to record everything you read, such as factual data, key arguments, and opinions. Note-taking helps keep a record of everything you read so that when you start writing your assignment, you do not miss anything. Note-taking habit also helps in keeping a record of citations and references. Academic assignments require accurate references; therefore, while you are reading, you might forget the source or page number. So, if you make notes of everything you read, it helps you record the information regarding the source.

  • Brainstorming

Assignments require unique ideas and an ability to develop coherent arguments. But how do you develop ideas? You must have heard of brainstorming. It is a mental exercise to develop ideas and think about different perspectives to examine a research problem. Assignment writing requires ideas, and brainstorming helps you develop them. But, brainstorming also requires notetaking because it will be easier for you to develop connections if you have written down some points. Building coherent arguments require thinking logically. So, you will have to develop note-taking habits for brainstorming.

  • Organise Information

Note-taking habit helps you organise information. Academic assignments follow an outline, and one has to organise information according to the outline. If you do not make notes while you research and read, it leads to confusion. There are so many ideas, and you might write a disorganised assignment. Note-taking helps you structure information according to the outline and develop those ideas in your assignment.

Develop Your Arguments

Note-taking habit helps you develop your arguments in a structured and logical manner. We read from various sources to gather key points relevant to the topic. Taking notes of key points and main ideas from the sources will help you strengthen your arguments. Assignment writing requires evidence to support your points. So, you will need a lot of evidence to back up your arguments. Taking notes while you are reading will take some time, but it is beneficial in the long run. When you will start writing your assignment, it will be easier for you to refer to your notes and provide the relevant evidence.

  • Keeps You Focused

Many students get distracted while writing an assignment. It is because their notes are disorganised, and if they want to provide a reference or factual data, they forget about the source. As a result, they have to do the reading again to find the relevant information. But if you make notes of everything you read, you will stay focused. Notes help the writers stay focused and save time.

  • Better Understanding

Note-taking is not just about copying information and writing it down. It requires noting down the argument or opinion and summarising it. Moreover, note taking also requires providing your own thoughts on the matter. When we read something, we make an opinion based on the reading. Assignment writing requires evaluation of the texts you read. Evaluation requires the identification of the following things:

  • Identification of Text’s Main Ideas
  • Identifying the biasness in the text
  • Identification of literary devices and emotive language used by the author
  • Differentiating between facts and opinions
  • Identifying the rhetorical devices used by the author

Identification of the factors, as mentioned earlier, is important for assignment writing. Assignment writing is a critical examination and analysis of evidence and facts. It does not entail accepting everything as it is without asking questions. Assignment writing tests your academic and logical abilities to engage with the text and provide constructive criticism. So, while you are reading for your assignment, you will have to make notes to identify the information mentioned above. It will enhance your evaluation skills and lead to a better understanding of the topic.

How can you take effective notes?

Taking notes while reading helps you engage in the learning process. It will enhance your concentration. Students can develop a Note-taking habit if they are aware of some effective note-taking techniques. Here are some tips on how to develop note-taking habits:

  • Identify the aims and objectives of notetaking, whether you are making notes for the introduction, main body, or conclusion.
  • Keep your notes brief.
  • Use a table with section headings and write down the key points across them.
  • You can also use tree diagrams for making notes
  • Use concept mapping for taking effective notes
  • If you are using direct quotes, use quotation marks and provide an accurate reference with the page numbers.
  • Use headings, sub-headings, or letters to indicate the link between the concepts.
  • Write notes by hand and do not type them. Research shows that people who write by hand have a better recall memory.
  • Do not write down everything word by word but just write down the key points from what you read.
  • You can use keywords, phrases, concise sentences and abbreviations in your notes.
  • Take notes in numerical order for better organisation
  • Include examples and add comments for future reference
  • Once you are done with reading and making notes review them again and organise them


Note-taking habit is a healthy activity, and it helps you perform better in academic assignments. Note-taking enhances your recall ability, and you can handle a significant number of details if you make notes. Note-taking will help you write organised and structured assignments. I hope this blog helps you a lot in how can note-taking habits be helpful in assignment writing? If you need help please mention us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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