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How can you Keep your House Clean and Mess-free All the Time?

Everybody likes their house neat and clean. But most of the time, we find a messy house and wonder how we can keep it clean forever. There are many ways to keep your house clean. Either you can do it on your own, or you can seek some professional services.

There are many doubts about housecleaning, such as whether to use a vacuum cleaner or not or start one by one.

Another doubt can be which area to start with first and how to start. These are certain questions that make it difficult to keep our house neat and clean.

The cleaning hacks

Many professional services offer you cleaning services. But these cleaning services are very expensive, and hence you should know how to clean them yourself.

Many online ways will help you and guide you to clean your house in the best possible way.

Many people borrow door to door loans like provident to buy huge houses but cannot keep them clean. Your house should be clean irrespective of the size of your house.

Ways to keep your house clean

  • Do not take one room at a time and instead clean the whole house

You may wish to clean your house in one go. It is advisable to take up one task and repeat it in the same room. Clean the whole house in one go.

For example, if you’re planning to vacuum your house, vacuum it in every room and not be limited to one room. If you are vacuuming, vacuum it in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen area.

If you do like this, it will save your time and also make your home clean faster. This also eliminates the chances of getting stuck in the cleaning cycle.

You do not have to repeat the task. If you vacuum in one room and then dust it in the same room, it will develop your work. Hence, pick up one task and do it in the whole house.

  • Keep all your tools in one place 

Whenever you plan to clean up your house, remember to keep all your tools in one place. You can take up any packet or tote and put all the tools in it. It is always easy to find tools in one place whenever you start with your cleaning mission.

Also, this will save your time finding tools, and you can start up early with your work. Also, you do not have to worry about gathering them before you go for the next round.

Keeping all the tools in one place saves your time and also makes you more organised and structured.

  • Clean up the clutter first 

Before cleaning your room and the whole house, pick up all the greater. If you pick up all the things, it will be easy for you to clean the house.

For example, there may be magazines, newspapers, books everywhere. Pick up all these things and clear up your space for further cleaning.

  • Dust and vacuum

While using the vacuum cleaner, ensure that your fans are switched off. If you are starting with the testing part, switch off all the fans so that the dirt doesn’t go ahead and there. You can use vacuum cleaners on shelves, handrails, TV screens, furniture, etc.

In the areas where it is difficult to reach with your hands, you can use the vacuum cleaner there. Once you are vacuuming the whole house, remember to change the bed sheets post that.

  • Clean up all the glass surfaces and mirrors 

If you are cleaning the house, it is important to wipe off all rooms and areas’ mirror and glass surfaces. You can use any liquid solution to clean up your glasses and mirrors.

Clean up all the glass surfaces and mirrors

Or you can use a newspaper for cleaning up the services. All your mirrors and glasses should be neat and clean as it gives a finished look.

  • Disinfect all the surface areas

Many surfaces in your house are dirty and need cleaning regularly. For example, there are surfaces such as cabinets, appliances, switches, telephones. These services are touched on a daily basis, and we have germs and dirt on them.

These germs and dirt can be transferred to other people’s fingers and hands. Hence, whenever you start cleaning, you should always disinfect the surfaces to keep them clean and jam-free.

Look out for various ways that give you ideas to clean the surfaces. For example, you can make up a solution by mixing one fourth or half a cup of apple cider vinegar with the same quantity of water.

The solution is effective and helps to keep all the surfaces clean and germ-free.

  • Clean up your tools on a regular basis 

You are to learn an important part of your home cleaning. Do not forget to keep your tools cleaned from time to time. If your tools are clean, it will be more helpful for you in cleaning up your house.

If you are using a dirty mob or a vacuum, it will not do the proper cleaning us with a clean mob. Dirty mobs and vacuums are less effective as compared to clean mobs.

Always spend time on your tools and clean them properly once you’re done with your housecleaning.


Cleaning your house is very important. This activity should be done on a regular basis. Look out for various ways and also find shortcuts to keep your house clean and make it a nice place to stay.


Focused with more than 3year of experience, Anna Adam is a creative author who loves to share her experience by writing content and publishing. She writes on finance, magazine, & life stories.

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